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I have a question for you femanons out there. Are you disgusted if a man is horny a lot? Or would you be okay with that? If i'm really horny a particular day I can fap up to 10 times, sometimes 2 in a row. Would a woman be disgusted by this if I asked to sex them instead of fapping? Because that's the impression i've gotten. I would think a 2-3 times a week would be considered "okay" for normal people,
.t virgin horndog

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yes. most guys think they are sexy when they are horny but just nasty and pushy

Okay, thanks for confirming
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don't talk about that shit, ever
also the only thing that matters is whether you're attractive or not
and if you're on this board, chances are you aren't

my ex gf had a higher sex drive than me desu

Sex drives vary. I don't think there's anything wrong with being horny a lot unless you start forcing it on others. tfw you will never have a relationship like this

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honestly yes
if it's a guy i just started talking to, it's really annoying
but if it would be actual bf then id have no problem with it

Yeah, I can understand that
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your sex drive will go down quickly, also most females are more horny than dudes anyways so its not that big of a problem really.

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fembots are the wrong people to ask tho if you consider having sex irl user
most normalfag women are the same way
just don't come off as desperate but rather intrested in them
good luck!

i think its hot as fuck
im a tranny though

The sight of a man giving himself a quick one off the wrist is perhaps the sexiest thing imaginable. The image, coupled with the unbridled concentration and enjoyment... just excessively sexy. I can't deny it.

It's second only to watching a pair of men swordfighting in the shower.

Hetero porn is too female centric. The axe wound, sloppy BJs, moaning etc upsets my digestive system.

I'm like you op but my bf's lack of sex drive is a problem for me. I wish he was hornier sometimes

Thanks for the encouragement
I will do my best

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Why are you even concerned about this?

because i'm a virgin who never had a real relationship and don't want to come off as a sex maniac

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Based weedcat

My bf is the same and i absolutely love it. I even have a higher sex drive than him and would do it more often.
Everyone is different tho, find yourself a girl that fits and gas a high sex drive too

I'mma be completely honest. I'm a girl(not trans) and if someone is uncontrollably horny then that makes me worry that they're going to cheat on me/rape someone/whatever and therefore may not be good to start a family with.

Nice lassie, make sure to let him know you love him today,okay?

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Women aren't prudes, they just have more selective sexual attraction.
If you're in a relationship they're generally okay with it

I'm honestly perfectly fine with sex at least once a day. Some days I might be feeling it less than others, but I don't think I'd have a problem with doing it with someone I love even if I wasn't completely in the mood.

I tell him every few minutes, dont worry

I doubt that otherwise she would have been cucking you with a new guy every week

this post almost made me cry

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i wouldn't really mind i think, and i doubt anyone would be disgusted by that but i'm a virgin too so what do i know

please tell me i will find a girl who will say this to me

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Yesterday I listened to a friend's girlfriend talk about how she's disgusted at guys masturbating to pictures of naked women. She said it was demeaning and objectifying.

Roasts can not and will never understand the sexual energy that a pair of balls infuses you with. They think masturbating every other day is something only perverts and losers do. It's no use trying to convince them every guy does it, they're physiologically incapable of empathizing with male sexuality.

I believe that everyone has the abilities and will eventually find someone that really loves them at one point. Literally your whole life can get turned around in just a few weeks or months. You just have to have the patience for it. You will find someone too, user

Only prudes actually believe that only perverts and losers do it much. Dont believe everyone is that dumb just because one girl said that

pppft keep dreaming kiddo

how did u meet him

i have to be celibate for the next 3 years at the very minimum because i'm in a third world shithole for that time

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i dated a asexual girl once. it was a nightmare she literally had no sex drive. didnt last long.

We actually met while playing a video game. I was helping him with a girl until we realized we were meant to be together instead, lmao.

We live in different countries too, its fine as long as you can afford to visit each other from time to time. Planning to move together next year or so tho

Was she sexually abused as a kid?

