When was the last time a girl showed you affection?

When was the last time a girl showed you affection?

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Lmao she wants to be rid of him so badly. It must be so awkward to have to deal with these people all day, but I bet this made his day.

That has never happened to me so I'd say never.

at work last night when she offered me a ride to the CVS when I told her I didnt have a car.

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Man, qts who are kind and helpful are just the best.

She's pretty cute, but not my type.

Also her boyfriend is a manager and I didn't want him getting jealous and pissed off just because she gave me a car ride.

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This is super cringe.

that guy is blatantly retarded tho
ofc you'd hug a retard, they're literal retards
fucking retards

If they had at least once I wouldn't be gay

Couple days, maybe a week ago now.

Friends paid to girl to pretend like me and fuck.

you have good friends , orgonali

10 years ago

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Wish I had your friends. Damn.

you guys want to be heart broken?

Fuck I wish I could've had friends like that. Dude you are fucking lucky

when i bought her shoes ._.

this morning when my fiance jumped on top of me for some morning sexy time.

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>When was the last time a girl showed you affection?
I have never had a positive interaction with a girl.

How old U are?

you seem like a good spirit user. your fortune is about to change!

>How old U are?
I am are 23 year old. Still have time to turn things around maybe

This girl whose house I am sleeping over at tomorrow has been pretty sweet, gonna take dabs (my first) and I will probably say some off the wall shit and never see her again

yesterday, im just to numb to care.

I think it was late 2012

If you don't count family, literally never.

Never, I'm too shy to interact with people, especially cute girls

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In the 21 years that I've been alive, I have never experienced any kind of affection from a female
Good luck user, I'm hoping I can also miraculously fix this shit.

hugged a girl about 10 months ago and she held me for quite awhile, was nice.

Today at the vape store, I rarely leave my house so it was a real confidence booster. She a good egg.

Last night

What are dabs

Outside of relatives and if you don't count very basic politeness by various workers, basically never.
Also, that webm is cringey as shit.

ask her out already or just go back

i stopped trying to talk to girls because years of Jow Forums use has brainwashed me into becoming a cockslut and now i dont even think about them

no girl has ever showed me affection a part from my mom and grandma

This evening. Before you tell me to get out, this was the first time for as long as I can remember and I'll never see her again.

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In highschool. One girl always hugged me and other girls always touched me but I never talked to anyone. I went hikki after highschool.

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A friend drunk called me last night and said she loves me and will miss me
She was also high so I'm pretty sure it was just the drugs and alcohol desu

Yesterday a girl on hinge said I seemed cool and we're going for a drink on Saturday

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The last interaction was when two girls tried to talk to me when I was walking home. I immediately snapped and told them to fuck off.

Convince yourself those who pay attention are trying to fuck with you.

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>hugged by crush who was kind of mean to me on last day of elementary school
>hugged out of the blue by female friend at middle school dance
>got my hair pet by two older girls once when I was a high school freshman
>sophomore crush rested her head on my shoulder to tease me that same year
>tfw 19 with no gf, never even been kissed
I just want a nice lady to cuddle me, peck my forehead, and move her fingers through my hair

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clip with audio plz

Like a month ago. My ex-gf wanted me, but I want nothing with landwhales.

Check'd and that girl who always hugged you, was she a qt?

no but they were looking out for you and went of their way to do it. true bros are rare i hope you didn't fuck up ur friendship with them over this

She was a 5/10 so not bad.

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Can somebody explain what exactly is going on here?

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the looks she gives him after each autistic hand gesture kill me. she's got that "backed into the corner" posture and stance too, what a fucking job, playing pretend and hugging retarded manchildren all day, jesus christ

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this morning when my gf woke me up by jumping on me and kissing my face and yelling that it was national gf day

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If he can get a hug from a qt. then I can. If I can get enough money, I will go to Disney lland and hug everyone. I have finally made it

Almost exactly two years ago which was the most recent time I kissed a girl. She was also the only one I've ever kissed where you could really feel that she wanted to. Like she would rub her face against mine after kissing and she was really warm. Too bad she didn't like me the day after though fml

>meet girl
>we instantly click
>always talking, hanging out
>sitting in my bed, cuddling
>she's running her hand across my chest through my half-unbuttoned shirt
>dumps me after five months

This girl held hands with me in fifth grade because we were forced to because the whole class had to hold hands for some retarded shit and she reluctantly did it and then after the teacher told us we could stop she wiped her hand and walked away with an intense look of disgust on her face

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Based. 22 here, same. Feel your fury, feel your hate !

