my brain is dead edition

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I'm so fucking confused and disoriented right now. I've taken a bunch of fentanyl all morning. I vaguely remember taking valium but that might have been last night. trying so hard to remember wat drugs i took and when and what i did today cause ik i woke up 3.5 hours ago.
ugh, not remembering shit is so annoying reeeeee.

Chill out brother and listen to some good tunes, you'll remember in time give your brain time to recover

What is the best kind of drug?
Hint: it's psychedelics

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try Nyaope

Hint: It's opiates

retarded fucking anime poster but redpilled drug user

where my speedogang @?

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How can one user be so fucking based?

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yeah, I like most types of drugs but psychs are probably my favorite since the high feels a bit more complex than just "consume chemical, feel good"

Exactly this. Psychedelics provide a far more unique and interesting experience than any other class of drug. Truly the thinking mans drug.

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What is some good material on how to grow shrooms and such in Australia?

Has anyone tried 2C-B?
What is it like? Is it worth trying?

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Any way that I could get some scheduled RCs into Canada? None of US vendors are willing to send it.

everyone says its a like combo of lsd and mdma, but to me it was more like shrooms and lsd, the sedation, body load and length of shrooms but the visuals of lsd and a lighter headspace than both. definitely worth a try especially if youre in europe.

Unironically write that shit down and

>best kind of drug
>not opiates
get real user-kun

yes ive done 2cb like half a dozen times.
its most similar to acid but it lasts about half as long. also the headspace is a lot more down to earth and less of a mindfuck. although the mental effects are lesser than lsd, the visuals are just as powerful as lsd. as the other user said, some compare 2cb to mdma which is fair to some extent because 2cb can feel giggly similar to molly.
>Is it worth trying?
If you like psychedelics then yes, its one of the easiest to enjoy imo.
for some people acid might be a bit too intense but 2cb would feel just right for many of those people

thanks foir the reassurance user. shit got weird for a while there.

what??? i didnt reply to myself if thats what you're implying

Sorry should have been clearer, I meant write down what you take and when and relax as said

what do you prefer, weed or hash?

lmao chill my dude

Why if I am in Europe?
Is it hard to get in USA?

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>get diarrhea cause of an infection
>goes on for days like this
>score some heroin
>opiate induced constipation combines with diarrhea from the infection and gives me perfectly normal shits
I guess two wrongs do make a right when it comes to your bowels lol.
only problem is that now im hesitant about healing the infection cause i dont want to have to take colossal and painful opi-turds

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>tfw stuck in a doctor's office waiting room for over 30 minutes now

Just give me my Adderall and Klonopin refill scripts and let me pay the copay already, you incompetent fucks

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why only 150mg user?

Pretty good it really had me and a buddy crying with laughter for hours.

acid, shrooms, and molly are the best experiences

I really want to take MDMA again but the comedowns are so bad. It truly is my favorite drug but I no longer have anyone to do it with. Taking it alone just seems like such a waste.

Just save around 100mg to re-dose with later in the night and smoke a lot of weed when you re-dose. Last time I took MDMA I took 500mg and had no comedown at all because of these steps.

I really don't think that would work for me but thanks for the advice

why not? just curious
are you buying pure M or is it cut with meth?


Same user here

The wait was worth it. I got my Adderall script bumped up from 40mg to 45mg. I'll also be taking an extended release in the morning and an IR booster in the afternoon as opposed to just taking 2 intstant release tablets a day. I'd post a pic for my fellow addygangers, but I haven't picked it up from Walgreens yet

Jus kill yourself op whats stopping you?

similar to LSD. stronger visuals, less headspace, lasts shorter. so it makes sense that a lot of people consider it a party drug

the majority of it comes from the netherlands
so there are a rare few US vendors that sell it but it'll be a lot more expensive

What's your problem, nigger? Maybe OP is just feeling like shit because he's coming down from something

So is mine, years of drug abuse has caught up to me at a young 28 I think and I've abused a lot of different drugs in the past 10+ years. I went trough my DXM phase when I was like 16, did a lot of OC 80s when they still existed around when I graduated in 2009 and then 30mg roxys after the OC to OP reformulation; then heroin when I found a connect up until like 2013 when I was in rehabs and sober homes. After a few years clean I came back and did some more roxys, but most of the time those shits be fake as fuck now a days, tried crack a few times, was fun but you fiend like a fucking animal for it when you run out also not my type of drug, I would be drinking all night while cracked out and then take a cocktail of drugs after I was done for the night just to try and pass out. Now its the Xanax though that shit turns you into retard who cant form coherent sentences in conversations with irl people, been using them almost every day for at least a year probably more though close to two and I can see how much more of a social fucking retard they have made me, my memory is fucking shot now.

