I started dating a guy that i met through discord since i really liked him and we happened to live in same city and we...

i started dating a guy that i met through discord since i really liked him and we happened to live in same city and we just met up .the first meeting was great as we went for coffee and ill save you the socially awkward bs ut it was great he was tall, fit, dominant, funny, nice and big dicced so i had a fun time that night.

now its been about a few months and I've been totally in love with him but there is one thing....we have a dom-sub relationship in bed. mostly choking,rough fucks, demanding lewds, "daddy" and taking me whenever he wants, but lately he seems to have taken this sexual misogyny and accepted it as some part of his philosophy. i know he goes to sketchy places but it didn't think i was dating a misogynist Nazi. hes always ranting about immigration and birthrates like incels do all the time. what should i do? i really love him but idk how to cope with this.

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reminder that women's mean IQ is lower by about 4 points and IQ tests are constructed to minimize this male advantage as much as possible

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why do you care about immigrants anyway

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If this is true... How didn't you see that coming?

He's trying to redpill you but he's being too aggressive about it. (Because he has his shit together and knows he's right)

You found a good catch. Either deal with it or leave him. A man like him is not going to sacrifice his beliefs for you.

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he agreed to cut down on the racism and agree to join a anti racism course to stay withme but i fear he is still racist thats why i made this thread
surprisingly most people arent neonazis

I think you're on the wrong site, love

>surprisingly most people arent neonazis
But you said that he goes to sketchy places thing that not most people does. Unless he does something illegal as a result of his believes, I think that your main problem is how your fetishes affect your relationship

i thought he was just having fun baiting idiots who will literally fall for everything as long as its divisive and purposefully annoying enough

kinda like what you're doing now?

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That seems to be a part of the truth, sure that he liked baiting people too, but usually people who makes racist jokes agrees to some extend with them

what? no im serious user please help with my neo nazi boyfriend that im a massive raging slut for

this guy who is masculine doesnt want to ruin his country because the other option would be mean

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That's hot.
If you care that much about him being alt-right then break up with him. If you don't then don't.
It's really all dependent on what you find acceptable in a relationship
Obviously you care a lot so maybe consider breaking up

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I honestly don't see anything wrong with him if that's the case.
Never forget that Nations must protect themselves and that immigrants can overtake a culture and a government.
The Democrats are fools who are destroying America and making billions doing it.
Do you really want your children and descendents to be the oppressed minority in their own country?
Also he's not wrong about birthrates, the entire world economy is in turmoil because of them, the European banking system has negative interest rates as does Japan and sweeden because they don't have enough consumers to keep their economy afloat.
The government's want more immigration so they can increase government spending to fuel growth by welfare, but they're literally just filling the gap with people who are uneducated and non contributors to society.
They the hope is that the children of these immigrants will be able to integrate seamlessly into the culture, but we are being overrun to the point where they don't feel they need to assimilate. The culture and ideally you have will be removed.

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By realizing he's right.

Women are inferior to men. Ask yourself; why are you and so many other women turned on by being submissive? Is it really just a 'fun fetish' or your biology telling you something salient about your nature.

As for the racism well, if you think the races are equal you just don't have experiences with the other ones.

>Negative interest taxes?
The last time I heard of the EU had a 0% tax. Any source?

t. larpologist

If you aren't mature enough to accept someone having differing opinions to you then you probably shouldn't be dating

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In heard it on the N P R while driving.

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ugh taxes and stuff are boring why would anyone care everyone knows diversity is out strnght

Now that I searched for it is just for debt in Europe, I feared that they finally started to take money from bank accounts as the IMF proposed

>everyone knows diversity is out strnght

Do you have any evidence to back this up? Because weverything that I see tells me that homogenous cultures tend to function better.

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what about birthrates you mean overpopulation because that's a serious issue

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He is willing to fight for not just his but YOUR culture YOUR heritage YOUR nation YOUR race and even YOUR species. Love or not, don't you dare try to change this man! That's IF you really love him.

>Doesn't care about her race
>Wonders why she's not loved
I wouldn't see you as equal either

They discussed that too, like how would the public react and would they just store their money under their mattress.
Over all I think it would be a bad move so long as physical currency exists since it would also increase the amount of home break in.