It's time for another good old woman hate thread. Normalfags, trannys and fem"""bots""" have been running rampant on this board. Give me the good stuff, Jow Forums.

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>Give me the good stuff, Jow Forums.

have sex lmao

Remember to frontload the thread with wall and aging-related materials so that even if roasties come into the thread, the seeds of doubt are forever planted in their minds

Remember: roasties know their limited shelf life is 100% true, and they hate it more than anything. The more a roastie denies this, the more she's upset about it.

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I'll keep dumping this shit until all the cancerous discord, facebook, or whatever normalfag trash is cleansed from this board.

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Reminder to direct ALL roasties resorting to any variant of "lol you only think the things you think because you can't get my vagina" to this picture.

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This board is for ROBOTS only.

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I can infer from this post that you're pleading others to fill in the massive holes in your half-baked theory that females are somehow morally or any other way inferior to males. Now you could either leave the house and have your theory disproven or circle-jerk amongst one another.
The choice is yours.

reminder that incels aren't robots and even lower of a lifeform

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nice, time to blow the dust of the old women hate folder


Get the fuck off of Jow Forums, toasty roastie.

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Hey roastie. Do you think your "personality" of ironic apathy and lifestyle of passive consumption will still get you lots of male attention when you are 30?

Try changing your Tinder/Bumble to male for a while and seeing what 25-33 year old women are like. It's a desperate bunch of basic bitches who haven't got the memo that their "lolll i'm so basic but igdaf" non-personality doesn't get them anywhere anymore because they aren't cute anymore. They are noticeably "worn out."

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It's not that I hate women, it's just that their egos need to brought down back to reality

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Have you noticed how most female celebrities just fall off the face of the earth and are never heard from again after they hit 30? Sometimes even earlier?

Have you noticed how talentless young women can get major leading roles in movies, but talented older women, even women whose age makes them realistically suited for the role, will never get it? I wonder why that is? It's almost like society only values an asset you ONLY have between the ages of 18 and 25?

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I'm a dude bro im just tellin u how it is

found the cunt ha

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What is the difference between an incel and a robot?
And if you say that robots can get laid, wouldn't that make them normies?

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When will justice be served to these world-destroying roasts?

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Okay then you're a normalfag. You still don't belong here.

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Fuck having to post something original for every post.

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sure, I bet they spread for you all the time huh?

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potent black-pill coming your way

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robots are aware of their shortcomings and don't blame everyone but themselves, also they are more chill and pleasant to be around unlike incels whom you want to strangle after more than 5 minutes

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what an absolutely horrid human being

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Equality at its best.

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quixotian despair

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Shit, thought this was a meme

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So basically you tolerate being around self-hating cucks? That says more about you than it does about incels.

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>robots are self hating spineless fucks
Kill yourself reddit twat

lol imagine the greasy, loser vinegar-smelling virgin who typed that shit

but even worse; imagine being me ;_;

reminder: a girl can get more money for a picture of her feet than you earn in a day

>"robots are aware of their shortcomings and don't blame everyone but themselves"

actual intellect level 99

100% true. robots are not willing to blame others for there own shortcomings that why most of them are sad depressed not angry depressed like incels

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Thanks, but I'm fit, clean and good looking.
Much unlike women over 30.

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I actually want this woman to be murdered. No joke.

I always see this image, and people seem to like it, but I've never once seen anyone say "I'm a guy by the way" to increase their credibility.

>w*men cake their faces in makeup for 30+ years and their appearance goes to shit
Wow who could have guessed?

>It's almost like society only values an asset you ONLY have between the ages of 18 and 25?
Incorrect. It's not because that's what society\men value. It's because that's all that those women have to give.

The next time you go outside, look at the women around you, and try to find literally just ONE who isnt in some way using their appearance to their advantage. Having their cleavage out, tight clothing, makeup, etc.
If any of those women had to live their lives as men, everyone would say they have 0 personality.


