Comfy thread

we used to have these all the time but I never see them anymore. post comfy images, links to music, chat with anons and have a nice time.

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What are you guys up to today?

not too much user, gonna head outside for a while soon

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Nice comfy nap spot

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I like the music user

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gonna dump a few images to keep the thread going

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anyone else find 80s/90s tech to be comfy?

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I feel like im slowly losing my mind day by day

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I love this one
too lazy to look up new pics. Heres a crackship I think is cute

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I do not like the summer, it makes me feel incredibly un-comfy. The years just keep getting worse and summer seems to be lasting longer.

Is this comfy robros?
I wanna go there for my honeymoon

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same, i cant wait for winter to come

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I just want to be happy
Original comment do not steal

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>tfw just woke up from a dream about a girl I know
>we were at my house and she was my gf
>we had a great time,even though we did 'nothing'
These dreams rarely happen, I don't know if they're great or awful.

based winterbro

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where is this
(original post)

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heres the irl version of this

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Each one of you is a Nice Person :)

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winter frenz

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>tfw no bunker

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woah where is this?

whats you're favorite part of winter, user? I like going for early morning walks after fresh snowfall

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mont saint michel in france

people tend to like this one

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Mont st Michel

That's Dumaguete in the Philippines
where I'm gonna bring my beautiful bride in 2023

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its nice to look at but as for living in it the clutter would make me nervous

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I too enjoy early morning walks, or late night walks after the snowfall or while its snowing.
The silence is my favorite part, and the overcast skies. I don't mind the sun, but, it's better when it rains, or snows.

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blessed thread very comfy

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its unreally pretty, thanx 4 sharing

I don't really get snow here, but I like morning walks when the sky is clear and it's still freezing cold out. The cold air on a freshly shaved face is always nice in winter.

yeah, its a super fire hazard but it does look comfy.
it reminds me of the forts i used to build as a kid.
like the 2 chair and a blanket fort.
comfy in my own little world

your gif reminded me of this

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we used to have these threads all the time back in 2014-15. weird to think that was almost 5 years ago

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thats really nice user, how did you meet her?

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Got alot of anxiety for the near future today, that and I always get rated lowest on /soc/ I am in need of some /comfy/ very much.

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the silence is great, it's too loud in the summer. nightwalks are maximum comfy as well.

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Yep, very true. Each summer is twice as hot as the last and as a man of size it's even worse. I dread even having to move because I know I will drip buckets of sweat by performing even the simplest task. It's so fucking embarrassing.

what kind of comfy things do you like?

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Doggos are good, and anything involving nature or rustic scenes. I'm not big on the whole dystopian vibe or technology. Not for comfyness anyway.

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it really is.
it makes me feel secure and nestled.
being in the woods around dawn after a snow, or during, is something else as well.

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I got u user, whats making you anxious?

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patrician taste, comfy drives in the winter are nice too

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That painting has got a very calm vibe to it, I like it. It's like the embodiment of peaceful pre-war Europe. I have to take a trip to see my old and dying grandpa tomorrow which will be sad, and then have alot of travelling coming up and the stress is just getting to me. I'm on meds which help but it's still just too much for me.

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that's really fucking nice

Absolutely. Albeit, people tend to ruin that experience by driving like absolute maniacs.
I sometimes like to pull over if its night, and a clear sky after a snowfall. Where the moon is hitting the snow just right and just breathe. Heading towards the country side is best for that though, similar to star gazing.

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I'm sorry to hear that, user. I'm sure your grandpa lived a good life and he wouldn't want you to worry and be stressed about him.

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>how did you meet her?
unironically on discord

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Thanks /comfy/ user. We will all be at peace one day.

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One can hope, right?

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Gotta keep the comfyz alive

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How the hell do you manage to meet a girl on discord that happens to be close? This is my dream desu.

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Now that im no longer in the transportation industry, I can go back to appreciating winter again instead of fearing it.

Fuck the summer, literally the worst season.

>How the hell do you manage to meet a girl on discord that happens to be close?
She's not next door but a few towns over, and destiny i guess

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tell us a story user, what was your job like?

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I had a dream where i was watching netflix next to a girl and we were just holding hands, diamonds

Nice, have fun user
(Original comemnt pls)

>tfw fentanyl kicks in
very comfy indeed

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Came across this image the other day. It's super comfy.

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Shit pay, constantly working day in and day out, barely got any sleep.
Only would get 2 off days a month.
Dispatch was full of lying dickheads and the company I worked for was notorious for treating its drivers like shit.

I have a real job now, so I can leave that shitty industry behind.
Unironically can't wait until it gets taken over by robots. Good riddance!

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This song always makes me feel comfy knowing Bowie cares about me

mein nigger

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sounds nice desu, hope your dreams come true user

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Reminds me of Monster Hunter for some reason. Music goes well with that picture in my opinion:

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comfy golf game

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Here to save the thread, pls don't let it die

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bumping and posting a site which hosts comfy music and comfy aesthetics

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take a look at the whole site has that aesthetic

Imagine living the rest of your life in this castle studying manuscripts and listening to the wind through the halls.

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I post the same pic almost every time I come to these threads but I love it.
Bless these comfy threads.

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preddy caomfy user

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You might enjoy the videos from the Guild of Ambience.

I recently read a book in which one of the characters spent his life designing and writing Psalters. Not bad, if you ask me.

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I forgot my link of course:
B3 comfy Lain.

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hows It going anons? I had my wisdom teeth taken out today... that was an experience.

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heres a comfy pic since I forgot this was a comfy thread

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Whats that book called user? My interest is piqued.

Oh dang I did too yesterday user. No pain afterwards, but lots of swelling and can't chew or else I'll bite my cheeks off.

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It was "The Princes of Ireland" by Edward Rutherfurd. It spans several hundred years, but one of the main characters towards the middle becomes enraptured with a Psalter he finds and decides to devote his life to it.

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comfy image, good song

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thats what iv been dealing with so far robro... I hear that the pain starts a few days after

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I loved the old comfy threads. I hope these take off again.

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sc/out/ here. I honestly forgot I was on Jow Forums this whole time.

Best version of Scarborough Fair right here:
I've got plenty more folk type music if anyone wants it.

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>he's not the Happiest Girl in the World

>tfw no comfy library to get lost in thought

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damn I've never heard that version, not an animefag but might have to change my ways after listening to that

What Are You Doing At The End Of The World? Are you Busy?

Blame the robot, it ruined all the fun of this board honestly. This used to be a nice quiet random board but now its just filled with traps and blogposting attention whores looking for orbiters.

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Jow Forumsompfy I love it post more

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Image dumping so thread won't die

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DUMPING. I'm listening to some hunter s thompson. I just took a shower after getting back from the gym. I'mp retty comfy user hbu

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convenience stores are very comfy

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