Girl I'm seeing confessed that she wants a hotwife relationship

After having sex with her last night she confessed to me that her dream relationship would be an "open" relationship in which the wife would fuck other men with the husband's consent. Been seeing her for about a month.

She had a very strict religious upbringing, but now she's free of it, so I wasnt totally surprised (I heard of this before). I really didnt know what to say so I kinda just played dumb.

Has anyone had any experiences like this?

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She wants to have her cake and eat it to. Don't be a cuck. Dump her.

Fake and gay, like you.

Yeah but as the bull now you need to tell her you want a Cuckold relationship only and I'll be over to fuck her later

Yes everything is fake nothing is real

Whatever man, you don't own her. If it's a problem break up with her so she can find a guy into her cuckshit.

I want to do this with my future wife, I think you're lucky, but do what you want to do user. I hear more and more women are becoming aware of this shit, so it's not so uncommon

As long as you get to fuck other girls too what's the problem?

What's the point of having a cake if you can't even eat it?
Dumbest expression I've ever fucking heard.

I want to watch my future husband have sex with other women which might be popular but like doesn't get as much attention as the wife fucking other dude's does

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Pls be my future wife.

Do you think you would be into that?

you seriously think she'll let OP fuck other girls? that's not how this works at all. she basically just wants OP to be her provider while she goes out and fucks whoever she wants

>What's the point of having a cake if you can't even eat it?
Ever fucked a cake, user? Divine.

It means you don't satisfy her sexually. There's a reason why she's happy to stay with you, but she would have to find sexual gratification elsewhere.

You're an idiot.
The expression means a person wants to consume the cake but still have it on their plate. An obvious contradiction.

What a nice guy

He knows he getting no pussy

If you're ugly then definitely.

It's good that they're so entitled nowadays that they straight up tell you "I wanna be a hotwife". That way you can avoid the damaged ones and go for a normal waifu.

Or just have an open relationship like this guy and make your wife fuming by banging trannies lmao.

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No you retard. The expression is saying that one wants to enjoy the aesthetics of a cake as well as its taste, yet eating the cake will destroy the aesthetics so you can't have both at once. Op's girl wants the stability of monogamy while fucking random dudes. It's not a fetish, it's just being a whore.

If you're allowed to fuck other women, sounds pretty awesome. I'd be down. Non-monogamy rewards men more than women at least from a biological standpoint.

>You dont satisfy her

No, I certainly do. We have great sex, that's a requirement for me, I dont settle for mediocre sex in a relationship. Last night was really good and I think that's actually what made her spill the beans.

She told me that there is a special connection between the hotwife and the husband when she is being fucked by other men. She said it brings people closer together in the relationship, I shit you not.

cow tits on that
hotwife lifestyle is fun to watch and get off to, but you'll know if you're a cuckold and want to do it. once you go there, you can't undo it.


My first girlfriend ever was into that but I was too beta to get anyone but her, now that I can be with multiple women they all want strict monogamy.

my ex was heavily into this. would recommend / 10.
why are you even entertaining this?

OP, tell her if she wants to be a hotwife, she has to go all the way.

She can only fuck the BBC, but ONLY if the BBC fucks you too. See how she reacts.

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I'm 30 years old. I don't want to "explore my sexual fantasies", I want to raise a fucking family.

Fuck sluts and fuck whores. If you aren't 18-22, you should officially be over that shit. These types of women are not mentally geared towards being wives.

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>Non-monogamy rewards men more than women
you fucking wish

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I'm not going to lie OP I've been in this situation where I was fucking a girl who was fucking other dudes, and it was super hot for her to tell me how good I was and how I was the only one who made her cum. She was a smug little bitch too so I doubt she was lying.

If you're confidant that you'd beat any guy she fucks then that shit is something else.

I've thought about this before
maybe the man could get "priority" in such a setup
like, she can only get somebody once you have. but of course it relies on absolute trust.


It's almost as if you posting that graph was a weak failed attempt at implying every man is as desperate and bad at getting women as you. Finding girls to fuck is really easy.

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>tell me how good I was and how I was the only one who made her cum
bet she said that to all the boys

I did this, now I'm a sissy slut for BBC only and dumped my GF

kek based (if this isn't a LARP)
how did she react

Sure but I'm not a little bitch who assumes others are equal to or better than me. So why would I choose to believe that without evidence?

Don't go for it user, hotwife relationships only work if you've known the person for a long time and have major trust and attraction to the other person. 1 month is not a sufficiently long enough relationship and I would recommend dumping her now as this indicates infidelity in the future.

>Finding girls to fuck is really easy.
call me whatever you want, that's not the issue, but this is objectively, literally wrong.
>b-but I'm a Chad I've fucked a billion women!!!!
irrelevant. the point is about averages.

How does this graph prove anything? All it shows is the distribution of messages, not sex or anything else

Dump her ass now. She's a whore.

You're not average, you are way way below average.

They all love the bbc

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why the fuck whyte wimmin so ugly and look like man?

You can LARP this one to the other board for the mentally undeveloped over there >>/adv

For me personally, I've felt a lot more satisfied being single in my life than when I was with a partner, and I'm saying that as someone who has a GF right now. Owing someone attention is a frustration, and it's really fun to fuck sluts. Always wanted to try open relationship, but too scared to ask lol.