>be blackbot
>Work at motel as security in the middle of the night
>Have some guy asking to get in his room
>This is normal, people's keys or doors stop working all the time so ok
>Turns out his key and door works
>His sheboon girlfriend isn't letting him in with the physical lock
>She is acting crazy as fuck
>Turns out she was homeless and the guy took her in as his gf and she went crazy because he wouldn't let her hang pictures of her kids on the wall
>I gotta get the rubber horn and get the door open
>They start arguing
>She starts attacking the guy
>I now gotta call the police
>Police arrive
>They manage to calm down the gorilla lady (even though she's extremely defiant), and scold the guy for letting this happen in the first place and to stay somewhere else for the night for his safety
>What the fuck
>Police leave, everything seems to go back to normal
>Two hours later I hear those two arguing again
>Tell them that I'll call the police if they don't fucking shut up
>Guy says he promises keep it under control

>Later on, I get ready for the next security to arrive as my shift ends at 2 AM
>She doesn't show up
>Boss says her alarm didn't didn't work and that she'd be late by 35 minutes
>Hopefully nothing goes wrong
>Get a call
>That same couple is arguing again
>mfw pic related
>The guy gets locked out again after she beats on him
>Guy has visible cuts and bruises
>This shit shouldn't be my problem
>Call the police again
>Police arrive
>The bitch still won't cooperate with law enforcement
>Police actually manage to do their jobs and bust down the door and arrest her
>Room is a literal wreck afterwards
>Can finally go home after one hour
>Immediately lose my taste for women

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If western society encouraged it, it would happen. Might take a century of selective breeding for positive traits, and elimination of negative ones.

Instead, western society encourages their soplisitic vanity, and negative eugenics ensures their children inherit the mindset. Thus, the female of the species is never confronted by the need to evolve a capacity for reasoned and rational thought.

That is disproportionate and not equal.

Stacys are the literal scum of the earth, we need to ban together to put them all were they belong, deep in the dirt

Incel can be someone that is from reddit that went one day without sex. They shame people for not trying to get sex hence this thread's first comment and call them volcels. As in voluntary.

Reddit is not Jow Forums, expect Jow Forums is incel users now so Jow Forums is pretty shit.

The point being that incel is likely a normalfaggot and a newfaggot.

Cigarette still in her mouth killed me

Well one of those groups is redditfags. That's one difference.

>self-hating cucks

That's the incels who hate themselves and women yet are the first one to buy canned farts by their e-whore of choice

fuck off

>have sex
>automatically a normalfaggot

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That article about the suicide is clearly not the same guy.

Jesus Christ get the fuck off the board

>woman hate thread turns into redditor hate thread
Just make another thread at this point.
No misogynist man has ever bought canned farts. The target audience for those is bluepilled women pedestalizers.
>robots are sex havers
No, you are the reddit.
I was having a great time on Jow Forums, /a/ and /tv/. I don't know how this cesspool got this bad that a genuine question produces a hostile reaction.

Anyway, here's some cunt getting BTFO in order to actually contribute to the thread.

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I've discovered a certain kind of woman who hates gay men for that very reason. Because he's not interested in her holes, she's vulnerable in a very strange social way.

>Muzzie booting roastie
They both need to get in the ovens.

>I was having a great time on Jow Forums, /a/ and /tv/

How about staying there then faggot

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>if you have sex EVEN ONCE you beceome NORMAL and GET A JOB and HAVE FRIENDS and GET MARRIED and become NORMAL and have to be a redditor

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Really interesting theory, please expand on it. Is that because she has to pull her finger out of her arse and actually work at maintaining a friendship, because she can't rest on sex appeal / orbiter mentality to keep him around?

