What's your waist size

What's your waist size

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30. Pretty spooky desu.

Somewhere between 27 and 28 inches

I'm a fatass 42 incher

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About 37. 36 were too small, 38s hang off a bit. My weight goes up and down too.

26 inch female :]] feels good

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i've worn size 32 jeans for like a decade now

28-inch is what pants I wear but theyre a little loose so maybe 27? Am tranner so feel good about where im at


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I wear a belt I have been using since I was 18, I am 30 now. I am using the smallest notch (as in the smallest circumference when the belt is strapped in that notch), and I am thinking about punching a new even smaller notch in my belt.
Being fit is great

Post tummy please. originxek

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Waist size and pants size are not the same thing.

so attentionwhore normie, you mean

Im happy at 27 inches

>greater risk of death
What the fuck does that mean?

ehh bump

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Lanklets will live on forever.

33 inches. Ive got a bit of tummy fat. I'm working on it right now. Currently 140 lbs but luckily it distributed fairly well. Only thing is a have big thighs and chubby arms.

27, buy all my clothes from the boys section

it mean fat people die more

33, I'm kind of chubby but I have been going to the gym lately. It's pretty nice to work out at night where there's no normies at the gym

About 36 inches, but I am almost 7 feet tall so I'm still pretty skinny.

On the bright side it made my boobs go from lowercase A to 36B's.

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23.5 inches
I am smol

27 and a half, male.

nice bait, also

lmao fatass

Truly that picture is cursed with wickedness

34 in if you are talking about actual waist. still have a gut but have lost a lot of weight.

wear 30-32 jeans

I used to wear a 52" but I'm down to 48 after diet

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>30 inches
Finding belts is more of a pain in the ass than it should be. Even moreso than quality size 13.5 shoes.