Obsession with race

Why is there this obsession with race? "Black men this" "Asian women that". Blah blah blah blah, White men this, Asian men this, it goes on and on and on and on and on. Why cant we see past this shit and get over it?

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theres nothing to get over. race exists and its not ever going away

because we're still a primally tribal species
shitskins get out of my tribe's land NOW

because race baiting is fun

But you just coughed on some indians and took it

Do you think a nigger, a chink, a woman and a human (white man) are all the same?
If so, jew mass media brainwashed you, you need to take the black pill ASAP, because the red is not enough for your disease.

i work in Vegas and meet a lot of different nationalities. i associate people from different countries different than Americans.

when i talk to other Americans they think i'm racist because i point out quirky little things from other cultures.

my point is, stupid retarded idiots don't know the difference between race, culture and nationality.
they get offended by anything that even resembles stereotype because they're overly sensitive and idealistic.

What about the other the tribe that was there before those indians? and what about the next one, and the next one, and the next one.

>Do you think a nigger, a chink, a woman and a human (white man) are all the same?

>Races arent the same
>You've been brainwashed by Jews

No shit they arent the same, thats why theres different races in the first place. It doesnt mean that every other thread has to be something about race.

Because we are not the same, so we all specify them. Every race does this.

its annoying. its like
>"hey youre asian. why do you all use chopsticks forks are better?"
i havent really thought about it. and i like forks too

wtf i just made this thread

>Yes, goyim
>Recognising race is key to ending racism
>Keep segregating by race to fight other races
Have you learned nothing?

Bro, if you already have a problem about people literally specifying people how the fuck do think we can solve real discrimination?

What about Europe? Does Africa-clan belong in Euroland?
I don't want them here.

yea but asians do eat with chopsticks

Racism cant be solved idiots

ya, forks as well.

When niggers stop commiting 52% of crime while being 13% of the population, and when shitskins stop beheading people and blowing shit up.

yea i was just saying that the comparison was weird. you're lost.

no you dont understand. ok hows this,
>"hey youre white, how come your women love dating out so much?"

Diversity is a psyop pushed by kikes and minorities trying to invade and colonize white countries as they use stolen Jow Forums memes to not appear as worthless these days

yeah still doesn't work why would that help

what im saying is, that being on the recieving end of such "conversation" is awkward.

like i wouldnt approach a white man and say that.

i don't think people are asking asians why they like chopsticks

Because I don't want to either live with or among niggers or yellow niggers.

>Because I don't want to either live with or among niggers or yellow niggers.
how come

Because there's a country called the US

im european, faggot