So, I'm going to be pathetically candid right now because I'm just really desperate. I used to be, like...

So, I'm going to be pathetically candid right now because I'm just really desperate. I used to be, like, this huge femcel (acne, a bit overweight, 5'11, blah blah blah). I spent my freetime crying and thinking about how all the different things that make me ugly and disgusting and beating myself up for them up until about five months ago when I met my first boyfriend off here. I started liking myself and thinking that I was pretty because he told me so. He's basically been the best boyfriend ever. But after awhile, that kind of wore off and I started having doubts. I started texting him things like "Are you sure you wouldn't like me better if I was 8 inches shorter?" or "Do you want me to lose ten pounds?" or just full on having meltdowns because I thought when he told me no that he was lying to make me feel better.

Two days ago I fucked everything up. I threatened to kill myself because I thought I'd never be good enough for him. I wrote him this big long text about it and all he had to say was "You need to seek professional counseling if you feel like this, they can help you get over your irrational feelings". All I've been able to do is cry. I can't eat, I can't sleep. I just can't feel anything except sad and heartbroken no matter what I do. I've been texting him a lot but he won't answer me. I've been asking him just so say something back so I know that he still loves me or to say something so I know he still cares but he hasn't. I don't think I've ever been this sad before, not even before we met. He gave me a self esteem and he's the only thing thats made me happy in a long time but now he took it all away and I just want it back. But I know I won't ever get it back because now he's gone.

So if someone could please feel bad for me or care about me right now and give me their discord so I have someone who I could talk about this with that would be really great. I really just need someone to care because he was the only one who did.

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I think this post is a trap

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It isn't, I promise. I just need someone to talk to. Everyone just ignores me, he was the only who didn't and now that's exactly what he's doing.

I feel stupid for bumping this but I'm bumping it

I seriously can NOT let this thread die, I need someone to talk to so bad

femanon you don't understand how men think and you are getting upset because of this misunderstanding

Please do me a favor and kill yourself, like for real, youre useless.

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What does that mean?
And why isn't this comment original?

>please help me with my relationship problems and orbit me on discord
Get the fuck out normie, fuck you

I don't want to be orbitted, I just need someone to talk to

all of these things are normal, you are just misreading the situation and spiralling out of control
do you want some secret knowledge? it will help you understand

it sounds like you suffer from chronically low self-esteem, i feel the same insecurities about my appearance aswell and it's so soul-destroying to have it constantly nagging at you.
He probably can't see how much of a crisis you're in atm which is kinda bad on his part. He's supposed to know these things as your boyf and i'm sorry he frosted you.
All I can suggest is to try get counselling, it does help in both short and long term in a lot more healthy manner. Make sure to eat and stay safe,

How am I misreading the situation? And yes, I do.

>I can't eat
probably should've started your diet before it blewup like this. Also by the way this thread really reads
>My internet boyfriend dumped me, WTB new internet boyfriend.

there is a book called 'men are from mars, women are from venus'
you can download a pdf from pdf drive dot com (in case you didn't know)
read it
it will make you understand better than anything I can explain to you

It's not a diet, its just that whenever I get really sad or really sick like this all I can do is chew because it hurts to swallow.

you are going to cheat on your boyfriend.

I know it's not a diet I was making a cruel joke at your expense hambeast.

I don't know if he's still my boyfriend so I won't. I could never cheat on him and I wouldn't want to do anything with anyone else unless I was in love with them and I don't think anyone else would accept any of my big flaws like he does or did or something so I don't really see that happening.

Oh, thanks. How am I misreading the situation tho?

you are giving him problems
he is fixing them
and you are upset because he isn't listening or caring
but listening is a foreign concept to men
and he is caring by trying to fix your problems

as i said, read the book
there is more that you don't understand
and then make him read it too, so he understands

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Well your boyfriend did tell you that he thought you were beautiful and you kept on annoying him with the
>am I really pretty??
That really deteriorates how attractive you are anyways. So you misread it by having no idea how he feels, and then not believing him when he tells you how he feels (like an actual retard, but I've met so many women like this that I don't ding ya too hard)

You're absolutely right. Do you think I've driven him away for good?

you may now thank me for saving your relationship AND years of your life

honestly more femanons should just do as I command and this world would be a much better place

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I think it doesn't matter and that internet relationships aren't as real as they feel anyways. Wait a week and for the love of god stop messaging him. If that doesn't work just fish around on Jow Forums for a while more and you'll meet someone who makes you feel exactly as special as he did eventually. And if you actually want to god forbid get serious about finding something more real, go to real physical places and meet up with people who look like they are your level of attractiveness that you also find attractive. The internet has turned you into a scared and weak person with no self esteem. Try not being that anymore.

