Why do Japanese anime characters have exaggerated European features such as multicolored hair and large, round...

Why do Japanese anime characters have exaggerated European features such as multicolored hair and large, round, multicolored eyes? Is it because World War II made Japan believe they are inferior to whites?

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That's how the Japanese unironically see themselves

Extreme doubt.

Because anime is based off of old disney cartoons.

That and large eyes and large heads are good for neoteny.

the eyes come from disney

the hair colors and eye colors are used to give identity between multiple characters kind of like power rangers or whatever or palette swaps in mortal kombat, given that the facial features are already idealized forms.

in most serious anime and anime before the 80s everyone has black hair.

Is this proof that 20th century Japanese were Nordic?

It’s true, the Japanese don’t perceive the large eyes and wild hair color as making them western or less Japanese. These are design tropes meant to easily deduce somebody’s personality and emotional state at a glance

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yeah, blonde blue eyed japanese, calling bullshit

Like kabuki?

>/his/ - History & Humanities & Manga

Oh right, because ones with purple hair and green eyes are completely believable?

Get over yourself

Kabuki is a fine example of the Japanese willingness to suspend disbelief. When stage hands dressed in black move the props around on a stage, the audience would know they’re there, but pretend not to see them. Masks painted red weren’t literally meant to suggest that the individual had red skin, only that he was a hot tempered warrior type

The real red pill is the ancient Nordics were Japanese so this is just the closing of a circle

Japanese dont really have smaller eyes than Caucasians. Seome even have larger looking eyes since Caucasians eyes are more deep sets and the skin around it can make it look very droopy and small, especially with age.

In old Asian art when they depicted Westerners they usually gave them big jew noses but drew the eyes the same way as with Asians. More prominent noses are the most striking Caucasoid feature for Asians. Also they depicted Europeans with exagarrated facial and body hair.

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you can't really compare both, completely different cases

The biggest eyes are mediterranean/berber and arabic.

Blondism is not an european feature.

OP exposed as a disingenuous troll.

>Blondism is not an european feature.
true, but for the most part it is, european derived blondism is spread arround eurasia, while non european blondisms are very localized exceptions

We wuz anime and sheit


I already know that. Someone being blonde doesn't mean he is european, or has european ancestry.

This is literally WE WUZ

They're not European

woah, big brains, nobody claimed otherwise, but yeah, everibody knows Sailor Moon's blonde and blue eyed character is a melanessian.

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You actually can, because you started seeing blonde hair blue eyed anime figures around the time you started seeing a proliferation of colors and styles. It starts with Manga artists not inking in the hair color as a way of differentiating characters in a sea of black-haired manga characters, and when anime takes off in earnest and color becomes an important design element, those blank hairstyles were then filled in with a variety of colors

Nordcucks are seriously the biggest narcissists on the planet

Blondism originates from EHG so it is a European feature. AG3 had brown-black hair.

>we wuz anime n shiet
This is some esoteric wewuzzery

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ah yeah, the classic Aryan japanese, it wasn't actually Aryan, it was "an artistic choice", off course! You'd might have a point if instead of Aryan she was like blond hair and pink eyes, but she isn't, you know, faggot?

But you do get anime characters with ridiculous colours like that

deluded Nordcucks don't have the aesthetic monopoly on blonde hair and blue eyes. You are only sperging out about your unwarranted sense of self-importance and not actually trying to get in the head of the Japanese woman who created Sailor Moon

Get over yourself, you're not impressing anybody by wallowing in your own ignorance

For refference, some times you don't, you know, notice how both blonde girls have blue eyes... kinda wild "artistic choice", huh, nigger?

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2 vs 0, also notice 0 niggers and 0 midle easterns, Yikes!

>deluded Nordcucks don't have the aesthetic monopoly on blonde hair and blue eyes.

>O B S E S S E D
turn off the blacked.com and go outside

no argument

k thx bai

I don't think they're intended to look "white". Rather, they're intended to look racially ambiguous so they can attract an international audience.

Green hair for reference, most common among nordic volk atlanteans from hyperborea

How do you know the black haired one isn't a kebab

I forgot what it is called but there is a word for it, it means something along the lines of from not one place or something like that which is used as an excuse to make colourfull characters.
Akira and similar animes went against that and made more Japanese-looking ones.

>Aryans are an artistic choice, that's why there are 2 of them
brainlet logic, you see, blonde hair and blue eyes... meanwhile OH WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT? NO FUCKING BLACK SKIN OR EVEN BROWN IN THE MAIN CHARACTERS!

Sailor moon is shit, watch Akira instead.

no brown skin, no jew nose

Her BF looks Asian tho. Everyone thirsts after fair girls.

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Kebabs can have light skin and all of their noses are basically facial protrusions like cats have

if they have "european" admixture, sure

Because asians like light skin you dumb fuck
An asian cosplayer with a pink wig and yellow contacts can relate to a light skinned, pink haired yellow eyed, light skinned anime character

For one thing, turks kurds and azeris naturally have the same skin colour as southern europeans, they have light skin alleles such that if untanned they will be pale and finally there's that 100% north african guy who posted here a while back with pale skin

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meanwhile... two fucking aryan characters, not one, two

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southern europeans, generally speaking do not have pale skin, and generally speaking, nor do midle eastern, if you wanna depict the stereotype of a midle eastern you depict him with brown skin, obviously

how about these words, absolutely retarded

That's largely due to higher intensity sunlight
I know quite a few (central) Italian sons of immigrants here in England who are as pale as Anglos

not really, I have high intensity sunlight and even when I sunbathed I still remained partly pale

Blondism is not an european feature.