This week if my mom counts. If it doesn't then years ago when grandma was still alive. If that doesn't count then never.

does online affection count?
cause i met a girl this week that legit wants to spend ever waking moment talking to me
im just worried she's gonna get bored of me she keeps saying i'll get bored of her too

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None of those count loser have sex :^)

like 6 years ago. i went over my friends house and his sister got all excited and ran at me and hugged me.

This has happened to me too. One time I also got to hold a girl's sleeve because she didn't want to touch my hand.

How old was the sister, user ? Was she cute ? She wanted the dick btw

she's a couple years younger than me, somewhere in her 20s i dont really know. yes she's cute, im pretty sure she had a little thing for me. i stopped talking to that friend that and haven't seen her in years.

Yeah I figured you missed your only chance, you're here after all. Sucks being you famalam

i feel attacked fuck you delet that right now

Based friend. All my friends do is fuck the girls I like. Never let them go user.

You have two more years. Better make some moves bucko

last week, but I'm 24 and khv so this doesn't happen often
>several months ago 17 year old qt coworker starts approaching me
>sperg through most interactions but still talks to me
>made up a nickname for me and always refers to me by it
>fast forward to last week
>when I'm around she starts telling other coworkers that we're getting married
>now paranoid that she's just fucking with me but still hoping that its just my beta faggot brain making excuses to not do anything

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My friend hugged me because I was sad

Was your friend the cableman and are you Matthew Broderick?,

Oh fuck dude

Don't hit it too hard. Maybe 1 second max. Keep some black peppercorn to grind up on hand if you get too high. You WILL cough like a bitch, and it's gonna make you feel like puking. Don't puke.

I have a whole-ass story about this that I have a greentext saved for specifically because my first time taking dabs was a nightmarish hellscape.

Earlier today when I dropped gf off at work, kissed me goodbye
Guys, when I was 21 I flunked out of college due to insane social anxiety that prevented from attending class. Virgin, developed drug problem to cope, parents crushed by what a loser their son became. Over the next couple years I was a pathetic NEET. One day I was supposed to go to Jon fair, mom gets home from work at 4pm and I'm still asleep, she was so ashamed and disappointed in me it hurt: then I met a girl. She was high-chub almost fat, I was nervous wreck around her. She had never worked and had chronic shyness. Something clicked though, and now 6 years later we both have good jobs, love each other, both got Jow Forums. There's been a bunch of struggles, but after a decade of hopeless depression and anxiety my life changed completely because of a girl I met by happenstance, and her life turned around for the better too. If it can happen to me, it can happen to you I swear . I found a shy fat NEET girl, now I have a smoking hot, hard working, confident future wife.
Goddamnit I love you Lauren
There's a Lauren out there for all of you too robots I promise
>our sweet dog

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oh gee what an amazing story how you magically get a gf to fall in your lap

surely that means everyone on here will also get magic gf from the sky so inspiring

Leave this board and never return, desu

It requires growing a pair of balls and actually pursuing a girl, even if you're afraid of rejection, getting rejected 100 times is worth finding a girl to love.
Also, having standards reasonable to your own value. If there's love you can turn a 4/10 to an 8, and she can do the same for you.
But if wallowing in self pity is the clear high ground for you then feel free to talk down to me.

yeah because all you need to do to cure autism is just not have it, thanks for the advice bro

Girl cried on my lap a couple weeks ago.

Not sure what those other anons are talking about, they might be nice but id hate to have that happen to me.

>Turning fortunate circumstances into an opportunity to jerk yourself off.
Public masturbation is impolite.
>Girl cried on my lap a couple weeks ago
SHE was showing YOU affection?

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