Tell me whats the dumbest shit you spent your money on so i could feel better about myself

Tell me whats the dumbest shit you spent your money on so i could feel better about myself.


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I bought a $60 mouse as a gift for my friend's birthday, he ghosted me a month later

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i got 6 fat ass cookies, but they were free

lol your a loser

I bought a world of warcraft mount for $400 a few years ago. Now i dont even play wow anymore.
At least it's worth like over 1k now but was still pretty stupid and i'm not gonna sell my account so yeah.

I aslo spent another 1.1k on wow and a couple hundred on clash of clans. Now im not addicted to video games anymore though

I paid $100 just so I could download all of my favorites from sad panda.

a woman. ~$200 when i was 15 so basically a fortune. she fucked someone else a month later

almost 1000 pounds in 2019 to my alcohol addiction
damn r9k suck my asc

A ton of drugs and alcohol, probably the dumbest shit you can waste money on.

censored porn edits.

Shit, what an asshole

it's the dumbest shit to spend money on

pay your bills in time and don't pay interest kids

when i was 12, my friend gave me a lot of money as a gift for my birthday. i was so overwhelmed by how much he gave me, that i gave him all of saved ps3 money in return, which was like $100. it ended up being way more than what he gave me. later, i found out that he stole it from his grandmother, which means i basically laundered his money in the process.
i still feel awful whenever i remember it.

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junk food and booze
not even originally joking

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I spent 3000$ on a credit card to buy a drum set and some other stuff from the US. It wouldnt ship to canada so I had to go through this company that did. I didnt realize I maxed out the card by accident, and couldnt afford to get my stuff shipped after it reached the middle man. I lost 3000$ for nothing, now I have 9000$ in credit card debt. I checked how much I would pay if I payed the minimum payment every day until my debt is gone, and it comes up to 45 000$ for a drum set I never even got. Credit cards are literal robbery, I didnt wven have a job and was 18 and they gave me one with a 5000$ limit.

i spent thousands and years of my youth trying to get a canadian visa to escape the third world shithole i was born in.

I spent 68 dollars on a bucket hat once

>Pscr controller
Truth be told I have only ever enjoyed playing one video game, I'm not really a fan of them at , I always feel like I'm wasting time playing them.
>Cock ring
>2 onaholes
>ecchi Japanese games
>Clothes that didn't fit me
>some pc parts
I don't want to build a pc anymore. So I just have the parts laying in my room still in the box.

12 rules for life

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Donating to a guy streamer I like that has a nice voice just to hear him say my name

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Porn. At least 40 euro.
Other than that, I wasted money on a shit telescope toy thing when I was 11, and I spent at least 60 euro of my own money on that shit and tried convincing myself for a while that it wasn't a waste.

I lost 14k in a casino on slots.

Also, when I was little I was given $20 for my birthday once. Went to the shitty little grocery store and saw (what I think they were) Marshmellows shaped like Hamtaro on a stick. They were a dollar. I bought like 18..

Give me the pc parts

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OP here, i spent 1,200k on girls in july. Never did this in my life

500$ at strip club
200$ hooker 3 times

Where you from? tell me

Rainbow Six Siege characters.
$20 down the shitter

Did you escape?
If you did, was it worth it?

sent over $1000 to a girl in another country over the course of several months so that she and her boyfriend could afford rent

Not money I spent but I refused. I had a lollipop at church one day when I was a kid and an older kid was teasing me, he offered to buy it for one buck and I kept refusing so he brought the price up to 10 bucks but I still refused to sell it. I still think of the ten bucks I missed on.

800$ digital piano i never played
Stacked used plates and cups on it. Spillt milk in it and ruined it

I bought a Penis pump for $130, regret it after using it 3 times. Only thing I felt was pain and regret.
My dumbest financial decision was lending a friend """"in need""" 500 buck who wasted it all on weed and tats. I hope he gets penis cancer.

