Forneverworld managed to have sex

if this ork looking fag managed to get a girlfriend have sex and pass on his shitty genes (he has a daughter) then so can you , im pretty sure most of the guys here aren't even as ugly as him

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I'm assuming he's some Youtuber. I don't have the fame, money or social skills as he does

His girlfriend looks like a fucking rhino though. Guaranteed.

he's a very small youtuber , it not even that impressive

nah , she looks decent enough

I managed to completely forget this faggot exists, fuck you for reminding me he's still alive

come on user , if he did it , you too can do it .

People like that getting lucky are how incels are made.
If you're as ugly as him, then don't bother reproducing.

That's much more life experience than I have. He has things to talk about and if he has the lack of inhibition to put the kind of shit in his room for the world to see and talks on camera, he will be able to talk to girls.

he has daughter , women can't be incels

He's one of the biggest anime youtubers

He's still a fat ugly troll, but atleast he's made some attempts at improving his appearance.

He's gotten braces to fix his fucked up teeth, and started shaving the neckbeard.

I think he still dresses in the early 2000's hip hop style, which admittedly looks a bit childish on a grown man.

Its almost like he's enough of an enjoyable person for a woman to want to be around.

Geez is thatt what you anime kid fuckers look like

He's not fat anymore. Good for him!

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no but this is


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>one of the biggest anime youtubers

>a cuck that only got popular because of his fake naruto clickbait thumbnails back in 250 when naruto was still airing and popular af

no one cares about this dude anymore

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I have better teeth but I am rather orkish as well.

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original of course original oregon

doesn't that only further support OP's case

His gf probably cheats if she's decent looking.

Daily dose of "I'm not as pathetic as I think I am", thank you OP