>tfw you will never find a bf because you're asexual

god bless you bastards

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its true though testosterone increases sex drive 1000 fold, its not a meme. medical science proves this and there have even been interviews with women who compete at the top level of sports/competitions as well as trans ftm, who have taken testosterone supplements/injections and all of them state their sex drive went through the roof. alarmingly so, to the point many of them experienced random arousal discharge and near constant horniness throughout the day. few even stated their partners were slightly turned off by the sudden increase in amount of times they wanted to have sex. 99% of women will never truly understand or ever experience the horniness of peak testosterone men. any man who's women wants more sex then them, who aren't in their 40's, need to get their testosterone levels checked. not trying to be mean but they most likely do have some testosterone deficiency.

Why do you even want a boyfriend if you're """asexual"""

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because i still want to love and be loved

yeah, pretty badly too. she was kinda a mental mess but i still loved her. but whenever i would get horny she would still let me bang but it wasnt really that fun because i like being sub and she was also a sub.

she is capitable of loving, but she literally has no pleasure feelings down there. might be just mental or physical but somethings wrong.

Oh god, I won't make that mistake again. Don't fall for the trick anons, she may be cute but you'll hate it.

i did. she was also a bit of a sociopath. which is strange considering she did not want sex. she was sorta mental but i wish her all the best.

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I had a boyfriend break up with me for not having sex with him. We'd been on like 4 dates together. Then he wanted me back... Guys are weird.

>guys are wierd

no offense but most of us just want to feel mutual love. your boyfriend probably was just dating another girl and didnt have the balls to tell you.

There can't be love, in the romantic love sense, without sexual attraction. Unless what you want is just a really good friend.

That may actually be possible! Well he did introduce me to his friends, so I think it would be difficult. I think he just felt rejected by me. Cuddling with him felt amazing though.

yeah i can get that. if i were to date a girl and she did not feel like having sex id probably feel terrible. but i dont see why he would give up on you, seems like an genuine asshole then. is there any reason you did not feel like having sex with him? (periods and such)

i don't agree with that, i'm able to have romantic feelings for someone.i want to be close to them, cuddle, all that relationship stuff i just don't want sex

I was a virgin, and I viewed (still do) sex as a very big symbol of commitment.
Ideally I wanted to wait until marriage to have sex, but if that wasn't 'reasonable' to someone I loved, then I would want to wait like 2 years.

They did turn me on all the time, though, so I definitely wasn't repulsed by them. I just wanted to savor things. I didn't even want to give him a blowjob by Date 4 though because I thought it was going too fast even though I was 19. So I guess he just thought I was immature.
Then later he wanted me back and talked about wanting to marry me. I still liked him at that point but in the end I went with someone else; we lost our virginities to each other and have been married for years now. The end

seems like you made the right choice. wish you and your husband the best of luck in the future.

A moment of silence for that poor guy's blue balls.

Thank you.

Lol. At least he had had girlfriends (and sex with them) before me, and probably has one now if not a wife. I think all should be well with him. He also was on a good career path.

My husband is superior though.

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Pastaglagla origlia

you could explain what you find unbelievable... or not. It is true either way.

some things seem too good to be true. but what counts is that it might be true.

horny men are disgusting, gross pigs, stop being so damn horny you disgusting losers! LOL
You know it's one of the reasons girls like Chads, they are not horny losers,
if you are hanging out with a Chad BF and he gets a boner, he just woops it out and we start fucking.

imo its cute, but if you keep asking me to fuck when i already told you i don't want to it gets really annoying

I mean maybe she did and user had no clue.

but he is horny then and so are you

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thank for contribution in study

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Makes sense you would like that
As a guy seeing vaginas and hearing moaning is the best part

>Chad knows how to make girls horny..
who would have guessed?
you could learn from chad.

it's even weirder being asexual as a guy, especially when everyone on dating apps is just looking for sex. I've resigned myself to being alone by now.

why are you asexual? try searching for "panromantic apps". basically lookin for emotional support and no sex.

The girl in the picture has a new crush.

