post the prettiest girl(s) you've ever seen.

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She was the only one who was nice to me in high school

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OP here. It doesn't matter if you've met them irl or not, if you know them or if you don't.

The only correct answer is Bailey Jay


went to skool with her. havent thought about this chick in forever.

Slavic princess

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The girl reading this undoubtedly

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lol she was mildly goth. her art is cute

>The only correct answer is Bailey Jay
based and trapilled

This is a cutie

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based kelly, miss her

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what happend with this thot?

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young bjork is one of the few 10/10s ive ever seen

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she has that "90s Berlin girl" vibe

she was really a cutie, user. I can understand her stalker

*she had

now shes fucked up

I wish I had a gf who also was a musician

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Savannah brown but she hit the wall hard

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Why is it that every time there's a "pretty girls" thread, it's always instagram art hoe sluts? Literally every time.
Are your tastes really that pathetic? If so, you're no better than the w*men who chase bad boys and guys over 6'.

Posting originaly

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6 packs QT 3.14

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I don't understand your problem/complaint

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You're worshiping hoes, and the reason women are so shallow is because of the "hoe mentality", that's in part propagated by weak beta faggots giving hoes undeserved attention just because they were born f*male.
Basically, r9k is adding to their own problem.

ever since the new blade runner

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>wu tang
holy based

>w*men with band t-shirts
She's only wearing it for the attention, user. It's like all those thots with the Ramones and Nirvana shirts who couldnt name one of their songs.

I never had a shot with any women in the first place what's it matter if I'm worshipping them

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It matters because by giving attention to those w*men, you're undeservedly increasing their ego, and therefore you're making life way harder for all the other remaining guys.

Like I said, w*men only think they're too good for you because beta men praise them for existing.
The only reason you're single is because beta men worship w*men.

>muh womyn cant have interests
yeah whatever dude.

W*men can totally have interests. It's just that the trend of wearing popular band shirts for attention is extremely common.

okay, inceI. Now, go back to plebbit

I'm not saying that doesn't happen, but why would you assume it to be true?

Why are you blocking out the O like that

Because she's literally taking a mirror selfie of herself with a retarded duckface expression for online attention.

literally looks like a trap/dude with a woman's haircut

>a woman wants to show off her cool band t shirt of her favourite band and she thinks she looks cute

>some cunt on the 4chans

Because they dont deserve it.
They get everything handed to them and yet they still complain like they're huge victims, and everyone validates them as such.

You're pathetically naive for blindly defending someone just because she's a woman.

So you block out the O in women?

That'll show em

>You're pathetically naive for blindly hating someone just because she's a woman.

And you're just plain pathetic for assuming the worst of someone just because they're a semi attractive woman taking a picture of themselves

>The only reason you're single is because beta men worship w*men.

I think it's more because you're a woman hating incel but sure dude blame your problems on everyone but yourself. Incels are good at that.

She looks like a female John mulaney

you sound like a hit with the ladies

I hope she sees how hard you're working to defend her online. She'll definitely have sex with you any day now.

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yeah because I'm sure she's in this thread. put your pride aside, get a hooker and get it over with.

have sex, incel. please. we're all counting on you


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