Is this the biggest cope?

Is this the biggest cope?

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ya. literal patriarchy

Your moms the biggest cope

At least the ancient Greeks were on my side. It's true, you men with huge penises ARE barbarians.

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Smolpeepee uprising REEEEE! 8=> ;'(

It is because it is made up. Hence no source.

It might be inaccurate to say that they "preferred" them, from what I understand that is more of a symbolic trend in Greek art than it is an irl standard, but I could be wrong

If you read the Bible, there's a verse about some robot complaining about his oneitis hanging out in Egypt (Africa), blowing guys with donkey dicks who shot cum like horses.

Come here cutie and I'll show you just how much of a brute I am :^)

the devalue of all things sexual is a sign of wisdom

>not having a medium penis
You have both savage strength, and the discipline and wisdom to use it.

They preferred to sculpt flaccid ones.

Exactly. It was an aesthetic choice. A giant donkey schlong hanging from a statue looks ridiculous, particularly when the statue is in motion.

Sweedes here, can confirm.

That's dumb. You only say that because you can't get chooch and you want to cope with that fact.

They actually were just pedophiles, adult penises were considered disgusting, but little boys are close enough to little girls to still be fuckable

>tfw giant penis, underbite, ugly face

i am a literal grug

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Just imagine that thing flopping to the side, frozen in eternity

>t.projecting incel

It's an art thing. There's a joke Aristophanes' Lysistrata where the best men of Athens and Sparta struggle to hide their massive blueballed erections.

>legitimately 8" dick
>wide hips, narrow shoulders, feminine face (but not trap feminine)
I'm literally the opposite of what the Greeks liked.

Who /smallflaccidbutgianthard/ here?
Watching myself get erect is like a fucking super saiyan transformation

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>tfw slav german mutt with above average sized benis
You werent wrong :^)

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They are right though. Guys with big dicks ARE animals. Just look at niggers.
Small dick guys are factually smarter and higher IQ

dicklet cope

Medium-sized penis is best
Not too big, not too small

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Spotted the brainlet Savage. Someone get the chains before he tries to hurt someone.

Greek/Roman/Reinassance statues' penile size is what a 7" penis looks in resting position actually

Keeping on living is the ultimate cope

hes to fucking powerful

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Yes. Ancient Greek MEN preferred small penises. Nobody asked the women.