What drugs have you robots tried in your life and why?

what drugs have you robots tried in your life and why?

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only alcohol and weed

zoloft because ocd
zyprexa and risperidone because brotheriohcysp s tic and makes me mad
klonopin because anxiety
weed and alcohol because every has done them

weed and any psychedelics/dissociatives/deliriants that I could get my hands on. I messed around with stims, benzos and opioids (opiates?) to a lesser extent. these days I don't do anything, all drugs give me a panic attack

brother is psychotic**

also ativan

loads of benzos like xanax and ativan lots of weed lots of acid all kinds of research chemicals I don't even remember the names of did dxm did dph did oxy and promethazine+codeine went on alcohol binges

I'm literally to retarded and socially inept to get something even as tame as weed.

I've smoked ciggys and tried alcohol a few times but that's it. Nothing past that. Basically , I never even seen weed irl until last summer.

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Nothing beyond that though. Only tried the molly because my cousin offered it. Wasn't that impressed by it though. Had bad experiences consistently with marijuana. Not a big fan of getting drunk. Nicotine is the only thing I actually seem to like, but it does nothing for me other than slight dizziness for a bit if I vape too much.

>Drugs tried
Weed, acid, coke
Because it's actually the ideal option out of all class of "drugs" since if you're not a complete chimp retard, you don't become inebriated; there's still a modicum of self-control, and situational awareness.
It was the very last of Silk Road, and I wanted to try it. Simple. Fucking fun af.
Because I'm a dumb bitch, and just wanted to try it. Didn't really feel anything desu. Did 2 lines, thought I'd be flying around the earth, but mostly just kept saying "What the fuck, did I take enough?"

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>you can't have a bad time on mdma
Lies. My mdma panic atttack was fucking horrible. Panicing on any drug is bad time unless you have benzos

alcohol, weed, speed, ectasy, some psychedelics and coke
Fuck alcohol

>fuck alcohol
Absolutly fucking based

everyone did it in highschool, started selling to make money. started smoking out of curiosity
my family are hicks, this is a given
fuck you its a drug, and a bad one at that.
people said they got rid of anxiety or made you feel really good and woozy after enough. all i did was went to mcdonalds and got a blowjob in the bathroom from the cashier
i wanted to see the world but the world saw me
i wanted to see if they were any different than the lsd. these are better
joe rogan told me to on his podcast, but i think i got a bunk tab.

>Weed (Almost every day for 2 years)
The basic drug that got me into other drugs. The first time I did weed was great and ever since I wanted to get that feeling back so I started doing more drugs.
>A mix of pain medicine (one or two times for about 5 different pills over the course of a month)
No reason to do it just wanted to try it out.
>Aderal (once)
Like the other pills, I just wanted to try it. I did not like it because it felt like cheating if I were to use them when studying.
>LSD (6 times. Largest dose:1000ug)
My buddy asked if I wanted a tab and I said fuck it and took it. My other friends were scared to try it so I justified it by saying I wanted to test the waters before my friends tried. After that, I wanted to kill my ego.
>Mushrooms (about 10 times during last summer)
My buddy was way into microbiology and tried to grow some. I tested them with him. Had to stop because we tried to kill each other one time.
>Molly (1 time)
A friend of mine wanted to try it while having sex. For about a year it was my goal to find it so I could fuck her. Great day. Great drug.
>Coke (1 time)
The friend who grew the mushrooms felt bad for trying to kill me that he bought me some coke. The best hour of my life. Comedown felt like I used all my muscles all day. Best sleep of my life. By far my favorite drug. Will only do it if it is offered to me. Will never buy it.

did nothing for me, I don't know why anyone would smoke this shit
tried it a few times in places where it's legal, only had a trip once, made me giggle at nonsensical shit and paranoid as fuck
abused it for 2 years to self-medicate my anxiety, the withdrawals got out of hand but thankfully it didn't end in a visit to the ER
I drink it to feel something, it filled the void at first but now it's hardly above placebo

I get hooked on shit easily, good thing I don't have access to any harder stuff or I'd probably become a junkie by now

Worst panic attack I've had was after binging on mdma and speed. By day 3 i was so tired i fell asleep while still under the influence. >Woke up feeling completely mentally uncalibrated, I couldn't understand how I knew anything about the world at all, was in terror for about an hour.
>Don't be a retard like me, dont binge on MDMA.

