What's the big deal with circumcision? Why do incels and Jow Forumstards chimpout over something so inconsequential, pointing to it and yelling "DIS Y MEN ARE OPPRESSED!" hysterically. I was circumcised at 11 when I was diagnosed with phimosis, had I not gotten that procedure I would've been a micropenised incel who probably would've loudly proclaimed pride in my uncircumcised, virgin dick. So why, robots, do we not support a procedure that makes your dick larger and more hygienic?

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Into the oven with you, kike

In support of cutting off a babys dick skin for little to no reason. Thats fucking weird bro

>yes, good goy. Don't circumsize your child so that they're unable to breed in the future.

im not even jewish , why did they take my foreskin? also this shit doesn't make your dick larger you fucking insecure faggot

I'm in for you have the choice of doing it instead of having this nonsense pushed upon you on birth. I am not circumcised and today that I can make my own mind of what I want to do I'd rather not be, sure while the hygiene is not as a great as a cut pp I like the fact that I have full sensitivity to it.

That makes 1-1 sense

Why would Jow Forums chimp out over having a muslim ritual performed on white babies? I wonder.

100% true

It's the most negligible thing in the world, yet those stupid trump supporter poltard fuckers speak of nothing else, kind of amusing I must admit

afk, fucking my girl

>muslim ritual
it runs deeper than that , you fucking low iq idiot

I won't lie, I'm actually kinda glad about being cut because I get unusually sweaty around my crotch, and I don't want to imagine what kind of unholy smells would arise if I had a foreskin

>circumcision has no positive benefits
Well compare the fertility rates of progressive uncut white countries to that of the Muslim world. They might be onto something.
Exactly, they always go on about how the left or the "NPCs" virtue signal when they're the biggest virtue signallers.

>something so inconsequential
Cut off a bit more of your dick now, and I'll consider that to be valid, as your personal opinion.

It doesn't and you're lying. Your foreskin could easily have been stretched instead of barbarically cutting it off. Circumcision also kills your sensitivity, so what is even the point of a big dick if you feel no pleasure from it? To top this off, this procedure is performed on unwilling infants, not to mention that they don't even administer any anesthesia or pain medication. They strap down babies and torture them, and the trauma is scientifically proven to never go away.
Stop diminishing the issue of men having no consent on surgery performed on their bodies in their most vulnerable state.

This. It's usually loser virgin dicklets/incels desperate for some kind of consolation from the fact that there are uncontacted tribes in the Amazon who are having more sex than them.

>Circumcision is a totally redundant operation, stop being dishonest!
>Also cut dicks can't feel pleasure
Well that's funny, just this weekend I came 4 times into my gf with my 7inch cut dick. Seriously, any society that values base pleasure over reproductive capacity is degenerate.
>muh babies

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Have the rabbis expressed their hunger to you?

You're still missing part of your penis.

Because unlike you I've had sex and you lose out on a lot of sensitivity, not to mention you never consented for your foreskin to be removed.

No rounding to the nearest whole is needed, I can just say, with complete honesty, that I have a dick.
How many dicks do you have, anons? 2, 0.93, 0.98?

>imagine defending having a Jewish ritual performed on children so that kiles can sell foreskins to makeup companies so roasties can get "rejuvenating collagen" creams

Yeah lets mutilate these kids for a satanic ritual and sacrifice a part of their sexual life.

Circumcision exposes your glans to textile fabric and the friction will make it insensitive over time. The glans is the most sensitive part of the penis. For cutlets, your best sex will never feel as good as a foreskin haver's fap.

>>circumcision has no positive benefits
It really doesn't if you don't have extreme phimosis.

Is this reddit? Origfsvly

>tards are gobbling the bait this hard

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>B-But I last longer before cumming!

Maybe, but that's only because it's desensitized and you literally CAN'T feel the pleasure that an uncut dick does.

Sexual pleasure and release aren't about how long you last, it's about how good you feel. Having a moist glans and your dick's natural gliding motion plays a huge part in that. It's crazy that people make it a point of pride that their dicks can never feel the same levels of pleasure and sensitivity as an unmutilated dick can.

Imagine if there was a women's movement centered around cutting off their clits like in FGM, and bragging about it to others.
>Check it out, I literally can't orgasm no matter how much I fuck!
Anybody would think they're crazy, right? Because sex should be about pleasure. Yet this is the case with circumcised guys, and everyone treats it as normal.

Wake up and realize that if you defend this, you're just trying to justify and rationalize something that was forced on you, like a victim of domestic violence who defends their abuser.

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What's the point of this post? You're not even directing it at the people who perform circumcision. You're just mocking and belittling people who had it done to them without consent. Fuck you.

>Because sex should be about pleasure.
Sex is about reproduction, profligate.

It's too bad there wasn't enough of this mocking and belittlement getting heard by their parents, to get them to consider going against the doctor's advice.

>amerimutts are brainwashed to the point they think that people with foreskin can't have babies

circumcision bad because jews bad

You need some redpill mang