Where were YOU when transpuppies took the world by storm??

Where were YOU when transpuppies took the world by storm??

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A transbuppy a day keeps the feels away user~!

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if I ever find you I'm shoving live bamboo shoots under your toenails so that they grow roots under the nail bed and become impossible to remove

If I ever find YOU I'm gonna give you a transpup for a week just so you cam get a feel for how amazing it is to have a warm cuddly wuddly loving friend at your side and then SNATCH her away from you forever so you feel the depths of anguish and despair over your loss for as long as you live~

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what the frick is a transpuppy?

transtrender is getting legit tired of his 'trend' and start making things up
he will either give up on the trannie shit or suicide

Why its a buppy(male) that transitioned to buppy(female) of course! They are very cute, playful, and basically the best ever!!

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you are a disgusting perv
this is promoting animal abuse

Stop trying to use a non-trans character to push your agenda

Stop using Isabelle for your falseflag shitposting

trannies being creepy and aggressive sex pervs like always

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Daaaaamn...transpuppies look like THAT!!?

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>calling honesty creepy


You cuys know that we can report this for furry right?

>calling rubbing your feet on someone and making them uncomfortable honesty

>all this bigotry
Some incels seem to be cruisin for a bruisin~

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>implying transpuppies are animals
How dare you. I guarantee the average tranpup is far more civilized, educated, well-mannered, and well-spoken than you.

Pic related, my transbuppy at her high salary job. I bet you're a retailcuck or NEET. Shame on you.

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Yoir transpippy is very very cute!!

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God you people are annoying, go hang yourself.

stop trying to justify this, you are promoting abuse

Some transpuppies have been known to get rather em... thicc... thanks to over indulging in hormones

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So is yours! Imagine if our transpuppies had a playdate and ended up mating ;)

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this is the type of weird fixation that an autistic person would have

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I don't get it. Progodkismsnahsosbskd

Then they mate with us mating each other and were all mating at the same time!!!

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Autistic transbuppy lives matter, cuck

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Oh Um... I don't think thats legal user... :/

What do you get out off this, why leave /lgbt/?

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>molestation means rape

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Fuck off faggots Isabelle is pure

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it's a gateway crime

You retarded faggots are trash even by r9k standards. Keep disappointing your parents.

>if you fap you will have sex
>if you scold someone you will murder them
>if you're retarded but reading you'll some day be smart

>>if you're retarded but reading you'll some day be smart
let's hope for your sake this is true

>mfw transpupperino threads are filled with off topic bigotry and schizo incel rambling

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I'm not american and don't know of any 'isabelle' this thread is for transpuppy appreciation so please stay on topic

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Answer my fucking question, if you don't want to get shit for your stupid threads stay on /lgbt/.

Puppyboy becomes puppygotrl(male)

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Blessed poste

If you ask me:
Its about time the government started rewarding well behaved nonviolent males of child bearing age with transpups to accompany them through the winding road of life. How dare you bigots try to rid the earth of all that is good,

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Whats life worth living for without a transpuppy? Idk!!

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More then based. this is critical

Itt: talk about your first transpuppy

Mine was a cakewalk. She is so sweet! I fell in love... oops! That sounds weird LOL. But me and my transpup are inseparable. She gives me hope.

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a guy that was previously not a nigger (you) but then did some gay shit and is now a nigger (also you)

Nigger is a naughty word!!!
It describes you!!!!~~

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I'm more upset by the use of terms like pupper, bubby, bubber, doggo, than transpuppy for whatever reason.

You'd feel better if a cuddly wuddly booper snooper pet give a pet some love wiggles and tickles lovely smooches came into your home and huggled you~

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Oh yeah btw if you listen to death grips and don't have a transpuppy you lost the game

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Quit being mean to transuppies

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Remember to kill all trannies!

I will personally execute every last transgender negro in this thread with my aquarium of poison dart frogs if you dont immediatedly get the fuck out of my board

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I don't want to bump this thread so I'll sage but I just wanted to say:

wrong answer, buttfuck. transpuppies are beautiful and angelic.

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I agree immenciska cofksmchvocn

sucks for you dude

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