Why haven't you robots tried tinder yet? I mean if you can put together a few decent looking pictures you can surely get a few matches right?

I mean I'm not full robot more along the cyborg lines and I've been able to pull multiple girls relatively easily, I feel like you guys could get at least 1 if you really tried.

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And I'm not some chad either, Im a ginger with a dad bod so its not like it was all me being attractive

Git matches, can't hold a conversation cause none of them want to talk about Pokemon or other video games. If they do like video games, its normie shit like Fortnite.

Also every girl on there looks the exact fucking same.

I don't like how I like in pictures or real life.

met my gf on tinder
if i can do it so can you fags

Too scared of putting pictures of me for everyone to see. I don't want to end up on some women's meme website. Also cannot think of a good bio or anything to talk about with potential matches.

I'm looking for a gf, not a quick fuck.

Tinder is a funny way to say Grindr OP

>talking about video games with a female
Enjoy your permavirginity

That's gross dude. Why would you gf a Tinder slut?

its the same guy posting this thread every day. is he going to post is baller tinder conversations now?

I refuse to even talk to someone who uses tinder. I have actual standards, thank you very much.

Bios aren't that important , just put some normie tier shit that is somewhat funny. My bio is literally just my height and a quote from letterkenny

the trick is to find the actual women mixed into the tinder sluts, if she trying to fuck on the first date then shes probably just a thot, find another qt that just got out of a relationship and is trying to "get back out there" or some shit

I don't have good pictures of me because I don't have any friends and I don't want to post selfies too because it will make me look like a lonely autist

I haven't had a picture taken of myself since 2012, and I refuse to post pictures of myself on the internet. Posting your pics to the internet in the post-snowden era is directly contributing to your future enslavement.

arigatou boku mo

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>actual women
>on tinder
>not tinder sluts
>on tinder
is there something wrong with your fucking brain?

If you can find a gril with similar hobbies thats cool but don't count all of them out, learn to become a social chameleon and kinda go with the flow until you can feel out what they are like

>just be a creeper bro

I mean my pics were just 3 selifes and one random pic so they could see i wasn't an obese mongoloid the pics don't have to be fancy,

How can you complain about people liking "normie shit like Fortnite" but you yourself like one of the most normalfag games of all time?

I mean remaining neutral without sperging out about video games isn't exactly creeper. Anyone with some iota of social skills will read the situation/conversation and act accordingly

yea, women find that creepy, especially if its coming from a guy they aren't attracted to.

I talked to one girl, on tinder, who after some time revealed she was still a virgin at 24 but i gave up because virgins are too much work

so they exist out there

wow you actually believe that? that is just astounding

You are really pathetic, also Fortnite is much better than your retarded cartoon characters with some kind of superpowers you fucking autist.

I don't know any normie shit, and no point for me putting in height because it's under 6'

yeah if its under 6 just post some quotes that make you look funny, if you don't know any just google some of those bitches.

Tried it and had it installed for three days.
Several fat chicks matched me to the point where I stopped swiping on them.
Three decent looking girls match:
>I scare one of in the conversation so she unmatches (she actually messaged first too lmao)
>Next one updated her bio about 3 hours before I had the chance to message her saying she uninstalled the app (why not just delete your account?)
>Last one unmatched before I even had the chance to unmessage
I uninstalled after the last one unmatched me, cause she probably matched me on accident, and I just got annoyed and frustrated at that point.
I'm gonna collect some better pictures over some time and try again, but I'm only 18 years old, so I'll definitely have a better shot when I'm older.
Btw, has anyone here who was successful on tinder post their face in a /soc/ rate thread? I posted my front picture from tinder and got rated as a 7-8, so I'm guessing my lack of matches was that my two other pictures were outdated or low quality. Now that I think of it, one of the pictures was literally from over a year ago so oops.

but other stuff is boring thing and I dont want to talk to people unless they like interesting thing.

If you are like 5'9 or more just put 6', girls are usually pretty dumb when it comes to height measuring, they think that everyone taller than them is six foot or taller

she was cute but she seemed like a shy anxious sperg so it was believable. She said she shuts down and get anxious if people are physical so maybe she was just asexual who knows.,

Wait really? I'm just under 5'10 with shoes on, but my hair is poofed up, so I could go as high as 5'11. Maybe I should buy some of those platform shoes and claim 6'.

>they think that everyone taller than them is six foot or taller
thats some serious cope

a virgin girl on tinder lmao you are so gullible. was she also telling you about an investment opportunity?

not going to lie since i started using tinder adds have been popping up on sites for height increasing shoes, shits kinda funny and fucked up at the same time

It seemed super weird trust me i know, I probably wouldn't have believed it but she was a local girl and a friend of a friend.

Tinder has been a lot of fun for me as has Bumble. I would say in my experience Tinder is far more populated whereas Bumble has much better quality of matches, strictly going on appearance and personality. Both adhere to a strict hook up only policy

It is good if you are just trying to fool around and have fun while meeting different people, but you can not take what people say at face value. Me and this one very sweet girl talked for about a month before meeting with her expressing concern over being ghosted or people not being very serious and pretending to be.