Thanks, user. I'm sure it'll be a good read.

It was very real tho. We were planning on moving in together next year.

don't listen to this fool's feelings about your bf

and he is not going to encourage your irrational feelings and behavior

"fucked everything up"
that shows how racing your mind is, and for bad. yuu realli just need to speak with someone, and give things time. maybe even try a psychiatrist, for more than a therapist

>"Do you want me to lose ten pounds?"
Doesn't matter what his answer is. He wants you to lose ten pounds. Nobody likes landwhales. People says it's okay to be landwhales, but they're lying or they're mistaken.

>I'd never be good enough for him.
This is not reason to kill yourself. Also you don't have to be good to him. You have to be the best self you can, because that's what Nature expect from you.

>I just can't feel anything except sad and heartbroken no matter what I do.
That's because you don't exercise you dumb landwhale! Your biochemestry is all fucked up.

>I've been asking him just so say something back so I know that he still loves me
Who wants to waste time with a dumb bitch bitching all the time? Respect your man.

>But I know I won't ever get it back because now he's gone.
Doesn't matter. There are others wanting to replace him. This is how this game works. Women have it easy. Even fucking landwhales.

>give me their discord
I don't have a discord and I'll not make one. If you want to talk, talk here. I like Jow Forums.

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I don't have money for therapy or anything like that

I'm 5'11 and 175 pounds, I'm not morbidly obese or anything.

Bitch who do you think you're talking to, I know it's not real because I wanted to do that when I was 19 with a girl I met online. You guys had projected everything you wanted inside of someone onto each other. You just gave him enough of the real you to realize his projected fantasy wasn't real.

but then it is in your responsibility to secure it. that is part of it
it will become one more excuse yuu make in your mind, against your power

>now he took it all away
You took it away with your irrationality and insecurities. My first egf was like you. I loved her and did not care about looks but she had extreme body dysmorphia and would constantly say she is not good enough and I am lying. Nothing I said mattered because she was being a retard in her head. Things crashed down because of her mental illnesses. The constant threats of suicide, saying how I am a liar and trash, making fun of all my little mannerism, then going back to saying how she loves me and I make her happy. If I really made her happy she would not be killing herself. Fuck you up. You need to work on self improvement, seek help, and quit being a fucking retard. Learn to love yourself for the love of god. You pushed him away. He did nothing wrong.

I know he didn't. I'm gonna work on it all and try to fix it but if I never get to have him in my life again then it'll be all for nothing.

Then become athletic. You need to improve yourself if you feel you're ugly.

>if I never get to have him in my life again then it'll be all for nothing.
There are others just like him. And others better than him. But my guess is that you'll push all of them away with your dumb issues.

This is why femcels disgust me. Any female can get a bf without trying, femcels have to be like -10/10 to not be able to get a bf

You didn't even meet?
How is he your boyfriend then?

I dont have much better to do, but it does sound like you kinda fucked up

If you are that lonely go on Grindr and find a friend, hell they might even suck you off.

Cut back on the twinkies, fatty.

hey i'm a 24 year old femcel if you want to talk. i know how you feel.

What have you to say to that dumb bitch?

can i put my pee pee in you ma'am?

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that it's hard to develop a stable relationship (especially a romantic one) after feeling ugly and disgusting your whole life.
that i attempted to and had failed relationships like the one she had.
that i'm in a better place now and starting to be able to function like a normal person even though i still kind of feel like people who are nice to me are lying.

you 100000000000000000000% let your insecurities get the better of you.
Its easier being weak than it is to be strong -
dont take the easy path, just take the one that makes you forfeit the emotional outbursts.
Your feelings matter, but feelings are always excessive. exercise some self discipline, self control, and stop giving in to every single diarrhea thought you have.
Don't text him for awhile. Let it die off/down, or whatever. If he loves you, he'll come back.
Professional help is nice and all, but you're really the only one that can save yourself.

Again: STOP spewing out every single feeling you have and learn to pick and choose.
It seems hard, but once you realize what a dumb cunt you're being by only living in the feels, you'll realize how irrational, and excessively dumb you're being.

I feel bad for you tho. cuz I've been there, done that. learnt muh lessons desu

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Sure, you can talk to me user


g o o d post , anoner

honestly fatty kill yourself you literally scared a man away clorox is the easiest way senpai

buy me food and ill do whatever you want nerdo