I just take xanax and smoke pot everyday, once a month I binge on percs when my man gets his xanax and perc script refilled. My cat still doesn't seem to be himself ever since he got his abscess drained last week, he goes back tomorrow for final visit they say hes really healthy for a 20yr old cat but I know something is up hes sneezing a lot and sleeping a lot more than before, he eats food and drinks water though so I don't know I'm just worried send my cat Reese's some energy guys. Also bumping cause I'm felling aight, took a bar and am smoking a few bowls after getting home from work. Stay away from benzos guys that shit fucks you up, the guy I get my pills from is some 60 something guy who lives off welfare basically and his brain is fucked I see it when I talk to him, the long pauses where you cant get the word out or you just plain forget what you were saying.

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can u get adderall for ptsd, ptsd-induced personality disorder, and major depression?

Yeah they can prescribe for anything off-label just got to find the right doctor

as someone who has never done drugs (apart from alcohol, caffeine and nicotine) why should I get into it now ? I mean I have money and getting them wouldnt be the problem... but I just never really saw the point I guess. Only thing that kind of interests me are psychadelics. I might be addicted to working out though, I love to lift weights and recently even love to do cardio. When I have 2 days off I feel tired and get depressed easily. I cant really explain it but I guess I like the suffering, it relaxes me in a weird way. Also one of the reasons why I dont really drink anymore and have long given up on smoking because the next day when working out I feel horrible. Also I started to fucking hate the feeling of alcohol, it dulls my senses and makes me feel like a horrible slob.

So you guys have any suggestions ? I guess the drugs I would be most into are things that heighten the senses and make me feel superhuman. Not sure what that would be, maybe cocaine ?


meth iv


im happy
feelin free
drugs drugs drugs
give em all to me

go take an eighth of shrooms and go take a walk outside on a nice day. secluded places with lots of trees and a pond or something are ideal imo

where do I get good cocaine from?

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I don't know why but today I wish I still had oxy and it's been fucking years. I miss not being able to stand up. I always crave a good nod but today I wish I could be immobilized by that weight in my body.

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I have some oxy from a script just deciding between 35 and 50 mg dose

How close to Columbia are you?

I wouldn't recommend more than 40 if you have no tolerance. I never took more than 30 and that got me really fucking high.

I know this Asian dude that sells it, he always has his kid in the car.

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GF is being increasingly shitty for months already, will shrooms help me grow the balls to dump her or it will make me even more beta? Never did any psychedelic

Weed, opiates and alcohol are the best intoxicants. It's undebatable. The're truly drugs made for realrobots

Uppers are for normalfags and the only people I have known say psychedelics were the best drugs are edgy teenagers who basically have been on drugs for under 2 years and never tried anything else besides weed.

I got over 10 years of drug experience and these days I only crave the drugs that put me in a relaxed mood and a detached state of mind.

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Then bitch you forgot about dissociatives

Ketamine, Dxm, Nitrous

These drugs set robots free and leave normal people wondering why anyone would choose to leave reality behind

Nitrous oxide is the most superior drug out there.
The disso high is the best and most comfy feeling out of any substance imo.
Also makes music sound better than when on weed, psilocybin, opiates, you name it.
Then you have the fucking huge cherry to top it off in that there are no side effects except vitamin B deficiency, just make sure you take a spare breath in the middle of ripping a balloon.
You can't prove a drug better than this.
Cheap too.

>finally find new plug
>ask him for molly
>"I don't fuck with that. too unpredictable"

I need to just use the dnm, don't I? I'm shit scared of it.

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Where do you get this shit? You inhale it?

>First ciggarette
>First time smoking weed
>First alcoholic drink
>First time tripping on LSD
>Second time tripping on LSD (nightmare)
>third time tripping on LSD (killed depression)
>first time doing shrooms (confused)
>smoking weed for 5 days straight
yeah fuck weed. My brains been damaged

>>First ciggarette
15 at a house party
>>First time smoking weed
15 at the same house party
>>First alcoholic drink
Don't remember probably a beer/sip of wine at a family event
>>First time tripping on LSD
17 just tripped alone in the dark and made friends with the shadow people
>>LSD (nightmare)
Started tripping then friends make me go out and smoke, on the way home start seeing demons and monsters, still had a good time
>>first time doing shrooms
Not tried these yet
>>smoking weed for 5 days straight
Smoking every day for possibly a month
>yeah fuck weed. My brains been damaged
Same and I can't smoke weed and have a good time anymore

Which Markets are ok to buy from now?

nightmare seems exit scamming and there is controversy over empire?

Can anyone confirm is empire still safe?
Also there are some mention over some cryptonia market? Anything good?

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Based psychonautbro have another lewd anime grill

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So I did about an entry level dosage (300mb) of dxm monday night, and went to the doctor wednesday morning to get a refill on ritalin. They wanted a urine test. Anything gonna come of that or should I stop worrying and do dxm again tonight?