So it's all about looks for you
That means you're hornier than him if you're willing just because he's "chad"
I understand

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yeah, i can imagine that most girls aren't very understanding

actually never considered that, I'll have to try that thanks user
yeah, it usually ends after the first date, shit gets old

i feel you, guys don't wanna date a girl that doesn't put out either

I dated a landwhale. I lost all my sex drive. Keep yourself athletic, bitch!

Fapping doesn't translate to sex.
Sure I fapped 6 times a day when I was an unemployed virgin, when I got my gf, we fucked 5-6 times whenever we lmet because we were both sex-starved buf atfer nearly 2 years you'll be satisfied with once a day.

I fuck my GF 4 times a day.
Every day.
For a year now.
Just stop thinking about dumb shit, and get yourself a woman that loves you to death.
That you will love the same way.
You'll be able to have sex 24\7 if you really do.

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I see
Sex is a lot more work than fapping, I suppose. Tires you out

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BPD and Ecstasy, conceited with low self-esteem
She's a teenage dream if you hate yourself
Bright dyed hair and obnoxious clothes
Thinks communism is the way to go
She's a whore, a hole, a dime-a-dozen Jezebel

Lower-age mind and SSRIs, a thousand yard stare for all those guys
That she fucked and sucked before you came along
Retarded views on politics, likes to listen to shitty music
She drinks and smokes and tokes out of a dirty bong

She saw Ramona Flowers
And felt so empowered
By a movie made in Hollywood
It's sad to think she's someone's daughter
Like a lamb to the slaughter
But honestly I'd still hit if I could

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That's not what I meant to say.
Sex is more fulfilling, satisfying and wholesome.

Towards the end of my virginity, masturbation was just going through the motions and my dick was desensitized beyond belief. It wasn't satisfying, I just felt depressed after cumming.

guys the girl in the op is like 14 and is pointing at her pussy does nobody realize this?

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And? 14 year olds are sluts these days.

If you are that horny go on Grindr and fuck a twink

How do you know she's 14?

No, when chad is horny he uses his personality and confidence to romance his woman and turn her on,
meanwhile a horny loser nerd just ... eww...

LOL no she is not, she looks like 28...
no way!! lmao, white women really age like milk?

>i dated a asexual girl once
Where can I find one?

nope, not at all.
i love the fact my manbot is horny all the time.
lets me play with his dicc, and gives me free reign to be the horny slut i know he wanted in the first place. i just have a hyper sex drive, but i didn't slam ass all across town.
now i can just slam ass on him whenever, where ever

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>no tits
>skinny thighs
>shitty makeup
>white panties

>You will find someone too, user
>Been hearing that for 28 years
I honestly just given up. As you believe everyone is meant to find someone, I believe some people are just meant to be alone.

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Just get a guy friend who will hug/cuddle with you.

Get a load of this absolute vapid cunt.

women over 18 can have these things too, ya know

where do i find them then
pls user
help me out

I mean there's nothing inherently gross about being horny all the time, it's more if you actively ask women to have sex with you all the time that it just gets annoying. Like if you honestly just fapped a lot instead of asking for sex I think most women wouldn't care

yeah I'm not even asexual but I'm pretty sure you can be romantically interested in someone without being sexually attracted to them. just because men are too dull to experience higher feelings like that doesn't mean that they don't exist

I wouldn't ask constantly if I noticed they would be annoyed by it
Just interested what how femanons stand on the matter

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>Would a woman be disgusted by this if I asked to sex them instead of fapping?
probably some of them would. i am horny and think about sex and look at porn and write erotica constantly even if i don't masturbate all the time. i'm probably demented though. there are women out there who are as horny or more horny than you, but there's probably something at least a little bit wrong with them lmao.

im on pretty strong antidepressants, so no. but even before i started them i always had a pretty low libido

I've been wondering who the girl in this pic is for 7 years.

We never had sauce of that girl.
Whos's she?

>you femanons out there

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I think it depends
Mostly on the reaction of you if you were turned down
It's hard to keep up with demands like that, even if your girl also has a high sex drive
It's physically exhausting
I think it'd be okay if when she wasn't up for it you respected that and didn't try to guilt her into it, and be able to cuddle her/be physically intimate without trying to turn it into sex
t. girl

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