I'm a guy, dummy

anons.... I'm just sad and lonely. Does anyone want to talk about anything at all?


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fuck you kid get ready to die

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I only want to make you my bf though

that's alright. Been ready for a long time

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>avatarfag discordnigger
Fuck off

not really no *unzips dick*

The date of your death has been postponed as I just remembered you from last night's thread

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thanks, user. That's very kind. What thread?

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If weren't a faggot maybe

How old are you friendo? I see you actually post good comments on here

What would be your fav food user?

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I'm 24. Thanks for the complement. I've been trying to work through things and sharing what I have helps

I've never had those kinds of problems but I hear sharing your experience and talking with others about it does help a lot. I think regardless if the Shir you get, you're doing some good. Gotta ask, what made you pick r9k? Guessing you really like the witch show

haha, I do genuinely like akko. Why Jow Forums? I just love this place and everyone on here. I relate to all of you in a way I don't anywhere else.

I'm sorry I declined someone's voice call. I'm too shy for that for now.

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I love pasta so much it's almost getting weird. I'd eat that every day for every meal. I don't think it's all that healthy though. Do you have one?

Hi fren, do you play any vidya?

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Tell me about your interest and what you like to do. School wise

It was this 0riginal one

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I've kind of lost the motivation for things like that lately, but yeah. Destiny was what I was playing before I stopped. Beyond that, I love eu4 and rimworld. Only when they're modded beyond all recognition though. Oh also I used to be super competitive in a moba called smite

That's some interesting taste fren. I'm sorry you've lost motivation, would it help if you had a fren to play with? I like killing floor 2 desu
Even if not I still wanna learn about you. I'm still sorta new to anime but do you watch any western shows?

haha, don't worry about it. It's been just a matter of time before I get bullied for how little I actually watch anime. Lately I really enjoyed Russian Doll. Sharp objects and Chernobyl were also really good.

hey, I liked that thread. I suppose I'm here in part because I miss those friends I used to have.

And here I thought I was the only one that unironically hasnt seen much anime. I'm trying to catch up but theres so much, it's kinda overwhelming desu
I havent seen or heard of any of those shows lol what are they?

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