I hear so often that
>if you can make her laugh, you can make her cum
So for the last 8 years or so, as I've made my way through high school and college, that's exactly what I've tried to do, play into my sense of humor. I actually do it because it makes me happy, and usually gets men to laugh and be friends with me, and sometimes it makes women laugh too. But it's never actually helped me get a girl to like me. How the fuck did the "be funny" narrative actually take off? It doesn't fucking work. It makes women think of you as a friend and that's it - EVEN IF THEY THINK YOU'RE ATTRACTIVE. I've had a couple girls admit to me that they think I'm cute, and I would make them laugh often, but they didn't consider me boyfriend material.

based user
while a great portion of modern women are sluts. not ALL of them are morally bankrupt.

>How the fuck did the "be funny" narrative actually take off?
It's extremely simple:
Women give attractive guys a SHIT TON of leeway just for being attractive.
This means that they'll laugh at their stupid jokes even if they're not funny in the slightest, just because the guy's attractive.
Conversely, if a woman hears an unattractive\ugly guy make a joke, she'll react negatively just because he's UNattractive.
So the translation is:
>If you're physically attractive, you'll get the girl

>I've had a couple girls admit to me that they think I'm cute
Women dont say this to guys they genuinely find cute. If they found you cute, they'd just try to get with you. Flat out.
Women would only say you're "cute" in order to validate their own virtue signal. They are, in fact, saying "Awww hun you're too ugly for me, but dont feel bad :) See how supportive I'm being? Sure you're my FRIEND :)))"

>Whaaaaat? I cant get my orbiter to pay for my food just because I exist? Fucking patriarchy! YTA!

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The 80\20 rule strikes again.

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Let's be honest here, it's not women that are the problem, it's a certain KIND of woman.

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Go be a reddit white knight somewhere else.
You are completely unable to provide logical counter arguments for any criticism of w*men. You just want to defend them because they're w*men.

hahaha you actual spastic! you completely missed the point I was making...hint hint check the picture again!

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My bad, I see what you mean now.

>Conversely, if a woman hears an unattractive\ugly guy make a joke, she'll react negatively just because he's UNattractive.
But a lot of girls actually do laugh at my jokes. By this logic, I couldn't be unattractive.

Countless are the women parasites who, to satisfy their craving for pleasure and luxury, impoverish father or husband. These lame limbs in the social organism, which themselves accomplish nothing, but for whom all other limbs work, are the most flagrant example of womanly immorality in the present.

Keep up the good work

It's probably just because you have average looks and your jokes are decent, so the "modifier" is neutral
Again, if you were actually attractive, the girls would come after you.
If you were actually attractive, the girls wouldnt care about your """""humor""""". They'd just wanna flat out have sex with you.

Think about it. You really think Chad is putting on a jester performance for chicks, trying to "please" them? Fuck no. He just shows up and chicks want to fuck, just like that.

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>Have sex

kill yourself lmao

They do know, which is why they get rich guys when they are in their 20s and 30s, divorce them and are set with alimony for when they older. Have sex you seething incel. Nobody wants to give money to you.

>Wahh my parents found out sooner rather than later that I did porn wahhhhhh how could this happen to me?
>Oh, I know, it's actually the fault of the guy who showed them. It isn't my fault for doing porn (which my family would've inevitably found out about) it's HIS fault aha yes i am blameless

>be with my toddler on park
>I'm divorced robot dad don't ask much
>pug dog apears playas with me and my son a bit
>in the distance a 30 something woman calles for him,dumb fucker it's just happy with us
>he-he is very friendly
>my son is responsive and happy we walk of to the children' s area
The face of pure sadness and emptyness in that woman's face was heavy with solitude and memories of commintment that she maybe traded for travels and a dumb dog.
Belive me, the amount of women between 30 and 40 yrs old without children is abysmal.

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Least convincing post of all time.

Any woman who has done porn should be punished, we need to deter future generations from falling into this trap.

I hate seeing a beautiful girl in porn, because I know she's been wasted, and never again will be marriage material for any decent man.

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>guy shows her pics of her porn shoot
>"____ has accepted your request
Made me lol desu.

So what was the conclusion to his little jester performance with the tinder girl? I want to know how she reacted to his skyrim troll.

