2020 is now less than 5 months away edition

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google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=how many native Welsh speakers there are that speak English as a second language

*cums all over it*

India is only 5 months away from becoming a superpower!!!

I hate summer winter is the comfy szn.

I wonder how many native Welsh speakers there are that speak English as a second language

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>how many native Welsh speakers there are that speak English as a second language
google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=how many native Welsh speakers there are that speak English as a second language

This, anyone who disagrees is a normie and should fuck off

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Just had some of my pizza wizza and had some icey wice cweam afterwards. I was feeling ill the entire day because I was trying to sugar detox, but my fudgy wudgy ice cweam seems to be making me feel better! wahey!

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Thanks for the new desktop wallpaper lad, that's beautiful

Go away creep

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For fucks sake lad,I asked you nicely

*explodes leftover cum all over you*

If you actually looked at the link you posted, you'd see that it doesn't answer the question

what are you pronouns and how do you identify?

closer to 40 than secondary school


i identify as a lad

I was born Male and there's nothing to identify. If you were born a certain gender and "identify" as another you are mentally ill and should see a therapist ASAP.

"The Current War", it's something about Edison getting in a fight with Tesla


I'm an androgynous femboi trap and you can call me fuckboi/good girl

My pronouns are

>should see a therapist ASAP.
I did, together we explored my gender dysmorphia and I now wish to have gender confirmation surgery and live as a woman

still laffin at his

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I'll call you spacker dave

I identify as male, and primarily use male pronouns, however I do make an exception for the possessive pronoun, which I identify as female for

So he/her/himself

Now entering Britfeel

Please shitpost carefully

No I meant a therapist, not a (((therapist))).

Well done for cucking yourself lmao.

attack helicoptor l,amo

He's not jewish so not sure what you're getting at. There's a whole society of 'redpilled' therapists I'm missing out on?

Lolollol that is my gender xD

>tfw, can't even LARP about pretending to care anymore

Wait you're not joking, you actually fell for the trans meme?

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I am not a creep!
she/her and female
Thank you for asking

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Pedo avatarfag alert lads, you know what to do.

thank you for keeping our thread safe brave user


Crushed my left nut slightly when I sat down and now it hurts, comfy time ruined

i am not a pedo avatar fag you idiot. And you only do this shit for (You)'s you're not trying to protect anyone, you're just selfish.

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she/her trans femoid

Nonce creep is now trying to converse with me, feeling ill.

just leave him mate he's not worth it

new fortnite update is pap, lads.

made a new fren today lids. he's a lil flying ant and he lives on my t shirt.

You'll have to catch him first. Start by checking around the local primary schools.

spent too much money yesterday. not proud.

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put it in a jar with some sugar water, might be a mated queen

you could have thousands of friends

Alfons the terriblu/arghhhh it's alfons the terriblu
I identify as a cross between genghis kahn and a samurai warrior who has strayed from the warrior life and has started a small fairtrade coffee farm in venezuela.

lol he rapes chiIdren

grow up, jesus christ wtf

joe can't arrest spock

you see that new Arrow edition of Werewolf In London lad? Phwooar

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Aye. Also saw Nightbreed. With Hellraise 2 around the corner. gonna be nice little spooky halloween innit

Yeah more fucking overuse of the nonce label. It's pathetic, all of you are. Edgbaston isn't a nonce.

>more fucking overuse of the nonce label
Why can't you just admit that you do not care about this - literally at all - but for bizarre reason, you DO care about Edgbaston being called a nonce?

Do you play with the figures or just admire them?

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Both! I play/pose/take photos with the cheap ones, pose/take photos of the expensive ones.

yeah lad I've got the 4K edition of the Shining on preorder as well

he's a nonce innie bofum. plain um sim'ol.

His girlfriend is 15 and he's 23.
He's a bloody fruity tooty noncer.

Too many weird incel newfags. We seriously need a new board for our general

Haven't seen Shining in years, Don't fancy seeing the bathtub scene in 4k.

If Brits had their own board on Jow Forums, would we migrate?

She's 20 and I'm 22.

