Explain yourselves artfags

Explain yourselves artfags

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This is art bro

This has nothing to do wait art.

What do you wanna know? Fag

The future of every retarded whore with dyed hair.
Think they'll mature with age? Look at OP's pic.

This would be hot if it was a cute trap with a fem penis

I hear bleach is a lovely beverage on a hot summer day

I hear prudes are just jealous

the art world being obsessed with nudity is so tired and lame

It's already been explained.

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>art is supposed to be enjoyable
If you unironically think that your IQ must be below 80
That being said, feminists hijacking the concept of modern art to make a statement are equally lacking and part of the problem.

>Pay for my shit or you have a low iq
>you're just not smart like me so you dont get what this splash of paint represents in my memories of may 30th 1997. Only smart people know what I was thinking this day and no I won't enact the labor of using art to give a hint to the idea my art is supposed to represent
>can you fill my tank bro?

if you not enjoy making a piece of art why make it
if you're not enjoying looking at a piece of art why keep looking at it

Yeah man I'll fill your tank up. I got that darkweb helium straight from the source, not cut with oxygen.

Nobody wants to spend the time to be trained anymore. If that fat bitch had spent the last decades learning to carve beautiful marbles or paint amazing paintings and showed her talent and craft then wanted to walk around naked and tell me about her gunt, i might listen to see if she had a point

but she just went from zero to gunt, anyone can show you her gunt

You realize every art fag in the pic is un agreement that all of it was some low effort bullshit. Even the baby face little boy isnt having it

he has points but he's leaving out the invention of the camera, that made a big difference, you don't have to paint realistically when someone can just take a picture in 1 seconds of the same thing

Nigga, i just paint trees. I aint done shit

>mfw it happened in my fucking country

Right, there's not much point to painting realistically when a photo is better and requires less effort. So if you want to distinguish yourself as an artist after the camera's invention you either have to strive to be as realistic as the camera, or you have to find some other kind of value that is exclusive to ape-powered imaging. I think the second is not only easier but more practical overall.

>art has gotten so bad in user's country that he can't even post a visual representation of his face when

how is that not sex offense what the fuck

>mfw granpappies having a psychotic break and thinks he's a woman

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forgot it kek
nobody really cares about that particular incident here, just some dumb one time feminist shit. things Iike that usually dont happen here.

what the fuck was that user, how did you managed to fuck up like that

what was what? nothing happened

sure nothing to see here. if i hadnt already refreshed the tab i would screencap it

I hope the garfield fag sees this, because this is exactly what happens when you don't have any clear vision and just "innovate" for the sake of innovation. This all resulted from fags trying to push the definition of "art" to different things, including a regular straight-out-of-the-factory urinal with a signature.

This world is getting so NARROW-MINDED and RETARDED. I mean, people think that you are a COMMUNIST, or a left wing anarchist, the moment you tell you have artistic abilities and even a degree on the field, not to mention if you tell you produce art. They might even think that you are secretly allied with (((them))) or the (Jewish) Satanist paedophiles, or at least Satanist when you tell that. IT'S FUCKING REPULSIVE, that people have started to see art or making it as an equivalent of "degeneration" and left wing extremism. Even some people who are slightly artistic themselves are fucking doing it. WE TRULY ARE LIVING THE TIMES OF THE RISING FASCISM. I mean, remember how they burnt pieces of modern art in Nazi Germany. And yeah, people are becoming just INTOLERABLE APES, concluding from totally irrelevant aspects that you are part of the enemy group. You wear a red cap in your head because you just found it in your closet and you're a trumpist. You wear a poncho as your jacket got stained and you're an antifa member. FUCKING IDIOTIC.


And check in the comments what these delusional nutjobs got out of the dance performance in this video.


>thinking you need a degree to get into painting.
user...this is not XVIII century, that's dumb and will never bring anything good for society, every style got his ambasador/country so it's just useless. you should kys.

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I love many types of art and put time into it whenevr I can... But this is the shit that makes me hide the fact im into art, this is the shit that makes me want to drop it entirely. I tell very few people because I dont want people to associate me with the people into this fuckery...

I feel bad for those kids, having some fat reneck smelly old fart flash you because, ITs ArT BrUh

Why cant I spell

This is my kind of art, aesthetic and functional

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>I mean, people think that you are a COMMUNIST, or a left wing anarchist, the moment you tell you have artistic abilities and even a degree on the field, not to mention if you tell you produce art
>You wear a red cap in your head because you just found it in your closet and you're a trumpist. You wear a poncho as your jacket got stained and you're an antifa member.
This literally does not happen, dude. Go outside.

if that was a man exposinghimself with a group of men those same cunts would have fucking heart attacks.

Sorry but I do not get shit out of your NONSENSICAL PILE OF RETARDED LIES. Who the fuck said you need a degree to get into painting? What the fuck has that to do with anything I said? Nothing. ART IS A LOT MORE THAN JUST PAINTING YOU BRAINLESS RETARD believing in your OWN LIES about art to invalidate the meaning of art education and thus the people who have it. What fucking style? What ambassador? Style of art is not tied to country you brainless idiot. And the retard bimbo on the video I linked is solely an ambassador of NATIONALISM (or should I say an attention whore sucking up the right wing dick to earn some money) as part of which she is condemning modern art that is being supported by the left wing and supporting art that was supported by the Nazi Germany. IN THAT SHE IS A REPULSIVE APE THAT SHOULD BE SENT BACK TO THE JUNGLE JUST LIKE YOU AND ALL THE OTHER BRAINLESS APES WHO FUCKING DISTORT THEIR OBSERVATION TO FIT THEIR POLITICAL GOALS. If you won't cease to exist on your own I will start removing you brainless apes myself at some point. YOU ARE FUCKING RUINING THE ENTIRE HUMANITY, both on the left and the right.

And just FYI you brainless idiots, in my opinion there is a place for both MODERN and CLASSICAL art and they both have value. Whereas classical art was to invoke sensations of beauty and respect, the modern art is to invoke and provoke thoughts and introspection as well as sensations of beauty if chosen to do so. SO ANY FUCKING APE WHO CONDEMNS THE OTHER, IS A FUCKING LIAR, a piece of shit who do not appreciate art in the first place. Because if you do you see value in both.

And yeah, how fucking retarded you have to be to think that the dance performance on that other video is a Satanist ritual for opening a tunnel??? Haahahahahaha! These people are completely messed up.

Yeah, nothing more to say. There's no use to communicate with apes whose place is in the jungle.

Yes it literally happens. You can see it in people's faces, in the contemptuous looks you get from the lefties when wearing a red cap or the righties when you're wearing a poncho. They might even give a little comment after you passed them OUTSIDE.

>You can see it in people's faces
I think you're just schizophrenic. Literally no one has ever given me shit for doing arts stuff, and most people don't even know what the fuck antifa is. THe kind of people that do, and actually care are such a small percentage that there's no way you encounter any significant amount.

>lmao didn't read.
keep coping art retard fag.

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You're a fucking retard and I hate you!!!

I like ironic shit

I-uh well you s-see uuh

>Sexless dykes are trying to normalize pedophilia

Would it be sexual harassment if I rubbed my dick on those body molds?
Or would people just consider it art?

Wouldn't this be indecent exposure to minors?

>In California, for instance, to be convicted of indecent exposure, the prosecution must prove an intent to sexually arouse, or sexually insult or offend someone.
I have no idea if it actually was taken in California, but I'm willing to bet it was Either Cali, New York, or Washington.