Out riding my longboard yesterday

>out riding my longboard yesterday
>old boomer lady has her dog out
>dog starts chasing me down the street
>dog is right on my ankles
>dont want to kick the dog
>dog lunges for my ankle
>fall off the longboard
>fuck my knee up and my elbows
>almost hit my head on the concrete
>still sore
>going down the same road later
>have picrelated, dog beater 5000

control your stupid animals or i'll come for them

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Fuck off the board you underage loser

26 in october faggot

Let the nigga protect himself. It would be better if he has a gun sonif a dumb ass dog attack him he would have the right to kill dog.

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Kys you hispter fuck, male version of an arthoe

i have a motorcycle too, does that mean im in a motorcycle gang?

kys stereotyping retard

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women shouldn't be able to own dogs
dogs don't treat women like masters
they protect them and love them but they don't listen the way they do when a male human is around
sounds controversial but every female i've talked to says that dogs treat guys different too and a lot of the time are surprised when their dog listens better to me than them and i'm not even that masculine just fat

the same day before the incident happened i rode by some teenage girl who was probably no older than 14 and she was walking a massive pitbull that was probably at least half her weight, dogs hate people who ride boards

>is using an improvised weapon
if you had a maglite i'd say you were probably actually in a motorcycle gang with priors

Dude you're gonna look like a faggot using a stick to beat a dog, just fucking kick it

that's the thing is that wherever dogs are with their owner they think it's territory where they have to protect and people on skateboards and other shit where they're about the same size as a normal person but moving fast is threatening to the dog and thinks its territory is under attack

thats how you lose your balance and fall off of the longboard

how do you miss the point this hard

Why don't you first get off the longboard then start kicking the dog?

i really dont feel safe on the streets unarmed anymore now that every noodle armed libtard owns a pitbull to show how tolerant they are

how did you make that stick? And why not use some normal tree stick instead of wasting material?

>buying a shadow
>RIDING a shadow
>owning a shadow
>not buying the superior magna with a v4

i shouldnt have to, id much rather smack the shit out of the dog and continue on my way without a hiccup

it used to be a walking cane, found it at a friends house while helping them move, its nice and sturdy

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Lmao ok there harry potter with your faggy wand and underage hipster shit

mad cause i gave your mom the old swish and flick

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You are one of the most autistic people posting right now lmao

>faggy looking stick
>gay looking bike might as well ride a moped
>makes threads in r9k

Use it to push yourself along while you ride, like rowing a boat

Lol OP is going to try and beat a dog with a wizards wand haha

Have a safe journey, dog vanquisher.

I almost wish that a dog would bite me so I could shove my arm down its throat.

Who the fuck carries a broken cane for protection my sides

Based. I beat a pitbull to death when it ran across a busy highway and pulled me off my bike then tried to kill me. I was mentally scarred for life and did not bike for years. Fuck dogs.

What a faggy looking stick there is no way you don't have down syndrome

>years ago
>dad is walking our little white poodle
>poodle is a hikki and hates interacting with other dogs
>other guy is walking big black ooga booga dog accross the street
>ooga chimps out and starts barking like crazy, runs straight for our doggo
>dad grabs poodle by the collar, lifting her above his shoulder
>dog lunges towards doggo and dad
>dad delivers a falcon punch right between the eyes of the dog with his other hand.
>Dog runs back and the cuck owner apologizes profusely.
My dad is extremely based and extremely redpilled

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Based. Daily reminder that people who treat animals like they're more important than people are fucking delusional.

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>I beat a pitbull to death
Sounds like you're a fucking psychopath, dude. Pits are sweethearts and you were just looking for a stigmatized breed to enact your serial killer desires upon.

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Pick one faggot

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>being Europoor

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t. never actually seen a pitbull

I always carry a baton on me for self defense. Its legal around here if you say its just for rabid dogs, which is what I have used it for anyway but it's mainly a nigger beating so I don't get robbed again.

>Lived with pittmuts most of my life

cool stick. where'd ya get it?

so you mean nigger owned dogs

i've never in my life seen a pitbull that wasn't a complete cutie, on the other hand, the most aggresive dogs i ever see are labs, which are 99% of the time not cared for at all in run down houses and always bark and chase people

>Longboards are literally only for cruising
>Skateboards have a much higher skill ceiling
Skateboards are for fucking alphas

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> 1hr ago
> walking my dog
> pass a lady with 2 big dogs
> neither of our dogs do anything
> 2 mins later she passes a long board hippy and her dogs flip oug

>looking for a stigmatized breed
>on a highway

you sound this retarded

>Wingardium Leviosa!

The absolute state

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>Looking for an stigmatized boy to murder
>In suburbia
Same logic applies, Jow Forumschud.

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thats retard logic for retards

That looks like the type of gun you'd point into a mirror and try to look intimidating but you'll never actually fire it.

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What the fuck even is that OP
Be careful lots of stuff like that is illegal some places

Please fucking destroy that dog I hate them