>whats the dumbest shit you spent your money on

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When I was a kid I bought this new bb gun for like $200. Shortly after that we all outgrew that. I think I used that gun once and then left it to dust.

It's not me but I'll tell you about some of my roommates poor financial decisions, I'll try to go in order but bear with me I've known him for a while. mind you this guy makes 14 dollars an our putting and taking pizzas out of an oven.

>2000$ PC
big dick everything, it's completely un-necessary, mysteriously stopped working after not that long of him having it, just bought 800$ worth of new PC shit, bent the fuck out of the processor and has given up trying to build it.
>500$ vape mod
it's got like custom wood trim and shit, smashed it up when it stopped working
>two ps4s and an xbox 1
Smashed them all up while drunk
>600$ lap top
Smashed it up while playing palidans drunk, this is now what he uses as a computer, it has no screen and makes horrible noises, but he has an HDMI hooked up to his TV
>two of our windows and his bed room door
Smashed it up while drunk (still doesn't have a door, uses a blanket)
>A ton of furniture
two desks, a couch, a monitor, he gave all of this shit over at the last place he lived and that guy just basically has a bunch of free shit now.
>1000$ vehicle from his mother
Battery died and it sat in the drive way for 6months (he walks to work so never really wanted to use it I guess) gave it to my old roomate.

And Finally the most retarded one
>Some mexican girl he met online playing palidans.
He sends her money, plans on marrying her, just bought a plane ticket, his passport. Probably will return without a kidney or not at all.

Thats precisely why I rode out my scholarship at community college, got my associates and noped the fuck out. Didn't have a scholarship for university and I'm not getting into debt for the rest of my life.

I bought a 200 euro calculator for no reason

Gave a "friend" my only $40 from birthday money to help him pay his rent. Fucker just took it and didn't say thank you.

Hookers. That was a wild few months. Easily over 3 grand in retrospect though

Your friend has problems, but at least his living his life to the fullest

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Kek only one here that doesn't feel like a massive larp

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So you were a good friend?

He's a depressed shell of a person who spends every moment not at work, pretty wasted. Light hearted guy though, and sometimes very funny.

I just now bought the new batman beyond blu rays, 90 bucks for that shit. won't cancel the order though

Around $1000 on warframe. Shit game

When I was 10 I nearly gave away 3 pounds for a leg of Exodia.

Came to my senses when I realised it's just a picture of a fucking leg on a piece of cardboard

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I browse Jow Forums. That should tell you enough

Bought 2 blow up sex dolls years ago. They were shit

did one wear out and you had to buy a new one? or did you go for the double blow up doll threesome?

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over 300 euros on roblox, and then around 50 euros on various google play shit like cash for games i dont even play right now. Bought the best car ingame for like 10 euro just to missclick and sell it not for even half of its price. Shit was max tuned aswell

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I bought two of those fake iphones for 150 euros when I was 16 with my mother who was to dumb to see anything.
At least it taught me to be more careful, I've never been had since then.

>falling for a Mexican girl
He is being catfished by a cartelfag.

I spent some time in the military, all my college was taxpayer subsidized.

Just buy a doll, you can keep it forever.

I bought a watch that lets you carry sea monkeys in it for $50 bucks. It started leaking after a week and then I lost the aquarium part.

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Spent over 600 pounds on yugioh cards and spent 100 after custom charges on waifu

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no just an idiot cuck. we were in a long distance "relationship" where I allowed her to be with other men.

Spent about over 100 on elites
T. Living alone and single

I paid for my ex gfs college tuition her car and her rent for 6 years before she left me.

>$100 for imported socks for a girl I wasnt dating
>hundreds of dollars to help a friend move states only for him to later ditch me and start banging my oneitis
>literally thousands of dollars to shill for and later attend a convention that I worked for over the course of two years

Never invest in a woman: they never pay off.

It sounds like fags keep spotting you as a gullible sucker. You need to become a hardass: no cash for niggers and faggots. The instant a nigger-friend askes for cash you beat his ass with a metal baseball bat.