>What is the difference between an incel and a robot?
One is a social justice warrior from reddit. They have a political cause and wish to integrate into normie society. They are failed normies, and their goal is to change things so that they can become normies. These are incels. Robots never had a chance at being normie, and we can never be normans. We are not out to become normies or demand that society make us honorary normals.

I believe there should be social shaming against women who use their sexuality to fish for attention, both IRL and online.
I've seen way too many thots with NOTHING of value to add to society other than their bodies, have a far better life than hard working people, just because they was born a f*male.

No idea. I now realize I attached the incorrect pic.
Chances are, that was just a conversation those two people had for reddit points.

don't listen to the rest of these fags
the problem is that Jow Forums has been flooded with non-incel lurkers and trannies. ignore they're shame posting. be incel and proud.

Being funny works, you need to hit on them blatantly and non-stop at the same time. Give them a few tries and then just cut them off and move to the next. I always say to talk to them like you would some anonymous faggot here. Not caring about social norms makes you funny, unpredictable, honest. It's just win win win.

"You know being funny is the 2nd easiest way to get a woman into bed?"
"What's the first?"
"A knife."
"You're funny."
"Good choice."

Women are just so sweet and nice

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you write like a tranny or a redditor, neck yourself

Giving women rights was a great idea

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>mistaking accountability and self awareness for self hatred

bruh *dabs*

Not sure if you're a naive retard or a redditor.
This is how it would actually go down if the guy is average\unattractive:
>"You know being funny is the 2nd easiest way to get a woman into bed?"
>"Ummm I guess..."
>"Yeah, the first one is a knife."
>"Ewww creepy I'm getting out of here."

It's a privilege just to be in a woman's presence

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At least they had broken up already. She's stupid for doing that, but at LEAST she didn't lie or cheat.

>girls treat you like shit cause you're ugly
>it's your fault muh personality lmao
Normalshit kill yourself

We should be thankful they grace us with their beauty

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women are literally children, they have underdeveloped brains.

Attached: womenunderdeveloped.png (720x323, 33K)

They're so caring and compassionate

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>be blackbot
Stopped my reading right there.

Gonna go ahead and revoke the (You) as well.

They have a sense of humour too

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I don't understand why this has to be about women specifically? Shouldn't it be targeted to both sexes and about both sexes? What if a fat man approaches a woman? Isn't he allowed to be as fat as he wants to?

Pic seems like a meme anyway tho

>Isn't he allowed to be as fat as he wants to?
No. The "body positive" or "fat acceptance" """movement""" only applies to women.
Feminists (and women in general) are retarded like that.

So full of understanding

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based, children are an abomination and shouldnt be born

You are most likely an incel as a robot but that doesn't mean they are the same thing. The word incel is typically used to describe thirsty e-orbiters who actively try to be normies while robots both can't and won't. Incels also usually have extremely sexist views (both towards themselves and women) but robots don't necessarily think that way.

I am a virgin robot who is technically an incel but it's not like I've actively tried to get laid and I don't go out of my way to hate women. I despise them the same way I do with normies but I don't hate them for playing the system when they have the opportunity. That's what most people would do if they could. Personally I'm just not really attracted to normies on a personal level. Talking to them is like talking to children with pre-programmed societal views that are completely unoriginal and boring. Some of them can be reasoned with but most of them barely even have a personality. Same goes for women, I suppose. I don't hate them for it, I just pity them for being such flawed creatures. They are just the result of a shitty mainstream culture combined with shitty mainstream genetics. Just like robots many of them never really had a chance to be anything else from the start.

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Reminder that a chick calling her husband "hubby" is a giant red flag.

That looks like canned sauce anyway. Someone working 12 hour days deserves better than a whores 5-minute "cooking"

>Dinner is just spaghetti bolognese
>She thinks that constitutes a real dinner when it can be made effortlessly in minutes
>Throws it in his shoes while he works to provide for her
This guy should put on those spaghetti filled shoes and run as fast as he can, never looking back.