How can I kill myself ? I don't have the balls to do it and I tried once but I couldn't pull the trigger...

How can I kill myself ? I don't have the balls to do it and I tried once but I couldn't pull the trigger, how do you fight the weakness and survival instinct ?

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if u cant pull the trigger you dont really want to kill yourself pussy

you have to muscle through it

You shouldn't kill yourself user, your depressed mind is trying to convince you to do it but it will pass

jumping should be pretty easy

Check trains schedules. No effort needed, no muscle required, just lay back and enjoy the ride

>making train driver a murderer and causing a possible wreck
Maybe you should consider killing yourself too

dude wtf???!!! I talked about a train trip.
damn what's wrong with you ?

Od on some downer
Take enough to kill a horse and you will not wake up in the morning

I always thought of ODing on some drug like cynaide and then shooting myself so its 100% garunteed im dead. But then I start reading about the after life and possibilities that i might reincarnate then having dreams where i kill myself, and believing its memories from my past life and then i hesitate altogether.


find a hobby you niggerfaggot

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Some campers had like a little gas burner they used inside there tent in my area not to long ago suffocated them no signs of a struggle when they were found. I'm guessing youd pass out long before u suffocate so that's as painless and as chill as it gets.

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How is wanting to live weakness? Killing yourself because youre too afraid to improve your life and get out of your comfort zone seems more weak to me

Not him but, I've been fighting it for over 20 years and i only see 1 way of it stopping

Why do you associate suicide with anxiety
What would you say to someone who just cant find pleasure or achievement and would have noone to share that with anyway?
Can noone come to a thought of taking oneselfs life rationally?

Just don't eat bro

jk its painful af

just dont drink. It's more painful and quicker. You can live longer without eating than drinking.

yeah expect you'd need to take something for the terrible headaches

>I couldn't pull the trigger
Maybe you should stay around until the end of your natural life. No matter what.

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Just breathe in and breath out. You're dying with every passing second.