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Where do you live?

They are cartoons, user. Pale skin is not an european feature either.

in your mom's house

not exclussive, but def a northern european feature

Japs have pale skin



>green eyes
bad example

I see no problems since the Japanese are honorary Aryan anyway.

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That's a meta-LARP if i ever saw one

>After his first McDonald's meal in 1967, Fujita was amazed by its efficiency and popularity. After selling imported bags and shoes, Fujita seized on the opportunity to start McDonald's franchises in Japan in 1971. His strategy for selling McDonald's to the Japanese people involved the following statement: "The reason Japanese people are so short and have yellow skins is because they have eaten nothing but fish and rice for two thousand years... If we eat McDonald's hamburgers and potatoes for a thousand years we will become taller, our skin become white, and our hair blonde."[1]

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Absolutely based lmao

They copied Disney Princesses. Snow White has a “French nose”, visible eyelids with no fold, and there are yellow hair blue eyes characters with her face in the background.

Almost everyone in classic anime was drawn with Disney Snow Whites face, then eventually it got stylized.

So in short it is an art style trend and not even an original one. But some japs do look kinda caucasoid. Yakonid and Ainuid admixture.

The hair colors came because background characters in Snow White also have various hair colors.

So yes it’s imitating Snow White. Then it became imitating Lum who imitated Snow White.

Heck most waifus are basically colorcoded clones of each other.
>Pink hopeless romantic girly protagonist
>Red (or orange) boisterous hothead tomboy
>Yellow “wild-child” that lives without rules
>Light green hyper-excitable
>Dark green nerd
>Blue stoic shyster
>Violet stylish snob
>Grey hair edgy stoic
>White hair shy unearthly stoic
>Brown and black reserved for backgrounders, minor characters, audience substitutes, or next-doorsy characters.

>If we eat McDonald's hamburgers and potatoes for a thousand years we will become taller, our skin become white, and our hair blonde."[1]

as racist as i am this shit bothers me.

Based as fuck

Yeah same here. I unironically think Nordics are the prettiest people, but when others try to emulate them it feels kinda sad and bad

>as racist as i am
bahaha go back to leftypol

The men? Yes

>T.some insecure nip

Why are there so many hafus in your TV shows?

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"The survey by the Japan Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery found that about 90 percent of cosmetic surgeries involved facial treatment, whereas the norm overseas is around 40 percent." By contrast the most numerous ones in the west are boob jobs.

On average they are more neotonous but not nearly as pretty as the pics in your infographic.

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It is though. Its just a normal average person to them just as we see it. The only thing they would note as being foreign is the blonde hair color but even creative liberty means that they could simply be blonde japanese characters.

>the gaijin recoils in fear when confronted with uncomfortable facts

>japanese girl does her best to live up to your anime standard of cute
>somehow thats a bad thing

>Has to change her face to do so
Somehow this has escaped you in the entire exchange thus far.

>surgery bad
Tell me why?


>European features
you mean white features? just like Europeans think that anime characters are inspired by them other people from N.Africa or western Asia have the same thoughts as well

The point is that anime is not representative of the Japanese phenotype which is exactly why they have to undergo surgery to match their dream phenotype.
That is what the whole thread is about.

>chasing ideals of beauty is bad
Sasuga user-kun

You're implying japanese can't naturally have that phenotype

So ancient greek statues representing perfect body proportions and the people seeking them are also wrong i assume?

They don't which is why they have surgery like that.

I shall take your concession.

Not really. A Greek can have that (Med) body type, but Japs don't have the Disney copied phenos.

Some do. Not every good looking jap had surgery

Japanese view expressions through the eyes, whereas Europeans view expressions through the mouth.

This sounds like bullshit but let me elaborate.
Japanese often wear medical masks, due to living in the thick of the city. They're thus acquainted with reading other's facial expressions through their eyes.
Europeans/Americans on the other hand often wear glasses, including sunglasses, and thus read expressions through the mouth.

This is enforced by emoticons.

Japanese emoticons always focus on the eyes
>(; ̄Д ̄)
>(; ・`д・´)
Focus is clearly put on the eyes

Whereas American and European emoticons focus on the mouth
> :)
> :D
> :O
> :(
> XD


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Good looking Japs look like those from Akira. Not like the sailor moon girls.

I'm not saying they look identical, Americans don't look like yosemite sam. I'm just saying they look more like japanese than caucasians, frankly it's silly to assume the Japanese view anime characters as caucasian

Plenty of Japanese have strong Ainu ancestry.
Look at Toshiro Mifune. Certain expressions and angles of his make him look white, and he was an actor long before the advent of plastic surgery.

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Yes those would be good representatives of the style that goes against Mukokuseki.

Strange thing is, they depict themselves on how they wanted to look like while nearly completely ignoring how they actually look. While giving foreign characters more realistic racial features. Could that be considered projecting? For example they give Caucasoid men large noses and more body hair while making themselves tall and robust with sharp facial features.


They have more face related plastic surgeries than Westerner nations 1on1.

>tall and robust with sharp facial features.
I don't know which shows you watch, but they always seem to be short and round faced in the ones i watch

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Only their ruling class.

But how many have surgery in the first place?

I'm talking about the men. Excluding Moe anime types.

the Nips live in denial, the American influence ruined their minds

Good post, interesting analysis