I have tried


Mostly cause my frat was the alternative/druggy frat at my Ivy League university. Most are pretty fun and Im glad I tried them at least once. I only use weed and alcohol regularly

I was under the impression that this was ultimately no different than nicotine. Similar effects and what not. A boost in low dosages, sedative in high dosage.

Just the typical weed and lsd. The weed was just to see what the fuss was about, and at first I enjoyed it, but after a while it began to induce anxiety so I stopped smoking it. The lsd was out of a general interest which had been building for years. The first half of the trip was beautiful, the second half was terrible, I do not recommend the second half. I've only tried it once though and I would probably try it again.

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weed, coke, oxycodone, morphine, heroin, opana, bunch of other opiates that i cant remember, mdma, adderall, xanax. i used to hangout with wiggers and they made lean a couple times, it was ehh.

Meh. Feels good but I hate the groggy feeling afterwards. Effective social lubricant.
>Synthetic Opiates (xcodone/xmorphone)
Almost got into a habit with these until a friend had some realtalk with me. Feel amazing but I can't handle them. I describe the feeling as similar to when you wake up in a warm and soft blanket on a winter morning.
>Klonopin and Xanax
Benzos just don't have much of an effect on me. Didn't want to take huge doses just to feel lazy. Not my thing.
Hated it. Terrible paranoia.
Did them a few times. Love them. Everything is incredibly interesting and I feel better about everything in life for the next several days.
Like shrooms but more intense and introspective. Shrooms has a vaguely happy flavor of psychedelic, but LSD felt more neutral.
Weirdly more effective for me than benzos. But I generally don't like strong downer drugs, so meh. Good to chill on a day off.
If this even really counts. It's a nice caffeine supplement. Very slow to build up and come down.
Given my history with opiates, I'm very careful with this. But it feels like a significantly more mellow opiate. The come-up is very slow for me, at least an hour. The lack of a rush makes it feel less habit-forming.

pretty much everything except alot of obscure research chemicals. best experiences was injecting speed and heroin at the same time and/or lsd mdma and nitrous oxide combo. ama

Only tried tramadol which didn't do much so I never took it again. I've searched for liberty caps a couple of times but never found more than 2-3 at a time. Would've tried (almost) everything I could get my hands on if I wasn't such a robot


I like drugs

More like a very mild painkiller. It tastes so disgusting that I never found it worth it though, and it also makes me feel kinda sick, but some people like it

God tier :
>ketamine or 2fdck
>klonopin or etizolam
Good tier
>vicoden (the only opiate I've tried. Don't overdo opiates frens)
Mid tier
>bath salts (mdpv)
Bad tier
>deliriants like antihistamines and dramamine
>nutmeg alkaloids

I've done a few more but they didn't seem worth mentioning, I'm sure I forgot some as well.

A loonog time ago before I dropped out of life and college some roommate I had to have due to bills basically I got high on weed once at the age of 21 or so. Years went by and I smoked a few times later. Never a normalfaggot with money nor friends so only done sparingly.

Other than that just booze because you can make it and get ahold of it easy and everything else is literally illegal since about 09. It was 09 when I was around people buying synthetic stuff alot.

