Incels are retards. Change my mind

Incels are retards. Change my mind

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Based, incels are lazy niggers with no self awareness

look at this picture and say it again

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This guy has probably achieved more than the average incel can ever hope to and very likely not an incel

Hard and original agree

Fuck u reddittard women are evil

posts like this one make me feel even worse. fuck normies like you

>posts like this one make me feel even worse. fuck normies like you

stop being lazy and actually talk to women

He's a famous incel. Your worldview is even tighter than that of the incels

>can't even give name

I am a brainlet

i'm not lazy, i'm just hopeless. i tried millions of times, now i'm at a point where i can't even start a convo with a tinder match. fuck you.


How about talking to women in real life lazy was nigger

have sex

Isaac Newton was an incel

>Im just like Isaac Newton guise

Actually a volcel

No he wasn't you fucking lying retard. He was asexual, also possibly gay.

then possibly he was an incel

He was a man of great status and wealth. He could easily have got a woman if he wanted to. Why are you so desperately clinging onto something you know is not true? No intelligent or accomplished man has ever been an incel. You are dumbasses like Elliot. Not geniuses like Newton.

>everyone who is a virgin is an incel
He CHOSE to be celibate. He didn't go whining about how all women are whores for rejecting him like incels do.

If someone wants to have sex but can't, they're an incel. You don't get to define incel based on what you want to stigmatize.

Incel means impotent now?

It means involuntarily celibate, anything that fits that denomination is an incel.

So impotent. Because if you want to have sex then you have unlimited options of getting it unless you are impotent.

Femanon here. Incels are indeed retards. They're dudes who base their entire world view off of shit they see on Jow Forums. They believe they know everything about women based on times they've been rejected by 10/10 whores. They don't want a companion, they want a person to own and fuck. Funnily enough, due to their terrible outlook and likely ugly appearences they are doomed to never get laid, and never find happiness.

Is this the thread where our half baked theories marganalize a group of people and we complain that's what incels do. woot I am so smrte woot fuck incals

Tesla was also an incel and contributed greatly to this world and died a poor neet shut in incel with no money, Now there is some normie billionaire who invested his mommies money and names a company after Tesla funny how that works.

Tesla was not an incel either you stupid lying retard. He, just like Newton, was a volcel. He did not even die a poor neet shut-in. Why are you making up retarded shit that can easily be proven wrong? Why can't incels just one say something truthful?

But he used his spare time making history instead of complaining about tfw no gf

they don't make incels like they used to

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Threadly reminder that this is how people bashing incels looks like

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He didn't bathe or talk to people because he was too busy doing electric bullshit, if he was born in 1990 he would be a greasy unwashed otaku but luckily he was born in a time where you could invent stuff with spare parts in your garage and a highschool education. You would say he was coping if he called himself a volcel just like how all incels are coping

Nobody does anything for recognition from normies except other normies, do I care you are upset at me for not making history but normals don't have to make history but still get your respect? Not really. If I cared what you all tyhought about me I wouldn;t be an incel, the same goes for tesla.

Anybody feel like disproving my other post
Or just going to say THOSE SHUT IN VIRGINS WHO DIDN;T EVEN BATHE ACTUALLY COULD HAVE BEEN SWIMMING IN PUSSY IF THEY TRIED UGH (but after they already used their inceldom to become famous and rich while everybody else was rutting against each other like animals)
okay dumb fucks

If Tesla had been born in 1990 he would be one of those weirdos shut in his office at the university. He would still be a volcel. Just face the truth, incel. No man of intelligence, or who has ever accomplished anything, is an incel. An incel is someone with the intellect and accomplishments of Elliot.

Incel just means ugly, stop doing mental gymnastics

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Wanting a woman to own and fuck will actually increase your pool of available sex partners. Most of them want a 10/10 whore who is actually a shy virgin.

Elliot wasn't ugly. He was just a retard. Tesla was handsome. Newton was handsome. Your cope is pitiful.

I can't. It's the truth. IQ highly correlates with success. If you are unable to get any woman it's because you're a fucking idiot. Plain and simple.
Reminder, incel means you can't have get a gf at all, meaning
>even 1/10 girls won't touch you, you turning down that hambeast on tinder doesn't make you an incel
>you're too poor to groom yourself or order a prostitute, 9 times out 10 poor people are genetically inferior

Now you've done it. Just watch all the angry incels sperg at you saying they're too smart to get a gf.