My girlfriend said my dick was small. It's 6inches wtf

My girlfriend said my dick was small. It's 6inches wtf

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The first girl I slept with said that about my 7-incher. I just laughed it off.

thats small. people have huge dongs

Would you fuck someone's gf if both of them consented and encouraged you to do so, OP?

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they obviously havent seen big dicks, (You) and get off this board btw.

my boyfriend's dick is an inch smaller than that, but i still hype it up as big, just because i want him to be happy. he's not confident in his size, and just wants to make me feel good, so i want to make him feel good in return. it really does look big in certain angles, anyway.

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>avatarfag is also a normalfag
I'm shocked, woah!

you are underage and a newfag, hello to Jow Forums you retard

Are you being ironic? If i can get a gf, should be easy for you.

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bless you and all women who do this,

as a man who is extremely scared of being unable to satisy my partner with my penis this helps me get my worries out and actually enjoy my time with the woman,

preformance anxiety is real for me too sadly. i put alot of importance to that.

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im sure i can get a gf but i dont put any effort into finding one that is in all likelyness the only reason why

>Are you being ironic? If i can get a gf, should be easy for you.
why? you think you're the biggest loser on the website just because you posted a picture of an anime girl? not everyone is as socially competent as you and your discord friends

I dont use discord, nigger. I dint even have internet friends

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I know you have good intentions but honestly if you were my GF I would rather you tell me the truth

Do you truthfully like his dick?

thats small as fug lmao

>It's 6inches wtf
Dumb sissy Asian boy

Were you arguing with her? Girls say false things just to hurt you and make you doubt yourself if you get her angry enough.

Once you cross a certain line they only want to fuck you up and since they can't really do it physically, they try doing it psychologically, feeding you the most insidious and damaging lie they can come up with. If she knows what you're insecure about, it becomes really easy for her to fuck with your self esteem.

Even if she wouldn't normally care about whatever you're insecure about, it becomes an easy weapon if her aim is to upset you. It also doubles as a shit test of sorts, she's basically asking: "Can you handle me being such a mean bitch? Are you mentally strong enough to ignore my inane bullshit?"

Easiest thing to do when shit like this happens is just doing the same: she has small tits? tell her she's flat like a boy. She's fat? tell her she should lose some weight. Skinny? Tell her she has no curves. Any and every physical defect is particularly effective on her, even something as ridiculous as "I see you getting old by the day" can be devastating.
This is hardly healthy for your relationship, of course, but if she's the kind of girl that resorts to this shit just to "win" arguments, feel free to go to town.

Hardest thing to do is remaining calm and defusing the situation... but is it really worth it for someone like that?

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very based answer user, i e- applaud you.

You should pay me to be beside you when you're with her and then you will luck huge. I'm only 4 inches btw. She will laugh so hard at me.

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I don't want to lose my gf. I'd rather not thanks tho. She basically said my dick fit her perfectly not too big not too small.

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She didn't say it was small then.

That's so hot, I wish someone would insult my 5.1 inch erected small penis, I wish they say it to my face while I fap

the fuck are you doing here. dont you have to hose shit from the sidewalk and flip burgers?

do you watch SPH porn?

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All hail kashii the Avatar King