Open relationships are great. I'm in a few, I have girls I can fuck, and of course at anytime I want pick up a random slut too.

nah, that's pathetic, if you're so desperate about being a cuck then go to a swinger club and bang some other couples together, at least you'll see what she does

the whole polygamous relationship bullshit is retarded, it's a mental illness

look at all that lovely schlong deep inside her holes

are open relationships but with feelings possible?

if you're a polygamist then you are unable to feel love

>Been seeing her for about a month.
lmao just do it. Turn her into your personal porn star and cumdump. Pimp her out in gangbangs and other kinds of degrading shit, film it, upload it, enjoy it. Then dump the whore and find a decent woman.

jesus fuck what is wrong with you americans

I would dump her. She's asking for you to be a cuck.

I'm thinking the same thing. How fucked your moral code has to be to even think about this without shame and disgust. Sometimes I feel like living in the middle of nowhere easter europe is not so bad after all.

That's not what it sounds like

go ask r/cuckold fagg0t

the jews fucked up this land's moral code and they have degraded it
we weren't always like this
send help
t. New Yorker (i'm not from NYC, btw. i'm from Yonkers, NY.)

Underrated post alert

they live in a dying society, basically. Corrupted beyond repair
>our children
so not only does she force them to open up their relationship but then it's okay to bring home and fuck strange with the kids living with them still, jesus christ. The counter-cuckening was great though

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Didnt think there were any ither fembots here with this fetish

>want to have alpha husband
>help him build his harem of girls he stole from other dudes
>become the master of the harem

sounds like she's unsatisfied with what you're offering

Fuck her hard one last time and dump her, and don't forget to lock your doors for the days to come.

I want to have a fembot like this but you always chicken out and ghost me.

i remember being so mad this book wasnt required reading in school. that it could exist for so long but only anonymous faggots on an anime board would tell me about it

you can really only depend on black girls to be soldiers like that

I had a girl who asked if we could sleep around with other people every so often. I just ended the relationship right there even though she said she was fine if I wasn't into it. If she had the idea to begin with then we aren't going to work out.
But yeah OP if you are still seeing her then I'd stop.

Should've dumped her on the spot. If you won't agree she'll just cheat.

Does that mean you're a black girl?

Would you have sex with them too? Are you bi?

you cuck, dump her

A use for trannies besides hanging ornaments for Halloween? I'll be damned.

This dude makes tranny-fucking almost sound based. Not as based as beating the shit out of a woman for wanting to be a whore...... I don't know what to think.

I see what you're doing faggot. But I'm also curious to see if anyone falls for it.

This, either you and her suck a few cocks together or you're just a bad bf and should apologize and just leave, why would anyone want to be with you if you are an closed minded asshole?

fake and gay larping.
but if not... i'd stay with her if she's hot and treats you right. some women are just insatiable and that crazed degenerate lifestyle is the only way they can be happy.

>As long as you get to fuck other girls too what's the problem?
yeah... that isn't actually how these things end up working out. just spend 10 minutes on any of the hotwife forums. they non-bull guys are super lucky if they get to fuck other women - meanwhile their GFs/wives are taking different bull dick every weekend.

"cuckquean" this is a real thing. but almost no women are into it, very niche.

>It's not a fetish
it most definitely is a fetish and 10s of thousands of people (if not hundreds) are into it

kill yourselves sissies

This is the natural order of things

>Pimp her out in gangbangs and other kinds of degrading shit, film it, upload it, enjoy it.
based and pimppilled. do it OP

literally reverting to pre-civilization lifestyle found today only among apes.

giving women power and not treating them like the chattel property they are... not even once

please stop encouraging this type of behaviour. Return to plebbit r/hotwives

Because some retarded faggots 90 years ago switched it around. It's supposed to be
>You can't eat your cake and have it too.

Will you be naked and masturbating while you watch?

Dump the whore and you'll be happier in the long run, desu

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>I heard of this before
That's because your cock is tiny. Learn to use your hands and tongue properly. This is common in tiny cock cucks relationships.

Reddit is 1000% better than this misogynist shithole 2bh.

If you love reddit so much, go back there.

If you don't agree with this guy, then you should kill yourself and rid the world of your cuckery.

>you don't own her.
thanks for pointing out the fatal flaw in modern relationships. There is no ownership ergo no investment or love.

Please, for the greater good: murder suicide, faggot.

Jewish porn producers love BBC. Normal well adjusted women abhor the nigger's diseased dick.

make me?
I enjoy to make sexists like you cry too much to leave.

Its funny: considering how many women willingly joined the king's harem back in the bronze age you would think cuckqueen fetishes would be more wide spread.

You're only making yourself cry here.

Why yes, me and my band of astute scholars on the topic of intimate relationships with XX beings will be happy to help you! Let me just check our scholarly archives for the wide range of information that we keep

>Oops 404 not found

Keep telling yourself that virgo.

Cry harder faggotto

>now he just parrots what i say repetitively
>replied at the speed of light because he's totally not mad

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Lmao, you mad faggot?

strange female graph, where's it from?

>weak failed attempt at implying every man is as desperate and bad at getting women as you. Finding girls to fuck is really easy
Men are almost always on the lookout for someone to fuck - they are quite desperate, and women have a MUCH easier time getting sex. its not that easy