Hey, woke up at 5.30pm today

The night shift life finally caught up to me and I lost half a day

I'm making a stand now. I'm sick of being fat. Just threw out all my junk food into the bin and I won't be buying any shit next time I go shopping. Went out for an hour walk and drank a litre of water. Time to get a grip, lads.

Most lads here fit in with the r9k crowd.

A gf could motivate you to stay skinny or embrace who you are, how about a moni gf?

you'd be swamped by /brit/ and /sp/ threads

I'm leaving this shithole for /brit/. at least that isn't fuelled by sad prick personality cults.

name these incel newfags

The steelbook off Zavvi? Got that on pre-order, I've already got the HMV special edition blu-ray as well.

Don't try and eat salad and veg mate. The occasional junk food treat is fine, you just need to eat it in moderation. You could probably stay with your current diet, just less food and some extra water and exercise.

Say hello to Poley while you're over there!

Not really. Incel stuff usually gets laughed out of here

Proper interesting that Poley. Any other exciting stories from britfeels favourite paki?

Nice one lad. Remember it's a marathon not a sprint. Good luck

Zeus and Poley both post there and so do a few others. Think Shippy does. It's worse than here actually

Not interested in sex offenders, Pakis or trannies. Go fuck yourself. You should be locked up you filthy nonce.

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He's gotten far more boring of late. But even he knows that which is why he race-baits more than ever for cheap (You)s.

Still feel a bit sick. Maybe the sun was on me during my nap.

They come here to dump shit?

>judge dredd

based laddo

Anyone got any advice on how to find somewhere to rent and not get fucked over

>at least that isn't fuelled by sad prick personality cults
More tripfags and personalities on brit lmao. They're also giga pol sperglords as well.

god above he is cancer, he is a parasite

I actually have a Dredd action figure. Cost me a pretty penny, but it's a nice one.

ive had a boner since 6pm that i just cant get rid of

>Think Shippy does.

I'm insulted. /brit/ is absolutely cancer, even worse than brit/pol/

I do occasionally post on the nederdraad on int though

They are user. This board is an incel hot spot, we are always going to get the worst kind of newfags on here.

No it doesn't. This thread was founded for and by incels, they're an integral part of /britfeel/.
If you've had sex I'm not sure why you're here honestly, you should be in Jow Forums's /brit/.

Not really, letting agents and landlords are fucking scum. My advice would be to take pictures of everything before you move in and make sure that anything they promise you is written. Anything breaks or doesn't work make sure you put the boomer landlord in his place and make him fix it. Currently trying to get back a 2k deposit despite moving out 4 months ago in my last place.

Paki Paki me suck your cacky
You call me faggot I'll lick your arsehole
Feed me fill me Muslim master
And I'll buy you Gregg's until you kill me


No Person of any age may date anyone under the Age of 18
-In the Event of 2 under 18s dating, the male will be prosecuted, the female acquitted
-In the case of Lesbians, acquittal of both parties
-In the case of Homosexuals, the older male will be prosecuted, if age is exactly the same, the fatter speccier male will be prosecuted

No Person over the Age of 20 may date anyone Under 20

No person over the age of 25 may date anyone under the age of 20

No 30 under 25
No 35 under 30
No 40 under 35
No 45 under 40
No 50 under 45

And no one over the Age of 55 may date Anyone under the Age of 55

Any Violation, Critisising or Complaining of these laws will be punished with life in Prison and your crimes told to the prison population and eye gouging

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Any penis lads in?

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Are they fuck. Most people here think they are cringy bastards. Incel stuff constantly gets the piss taken out of it and fedora posted
>if you've had sex you should be on /brit/
Most of the regulars have had sex.

>This thread was founded for and by incels
not even sure how many of the OG posters we virgins.

Cheeky nandos
Laughing at those English hoes
Fresh kebabs
Made from laddies knobs
Looking like a dumpster
You know Muhammad pumps her
Ooga booga boo
Comes the looless poo

>Most of the regulars have had sex.

Letting fags rape your asshole isn't sex you virgin

>If you've had sex I'm not sure why you're here honestly,

I've been here from November 2014 and I wasn't a virgin when I started. Although I'm far from a normie

Nah all the original and best posters are virgins, that's why we have these threads on Jow Forums.

I wasn't when I started posting

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