Can a girl record a Vocaroo of encouragement for me?

I have to leave the apartment soon to do chores and I'm very nervous. A word of encouragement from a sympathetic femanon would do wonders.
thank you

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Holy shit quit being a faggot and go run your errands, pathetic.

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But outside frightens me. I guess I am looking for attention, but something positive please.

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I'm a dude user but go out there and get shit done. Be productive and think about doing what you love after.

Outside is scary but you have to do it user. Sorry for snapping fren

That was actually more helpful than i expected. Thank you dude user for your kindness.

That's alright. No harm. Thank you also for encouraging words.

U can do dis fren. Pretend it is RPG and you are gathering supplies and questing. Get that exp.

voice is gross but go do ur things

That's a really nice way to frame it. I've tried thinking like that before, like it's just a game to grind through -- this is the grinding portion of rpg -- and it does help.
Not gross at all, your voice and accent are very sweet. Thank you very much :)

Some encouragement for you user~

>that youre even asking for help shows that youre in the right mindset
I love this, thank you. I did feel pretty pathetic making the thread, but your guys' support actually showed me that it was a good idea after all.
I really don't ask for help that often, and I think I need to do it more often, because I'm feel very encouraged and calm after these, like my heart is no longer racing.
another great voice. thank you.

if something helps you feel better and doesn't hurt others then don't feel bad for asking for it! you deserve to feel good

Yeah. I even made the thread semi-ironically so in case you guys laughed at me, i could roll it off my shoulders like that's what I wanted to happen.
But that you guys actually took it seriously, and took a moment out of your time to be kind is surprisingly moving. My heart and mind feel very centered right now.
I'll try. If nothing more then to not waste the kindness that was showed me.

alright i'm off. thank you again anons.

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enjoy, sounds like ass because i just woke up
go user go

you need to learn to do it without female encouragement

based , op is a weak fag

I just want a qt femanon to talk to when I can't fall sleep in the early AMs.

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god i just need me a gf :(

Not OP, but thanks for this one. Just what I needed

Manly encouragement is best encouragement

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this fucking thread i swer

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i just want fembots to femdom me please

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Put on some nice music

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i love scotland

late to the party but you should probably replay some of these the next time you get nervous

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The one in the middle can definitely sit on my face

the one on the right is literally fucking perfect. god i just want to find one like her, id give my fucking legs up if i could to just feel them femdoming me.