That wasn't coke moron you got ripped off

>meth amphetamine
>pscilocybin mushroom
>amanita muscaria mushroom

why? cuz I'm a degenerate

op definitely isn't law enforcement of a federal agent. definitely not.

godlike cognitive reserve to still be sentient after a list like that lad

Weed booze coke xtc xannys ketamine oxy codine shrooms when I did shrooms I stopped taking all other drugs because they were pointless but Ive only done shrooms 3 times

Fuck me, there's a lot, i used to be a junkie
>nitrous oxide
>amanita muscaria
Started drinking cough syrup and smoking cigs at 13. Started smoking pot, drinking, and doing painkillers at 14. Was mostly a pothead/psychedelic user in high school. Got a drinking problem at 17. Was drinking a pint of vodka everyday, eating oxycodone everyday, and doing coke twice a week before i went to detox a few months ago. Now I drink and do blow on occasion, and smoke pot and do kratom everyday. Drugs are fun, but shit gets old fast. I would kill for an oxcontin right now though.

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Also done Molly a lot of Molly lol

Also oxymorphone and hydromorphone, dilaudid used to be my shit

been taking shit loads of diphenhydramine(benedryl)

Life. I can say from experience it fucking sucks

I never seen the point of drugs

For a while, i was huffing paint thinner. I do not think as fast as i used to.

so much dxm in the basement hehehehe

aside from alcohol and weed-


as you can probably guess opiates are my favorite. used to have a script for klonopin too, which was extra comfy. definitely prefer downers.

>bunk tab

Shrooms, best drug experience of my life, stopped my compulsive drinking, gave me a new outlook on life and existence which has been extremely helpful treating anxiety and depression, I'm by no means cured but so much better than before, was like a total brain reset.
Alcohol, great time, just don't drink it too often and when you do stay hydrated and all is well, probably don't want to drink when you're on a downward spiral either
Dxm, extremely unique experience first few times were very influential for me, can be very addictive though, and the nausea is absolutely fucking annoying.
Weed, alright every now and then, not the best not the worst.
Adderall, cool experience, eat and drink while on it though, the migraines from it are wack.
Vicodin, really nice sleepy energized vibe, annoyingly hard to find med grade, and addictive.
Nicotine, just meh, probably better if you're on a spiral and wanna die.

Oh yeah, no2 as well. No2 plus anything makes the experience much more intense and, even alcohol, with no2 you get just as drunk with less alchol consumed

Gosh I'm flattered user.

There's plenty of big lists ITT though my man.

Weed, alcohol, cocaine and mushrooms. I was only curious.


in order of frequency of use:


Only drug (besides prescriptions) I've done is crack. Few years ago I was walking alone at night and some obvious crackwhore kept following me nagging me for a cigarette cuz I was smoking. I was feeling really lonely and wanted to fill the void by trying something crazy. So I told her I would buy her a pack if she let me get a few hits of whatever she was on. Ended up buying a pack and giving her $20, so she brought me to the back of a park where there were no lights. I could barely inhale it but she told me to hold it in or she'd kill me. So I took 3 of those back to back and got unbearably anxious and walked off from there. Like 5 mins later when I started walking home I got over it and felt fucking on top of the world for the next 30 mins, like some of the best sensations of my life. I always find it hilarious when I tell people that I've never drank or smoked weed but I did crack Lulz

Nearly every antidepressant in existence.
Alcohol, of course

Had a few shots of rubbing alcohol with my meds the other night (insomnia).
Are there any risks to drinking the stuff?

friends did it, so I did too. turns out it causes denationalization in me because of past trauma, it's NOT fun.

friends did it, so I did too. it's fun, but overpriced and only worth doing when drunk

just was curious. just makes me want to socialize and makes me real thirsty. kinda meh

prescribed for anxiety. they are nice, I guess. not worth abusing tho

my favorite substance. def the most fun.

did you get a handjob from the crackwhore at least?