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Weed is a shit drug. The high isn't even that good and as soon as you smoke one the next joint becomes your carrot on a stick. Fuck it I'm over it.

yeah weed is kinda gay but sadly there's no other drug you can do daily without doing some kind of physical damage to your body or getting too fucked over by addiction. people whine about muh brainfog and shit from weed but that pales in comparison to being an opioid addict or frying your dopamine receptors with meth or dying of liver cirrhosis at age 30 because of alcohol or something.

>imagine needing to take drugs to either feel entertained or to be able to handle your lives
Round the junkies and beat them up with baseball bats.
Fucking nigger-tier subhumans

I've been curious about nitrous for a long time now, your post inspired me and I just ordered 50 8g N2O chargers and a whipped cream dispenser that uses 8g chargers.
i think thats everything I need, right?
oh its so nice to be buying drugs on amazon again, gotta love having shit guaranteed delivery for monday

you'll need some balloons to fill with nitrous, since inhaling right from the dispenser can be too cold

I remember being off Tramadol for 5 days last month. Nothing was entertaining and everyday I wanted to end my life.
Remember kids, order early and never run low.

why do you need something every day tho

because I wanna kill myself

why? onigiri

Feeling kinda drunk and slightly dissociated from buprenorphine after smoking some weed on it, added clonazepam and tramadol now, it hasn't kicked in yet but I'm already hazy, gonna be nice friends. Might have a beer later on and more tramadol

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oh just the usual robot stuff

soon ready to lie down for a few hours and just exist. was going to have a friend come over to chill one last time before I move away but I'm fucking that up by getting way too high, but it is what it is

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i'm cle5#1403 on discord if you wanna chat about it

Do not combine tramadol and buprenorphine, other opioids don't work in combo with bupre

Yeah I suspected something like that, but tramadol doesn't only work through binding to opioid receptros so it should still give effects, the bupe dose is also very low, shouldn't affect the tramadol too much. Starting to feel real drowsy faded and comfy

Anyone tried combining GHB and opioids? I'm considering that instead of alcohol

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My body feels very good on GHB compared to alcohol and that's why I'm thinking GHB might be better in conjunction with opis

oh, ok. thanks for the tip, ill go buy some balloons as well

so i did weed a while back and it was a big dose and i inhaled and did everything correctly but it didnt do anything to me from what i can tell.

So im wondering now is my second time tomorrow, will i feel something this time because ive heard the first time you dont feel a lot ykno. Also no it wasnt brocolli that i smoked

>What is the best kind of drug?
ketamine and its not even close

Is making DMT really as easy as everyone says?

the true thinking mans drugs are stimulants

>Is making DMT really as easy as everyone says?

Only because you ruined it for yourself

either of those combinations has the ability to be extremely deadly, you have been warned.

yeah I know but I know from experience what I can handle, and not too much GHB should not be very different from benzos and alcohol on opioids, thanks for the warning though

i'm good without it so i don't having it be ruined

>knows where to acquire drugs

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i tried shooting speedballs for the first time last night, shit was pretty choice

There are two kinds of Jow Forums users.

1: Dude, you gotta try LSD. It'll cure your depression man! Take a microdose before class bro, it'll help you pay attention bro. Bruh, if everyone took LSD, the world would be a better place. It makes you a better person brah. It's not bad for you like meth and heroin. It's a healthy drug. It's not addictive and has no negative side effects bro. You'll become so woke man. When I dropped a tab with my friends out in nature, I felt so connected to nature and the universe man, I felt a sense of spirit bro.

2: Stop abusing hallucinogens and do your homework, kid, or you'll be on a breathing machine for the rest of your life. Hallucinogens are inducing psychosis, not making you see some hidden truth behind reality. You need to confront reality instead of escaping it. You don't need drugs, degenerate. Don't do drugs. Do you think it's worth the risk of going to prison and getting a criminal record?

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I wonder how many of these posts aren't bait
like I know at least 90% of them are bait for the purpose of bumping the thread, but I bet some people actually think this is true
ketamine lasts too short and it sucks that you have to snort it (injecting is out of the question for me)

dude just have friends bro

>(injecting is out of the question for me)
whats wrong with injecting? also ketamine is best IM'd rather than IV'd so theres that too

because I'm a massive pussy when it comes to needles. I've passed out just getting shots at the doctors office before, and that was an injection administered by a trained nurse. I'd never be able to do it myself
also there's the fact that I'd be paranoid about the purity when injecting k unless it was a vial of liquid

guys is weed better the second try? I didnt feel anything the first time

yes. nobody is "immune" to weed, but it's extremely common for people to not get high their first time or first couple times smoking and think the effects of weed are completely overblown

I'd probably smoke weed daily if it weren't for the fact that I hate the act of smoking itself. I like being high but smoking tastes awful and it takes time to do. I wish I could just get some THC capsules or something