Yeah found that out the hard way

user, you do NOT want to know.

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The socks one was entirely my decision it was just a dumb one
The moving states one was with a "friend" I had considered myself close with for years, and i didnt just hand him cash, I meant I spent hundreds to physically go with him and help him move, both for labor and moral support
I dont have a good reason for the convention i just liked belonging to something and got fooled into thinking it would look good on a resume

Now that you know cash investments are worthless with women, you need to expand that knowledge. Time investments and teaching investments are also worthless with women. I pity the teacher of women: their minds are a vacuous void.

My ex-gf. I gave her four thousand dollars in two years.

I wasted 6 years of my youth and tried to kill myself last night so your right they just arent worth that much time money and pain.

1200 on league of legends
7000 on college
50 monthly on monster energy
130 for horse pussy fleshlight
3000 on ADAcoin at its peak price

Fidget toys... I'm thirty.

No kill self, friend. Take what you've learned through blood and tears and apply it. The only investments you get to keep are those you make in yourself. Take your cash and apply it to something that satisfies yourself and makes you happy. That's a bit of MGTOW philosophy.

Spent 100 dollars to fuck a trap before I realized you can fuck bottoms for free on Grindr and Tinder, also her penis was at least 2 inches longer then mine

I spent like 150 dollars on Fortnite skins

Nigga, you gay af.
And this is coming from a faggot that faps to futa regularly.

I strictly TOP though never touched a feminine penis

Its either heroin or a radio

Not really into MGTOW but I definitely see where a lot of them develop their ideology.

$2000 aud on gacha games.

I spend more on beer and weed than I do on rent.

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An axe.
I don't go out and I don't have wood to cut

unfortunately i can relate to that

various fleshlights
>don't want to ever deathgrip
>hand and lube not enough
>realize i can last 30-40 min of straight pumping while super horny/hard
it's the dumbest thing ever because i apparently have insane sexual stamina but will never ever get laid.

I spent 4000$ on a car off craigslist but after two days of driving it, it broke down. I tried contacting the guy who sold it to me but he never responded.

Last time I buy anything on craigslist from a basketball american.

No got friction burn from the first so sliced it up with a knife, then got bored of the 2nd, the novelty wore off

I live right next to an escort and I pay her to come over every couple of days. We don't have sex or anything, I usually just place my head on her lap and she rubs my hair until I fall asleep. Sometimes I ramble about something or another for a while, or she hums something softly, but we're mostly quiet.

You need to learn to mafs, fren.

Sounds comfy but does she charge alot?

She does it for $30.
From what I've seen myself and heard from her, she seems to do a lot of 'higher-end' stuff, wining and dining with big spending types. So I'd imagine that it's pretty cheap for her.

Whoops, fucked that up.
is for .

If we're talking about other people's bad decisions then I know a friend that has bought literally every single skin in league of legends . Lately they've introduced avatars and emotes into the game as well, all of them being 10USD each and he has every single one of them as well.

I buy dress ties. I haven't had reason to wear a tie in the past 7 years. I have almost 50 of them.

You can train yourself to those level easy but shit wont work once you ever get laid because you've programmed your brain to only get off with that plastic toy

A fucking League of Legends skin; DJ Sona

goddamn, i wish i haven't done that rofl.

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Fuck man. you win.

didnt you ask anyone before you got a fuckin credit card?

You fucked up more than anyone in this thread. How do you sleep at night? Did you smoke weed during those 6 years?

nigger i want to know.
Tell me. oh god

wasted 400 bucks on a drawing monitor. Was going to learn how to draw as a hobbie but I got bored. lol

30 bucks for a set of armor for a vidya I played when I was a kid.

Peanuts, I know, but it was a lot for me back then, for something worthless and stupid.
This was before all the micro transaction shit, its sad to see how that type of things become so popular.

bought a vive, have never used it
thankfully i downloaded kolb antarctica experience while it was still free, so perhaps one day

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