Alcohol and weed
Alcohol cause depression
Weed cause it was available and I was curious
Had no effect on me

Yes, drinking rubbing alcohol Is extremely dangerous, only 8oz is the ld50

I drink and take kpins every day before work

No she looked about 60 and I wouldn't be able to get hard if my life depended on it.

thanks for the screencap i saved this as "lisa remembers how it feels.jpg"

only normie shit.

weed, used to do it cause muh depression and loneliness, haven't done it in a year and a half.

molly, once or twice, I snorted some at parties/nights out, it was ok.

acid, only once in a night out, I didnt get paranoid but I saw some crazy shit, on the drive between the club and a party I felt like I was in a spaceship.

shrooms, friend found some when we were walking to class a couple of months ago, I did them alone, they were ok but weed is better.

and I did took some painkillers with a girl who used to have a thing for me 4 years ago, she got them for her wisdom teeth. they were fine I guess I dont actually remember.

Im drug free now but if I had to rate, weed > acid > molly > shrooms = pain killers

Literally everything except ketamine and peyote. Even obscure research chems.

alcohol weed speed cocaine lsd ex(&mdma) xanax and other benzos. Morphin, tramadol, subutex.

because I was bored

alcohol sucks don't understand how people can be alcoholists

damn I'll have to work hard if I want to catch up to you

Used to be daily use, now I smoke once a month, if that.
Drank on the weekends in college, but stopped after graduating.
4 times. Once at a club and the others at house parties.
1 time at a rave. Cool, but never doing it again.
For cramming during finals only.
For coming down off adderall, or combined with weed for maximum comfy.
Tried it once, hated it. Never doing that again.

Nothing else. No shrooms, LSD, ketamine, etc. I guess these are all normie drugs.

Nothing. unless a vapes counts, and i didn't even enjoy that

>only ever drank more than 1 beer on three occasions
>first time was pretty nice, probably had about 5 or so over the course of a few hours, had a nice buzz going, felt pretty good
>second time my brother took me to multiple parties and i got extremely fucked up, had about 10+ beers and puked my guts out all night and passed out, was a terrible experience

>only did it once, also coincided with third time i drank more than 1 beer, had about 4 beers then went and smoked, didn't feel too good, just got really dizzy
>go back to room, look in disbelief at how ugly the acne and acne scarring on my face is for 30 mins and how badly it has made me go from good looking to ugly, then pass out

overall of the three experiences the 2nd and 3rd sucked, and the first was ok-ish. not a big fan of drugs desu.

it either wasn't real mdma or it was cut to shit if your reaction was "meh"

LSD once. Definitely will do it again. Only did it because it's one of the few with no physical or mental side effects (unless you have health or mental issues already). No real interest in anything else desu.

weed, methylone (thought it was mdma), actual mdma, a boatload of research chemicals, ketamine

Spent the better part of 5 years doing anything available, but I was also drunk as hell for most of those years so barely remember the experiences besides "this one made me sleepy, this one kept me awake." Unfortunately I also think a lot of the doses I had were half size, because I was usually with a friend.

Mescaline was probably the most intense experience I've had though. Had a large dose at a friends place then left before it kicked in. The walk home was a long one, made even longer by the fact that 20 minutes down the road it was starting to mess with me. I'd been disappointed for years by the depiction of how drugs effect vision and such on TV and in movies, but holy shit. Mescaline changes so much about what you perceive.

It's like having a wild dream where the laws of reality are bent and you just accept it because somewhere in the back of your mind you know it's a dream. Except this time you know you're awake, and this isn't supposed to be happening. My friend panicked due to the experience, I personally found it fascinating.

meth will ruin all other drugs for you, it's that good.

>inb4 omfg meth kills and turn you into a crazy tweeker with no teeth

yeah, just like everyone who smokes weed is a retarded hippie, everyone who does coke is a columbian drug lord, everyone who does heroin is homeless or dead, everyone who drinks is a raging alcoholic failure.
Do you believe in society's lies?