So naturally of course after I met and slept with her she was now no longer over her ex. Which is a possibility, but still feels like a lot of ladies are running game on there

That was not a 100% serious statement, but you are autistic so it's all fine.

im sure some are running game but so are guys, I just tell them I'm looking to meet new poeple and see where things go and not rush into things.

I then preceed to bang them for a few weeks then slowly ghost while moving onto other girls.

last 3 months have gone through about 9 girls this way, keep 3 or so going at a time then slowly move onto others

No doubt, I think honesty is always the best policy though. I do not inquire into peoples intentions anymore at this point and just let it flow, lol my brain is not physically capable of hearing a pretty girl say she has feelings for me and not developing something in the way of an attachment so I would rather not discuss them to begin with.

Most of the time I only see the girls a single time, this last girl I met was super cool and then started freaking out about a week after we slept together because I am not officially divorced.

>none of them want to talk about Pokemon
never gonna make it

I've tried tinder and okcupid a little to decent success in getting likes, but these women can never hold a conversation for even a few messages. They must be going through a hundred guys and have only been into me for 5 minutes before switching to someone else. I assume the first message should just be, "lets fuck" or some shit since they're all whores. And ofc I don't like back the chubs so I wouldn't know about that.

>find the actual women mixed into the tinder sluts
in the Anglo world you'll have better luck trying to do... just about anything else m8. seriously play the stock market, russian roulette, anything.

not saying there aren't comfy nice grils on Tinder in other countries, I've seen a bunch of Jow Forums posts about Tinder and eastern europe and latin american grils seem like good prospects. but if you are in the USA, CAN, AUS, or UK pic related is what is on tinder

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how far we done fallen

>but still feels like a lot of ladies are running game on there
lmao, that is the entire point dude. have you seen any of tinder or bumble's commercials, they are from the lady perspective.

t. was at a work conference last year with females from my division who were all looking at their phones all day instead of working - all picking out the dick in a "big city" they were going to ride that night.

Giving rights to women and blacks was a fantastic idea.

agreed there is a ton of trash on tinder but you can find decent ones... maybe my view is skewed because i live in a comfy midwest area

im not going to find any decent ones on tinder. i live in a shitty city filled with mexicans, bitchy rich girls, and girls that want to be bitchy rich girls.

>snag a couple qts on bumble
>erectile dysfunction half the time

It's too embarrassing

Tried it desu
Didnt get any matches or even likes

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I had that happened to me twice, the first time the girls hairy ass snatch was just not doing it for me, the second I just got out my truck and pissed and everything worked after that.

The problem is that you have to input either a phone number or use your facebook account.

I don't have a cellphone and although I do have facebook I don't want to link anything to it.

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I Chad fish girls and get a new girl every night to send me nudes

How new are you reddit fag?

I cant find a weeb girl on tinder, and I dont know how to talk about anything else

>blocked out picture/name, guaranteed to be a fat or ugly whore, or both - maybe a nigger beast
>taking a tinder slut out to eat on the first date
>begging for a fuck, being told she "gets plenty of dick," and STILL taking her out on a date with explicitly no sex at the end

you really shouldn't be giving any advice or opinions on here, they're totally worthless based on the fact you are 100% beta and probably live in some shit hole state or city

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I am fairly afraid to put myself out there. I lack the social skills due to never having had a relationship when I was younger. Long-term avoidant habits I suppose. Don't want to waste my time or someone else's on something that ultimately makes me uncomfortable.

I am also not looking for a fling. I'd rather find something more long-term, but I'd rather focus on career or something first. Spending a long time hoping I'd meet someone by chance never bore any fruit, so I either need to try something differently or just accept the status quo. I am probably getting too old at this point for it to really be excusable anymore.

>tfw you're ugly and wouldn't be attracted to your match-look unless maybe you had a 100% personality sync

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Well at 29 I can no longer get hot 18-21 year old. All I get are fatties and niggers now so I don't bother.

>I mean if you can put together a few decent looking pictures
let me stop you right there

went to my first tinder date today on another city and all, haha fuq, she is addicted to weed, short and chubby, we kissed, i groped her tits, but nothing happened cause we were in a public plaza.
i am kinda scared, she mentioned a lot of times that wanted me to be her bf, i dont want to be attatched to anyone now.

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I don't want a woman that uses tinder. I'd rather be alone than lower my standards.

I used Tinder for years. At one point I was hooking up with 2-3 different girls a week. Met multiple girlfriends on there.
It all started after I got dumped by my LTR of 4 years who I started dating in senior year of HS.
It's not worth it. Girls on Tinder are tainted, period.
Now that Tinder exists and hookup culture is common, it has become EASIER to talk to girls in public because they assume most guys don't do that anymore and are into hookup culture/tinder. So when a decent guy talks to them in public, it makes it even that much more special.
If a girl smiles at you, smile back, say hello. She might keep walking but there's a good chance she wants to keep talking. After you say hello and smile, cross her path again and say something casual to strike up a conversation. She'll be glad you did.

>Tfw made a Bumble
>Got a couple of matches I know are dtf
>No drive to actually have sex with them
Not because they're ugly but it just feels so forced you know what I mean? Should I just do it?

Sounds boring to me. I would rather just marrurbate

because i got banned