Got gf

>got gf
what do now

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stick your dick in her pooper


Cuddle and be really warm together.

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be really nice to her
pat her head
give her hugs and cuddle her
take her out for dinner and buy her gifts
oh also also kiss her tenderly
consider having kids and marriage

get the fuck off my board for a start

this is the part where you talk to her and stuff and build up trust and relationship.
one ex would get upset if i didnt respond to her daily good morning and good night text.
basically this is the point where you play make believe with the girl, for the benefit of the girl's fantasy. what the girl wants, you indulge her with kindness and patience. basically treat her as you would your own child.

this, avoid her vagina at all cost ist a trap

Get nudes from her and post them here

she loves when i kiss her forehead

have you tried:
nibbling gently on her ear
it feels really good

Achieve and maintain a tranquil mind.
Become a master of your surroundings.
Trust your conscience.

kiss and nibble her neck, girls love that shit

>what do now

Kiss her everyday and tell her how much you love her. Thats what I would do.

send me her nudes

Leave, normal scum.
Go back from whence you came.

>Go back from whence you came.

what if he came from r9k

make her your main hoe and recruit more. make bank.

yes and she loves it

this. get the FUCK out. I hate gf havers

Just ended my first relationship yesterday. Communication is key. Once you're out of the honeymoon phase if there's ever anything that's bothering you talk about it with your partner. Make it clear that if theres anything they feel you could be doing better to let you know. Make them comfortable with communicating with you. If your relationship ever gets to the point where you spend more time worrying than enjoying the relationship, know it's a clear sign things will not work out. Good luck.

did anyone ever tell you how cute you are when you get upset and flustered?

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>consider having kids and marriage

(i do wonder how gf's work though. its your ear???? but eh, it makes her happy, so like i care.)
(comfy cutes)

Insert benis

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my gf is cute
get rekt virgins

Get off Jow Forums and spend time with her. Proud of you, user.

thanks dad, will do.