Favorite Doomer Activities?

Other than /nightwalks/, Can we get some love for /nightdrive/, grocery shopping at 5am, or sitting on park benches at 5am?

What are your common Doomerisms anons?

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Is it doomed if I just lie in bed thinking for hours? I'd love to go out driving or walking during those times but living at home complicated it. My part time job is graveyard though so sometimes I get to go to the gas station at 4AM. I prefer the 2AM aesthetic personally, 4AM is too close to the sun for my taste

Between 5am-6am is absolutely perfect for me, its dark then the sun is barely peaking over, the roads are completely empty, I live in a very rainy location so alot of the times its super atmospheric. I cannot step foot in my bed if Im not already dead tired, otherwise I will think and ponder myself into stress and force myself to go to my computer or watch yt on my phone to get my mind off it,

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The rain sounds great, I wish it rained here more. As for the sun, I dont like the feeling of sunrise, I'd much prefer night time. Theres something about the total darkness that's so peaceful. Plus I live in the burbs so theres people going to work in the early morning hours, but at 2AM everything is quiet. Everything feels different

I Feel that, I live in the downtown area of a city with 70k people, nightwalks aren't that nice because of the risk of crime, also going out between 10pm and 2am theres alot of criminal activity, but even the thugs are asleep by 5am, the city is just quiet, perfect time to pull up to a random bench in the streets and sit down and just think to myself for like 10 minutes

I live next to a port so around 2-4 I get to see giant ships dock and get unloaded by giant cranes. Seeing the lights and hearing the noise of it all makes me feel nice on the inside. Even better if I just got done drinking.

Have you ever done a roadtrip? Driving long distances at these times are the best. Never encountered a cop on the big interstate routes, certainly not that late, so I just drive however I feel. It's a new level of peace

Fuck I forgot to add the picture. The light from the port makes the hill I watch from very comfy.

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Nah I prefer to Drive through High populated areas, when the area has nobody outside, i dont know why but driving through streets totally empty downtown when they would otherwise be overcrowded during rush hour is relaxing

Fuck you doomer faggottssssssssssss. Just kill yourselves already

Damn what city is that, NY?

Not a city. Its the lights from all the ships and buildings at the port. It's not so bright most nights, I just so happened to take this photo when it was foggy. it's by Norfolk

Have any of you ever seen anyone else out on /nightwalks/? On the route I take I never see anyone, only a car here or there.
I really am that alone.

I would like to go on a night walk but live in the hood, are there any places that are generally great to drive to and walk around at night? I swear in the south there are no options

I wear shitty old clothing and a hoody, Im skinny as hell but tall, so wearing loose clothing makes me seem abrasive, I have never had any problems, what city do you live in?

I see a couple of souls, mostly homeless or thug looking types, but i do walk in a medium sized city

I forgot to write that in, live in a small coastal Euro town.

>moved out of uni town for a job, haven't started work yet though
>no more 24 hour grocery stores means no more trips at 4am
>nightwalks are significantly less comfy overall now, nightruns nearly got the damn cops called on me
Christ I feel even more isolated now. At least the air is nicer around here and the rains are comfier, but it doesn't rain often enough.

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Drink opium tea after a /nightwalk/ and listen to slowed and reverb music in bed.

I live in south east Atlanta, the problem is there are few sidewalks and street lamps in my area. I do not know of a well lit but relatively close area to drive to though

I will likely just stick to walking on hiking trails before dusk but they want you out the park before dark and there are always groups of normies there with dogs who want to go out of their way to speak to you

playing piano. its actually easy to learn but i suck at it. at least im having fun.

Sometimes when i went to a grocery store with a friend we went to a park that is right next to the store. We mostly went in the evening and it slowly turned dark, it was the best in winter, wish there was snow actually but germany didnt have snow for years. So we bought some snacks; something to drink and sat there and talked for hours sometimes. That was a good time, we both still live by our mothers (we're 17). But his family moved to another flat that is 1 hour away from where the shop was. I miss those times (no gay activities btw)

I'm sure you will find some nice spots for your nightwalks in your new area, just gotta get used to it, once your walking in an area you have walked in 100 times it feels alot better

>Southeast Atlanta
nvm gl partner

Nightwalking got really boring for me going through the same areas every single night so I started dumpster diving to make it more fun and adventurous. Found some surprising good shit on occasion and I sell anything of value on eBay.

I thought "doomer" was the term for doom metal fans.

you faggots arent doomers if youre not doing opiates and watching some stupid video game stream

Doomer is a state of mind, not a lifestyle you faggot.

Is it doomer if you go for nightwalks with your buddies and just shoot the shit?

True, it was kind of similar when I first started before moving desu. Just a bit bummed out about the whole thing because there were some specific parts of town I miss like a fountain.

It can be depending on how yall go about it. Just keep in mind that doomer/boomer/zoomer/bloomer are all states of mind

>Love nightwalks while listening to music but lack motivation to go on them more often
>Love nightdrives but paranoid about fuel consumption and mileage going up
I did go out on a drive the other night around midnight. I went on a highway that goes over a large hill. The drop down on the other side is nice because there's trees both sides of the road which twists and turns and is quite steep. It's limited to fucking 50mph though with a fucking speed camera right at the bottom. Bastards.

I drive for Lyft late at night to cope with sadboi hours. Does that count?

Reading about famous people that committed suicidr

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Something hits different about walking in businesses alone during the night time. The artificiality of the fluorescents becomes especially apparent. Aisles of stuff you don't need, usually packed to the brim with conversation, now silent and cold. You walk through, at your own pace, knowing that nothing is going to stop you from going into a lane because there's some retard soccer mom blocking the entire lane with her cart trying to pick out fruit snacks.

It's freeing, in a way

That's fucking gorgeous

>out with friends
>feel that fucking DOOMER FEEL
>start to gosling internally
fuck bros... is there any hope for us?

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>waking up at 6 pm
>14 hours sitting on your pc watching the same 20 shows for years
>too depressed for vidya
>go out at 8 am and buy your cigs and beer
>go back home at 8 15
>drink infront of your pc
>pass out and repeat all over again

fuck my roastie mother and subhuman father for HAVING SEX and giving me life

>too depressed for vidya
I do not know if it is my depression but most games for me are somewhere between so competitive I could not possibly have a good time playing them short of investing hours a day to get better, or just not that fun.

Maybe next time I smoke I will hope on GTA and just drive around in a car I will never own and enjoy the atmosphere, but beyond that games have lost all their appeal to me :/

>What are your common Doomerisms anons?
My doomer activies? Browsing the Doomer Gang facebook page whilst listening to the Sad Doomer Music spotify playlist, and of course, a /nightwalk/ here or there. don't know if anyone else can relate but... yeah.

you have to click the icon then you have to wait for the load screen then you have to pick your save file then you have to wait for that to load then you have to figure what u were doing when you last played then you "play" for 5 minutes and close it then you open Jow Forums back up again

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