I'm not into being over-hyperactive, i'd rather muscle relaxing downers

>everyone tries it
>girlfriend got me into smoking
>at a house party, don't smoke everyday it ruins it
>brother gave me some, liked it but its far too expensive
>no idea why I tried it, turned me into a twitchy retard
>no idea why I tried it but I loved it and might even candyflip tonight
Spice/synthetic weed
>was drunk and some asshole said it was weed, was pretty shit didn't really feel anything
>tried it, loved it, gonna trip tonight
>shit tier drug, tried it because it was cheap
>brother gave me some, tried it again because it was cheap, binging this stuff is pretty fun if you can handle the hallucinationations
I want to try
>balloons/nos/can't remember the name
>Ketamine again
Leave suggestions if you want

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I've done

>psilocybin truffles
>freebase DMT
>changa (smokable DMT Harmala mix)

I like psychedelics. Changa is the absolute best. You should go order some right now.

Teenager and wanted to try something new, it sucked.
I turned 21 and I enjoyed it for about 9 months. I cannot stand that stuff anymore.
Lovely plant in moderation, I don't depend on this as an everyday use.
Never played with medication. I was prescribed Adderall and Baclofen for years only to ween myself off of it to tell my doctor I stopped taking them after they increased my dosages with no positive effects felt.
>pain killers
Took Fentanyl, didn't like it (after hitting it quite hard I stood up and wanted to fall down and die). I took heroin, didn't like it (I had trouble breathing) because of no sense of pleasure after hitting it. Codeine on the other hand felt like a very enjoyable experience for the same reason why I hated heroin; after drinking some codeine and Sprite mixture I felt a charming sense of relief in my neck, I'd describe it as a massage.
Ate a pizza shroom sandwich on an empty stomach and it went down not badly at all. After it hit me I felt dizzy and I thought I saw a deer. I paused to look at the deer for a moment and I closed my eyes. Once I opened them there was no deer, was it actually there or was I hallucinating...? The world will never know.
Never taken alone, but once I candy flipped and it was intense.
Taken it alone with lovely effects and once I mixed it with LSD. Taking it with LSD was a bit too much for me because of the encounters I had with it (barking dog in the woods at night time - I'm a cat person who doesn't like dogs).
Wonderful time, once the lock jaw kicks it just means to ease off of it for a while.


yeah no shit it was bunk retard, dmt doesn't come in tabs

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might be forgetting some but that's the gist of it
opioids didn't really feel great to me, just made me tired and nauseous
I like stims but they're one of the few drugs that have felt truly addictive to me so I decided it would be best not to do them
psychedelics are based though

yeah people go crazy from staying up for weeks at a time and only smoking meth damages your teeth
but meth is proven to be neurotoxic and causes damage to dopamine receptors so by doing meth you are ensuring that you won't feel happy for the rest of your life without meth. so it's still not good to do really

fixed my neighbor's computers
cured my loneliness
cured my depression
because shrooms
cured my existentialism

Caffeine - keeps me going, tasty
Alcohol - makes me have fun, a better conversationalist
Weed - memed super hard; thought it would calm me down; stayed for the head high and excitement
Salvia - offered by friend; no effect
Acid - memed extremely hard; friend offered it free of charge

Dmt can come in gel tabs

but if you were taking it orally it could have just been because dmt is neutralized in your stomach unless you take an MAOI

Originally this is very nice my dude

alcohol because my family makes it, it's tradition in my country, and I grew up drinking some.

weed because it smells nice and I like it, and the kids in my class in high school always had some they were willing to give

mdma, 2cb, and ketamine/coke mix (though it was probably speed as it didn't feel clean) because they were offered to me at clubs. all these drugs were shit.

shrooms because we found some with my friend, then we tried them again. also you can buy truffles in towns just accros a border from mine.
LSD once because I was curious

still single though

Lots of cocaine, mdma, speed, extasis, ketamine and pod.

Starting vaping when I began working due to stress and oral fixation
I dont drink very often, but if I do its either cheap wine or shots. Why? Because sometimes it's fun to feel loopy. Though I don't like how it makes me feel sometimes.
Husband got me into smoking when I was way younger. Didn't wanna do it, but he pressured me along with other friends. Had bad panic attacks and quit for awhile then started on my own when work was just too much to bear. Now I don't really have any problems.
Mmmm tasty bubbly water

a job and a wife

I'm clean now

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