Femanon here

femanon here,
I just feel lonely and need a robot or just another femanon to talk to.

i'm flat and ugly so don't expect anything.
give me your discord, I'll add you.

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wait a bit, tman will be here in a minute

nvm i would rather make it quick, here's my discord

not a lesbian#1486

Voice chat or text chat?


I'll add you if you send tits

flat tits best tits


I hope you die

Thank you user! Alright!


But posting discord would just lead to harassment would it not?

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>dont expect anything

What use are you then? I'd rather converse with a man at that point; at least hed be capable of talking about something worth engaging in. In addition to being repulsive, you are also a boring semblance of a person with no personality. No one would want to earnestly speak with someone like you unless they got something out of it.
Sage, your thread is trash.

lol why r u mad

Why feel the need to talk to the people here? Just talk to a friend or family member you will get more out of face to face interaction

Sure, I'll just post my throwaway Discord here since I've had bad experiences with stalkers.


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feel free to add me user

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merekat #6637
I'm cute asf bb. I'm a Chad as you ppl say

Hi you can add me

not op but maybe you're right. There is something nice about talking to new people though.

Fuckin karl#5660

Anyone can add me. Lonely drunk hours desu

@Guelph (2443). I can speak about several things (20M, but volcel), though I will probably end up falling in love with you if you don't treat me like shit

I'm also flat and lonely and would like another fembot to talk to :(

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Malebot: volcel, let us speak because I just wanna speak with someone (Guelph2443)

Must be nict to be showered with love and attention simply for saying you're a girl.