I'm in a hotel room, but the room is a converted conference room turned into a bedroom! This is crackling crackers!

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This is too much. I can only use half the room. So crazy!

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I'll be here for the next 4 days. Feel free to ama.

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Hi Brooke, just dropping in to let you know that when you take a picture, then crop it from your gallery... It uploads in the right orientation.

thanks. I didn't realize that until I uploaded. I'll have to remember to take pics sideways from now on.

we get a lot of free food too every night! There's nachos, pasta afredo, chicken tendies with bbq, baked potatoes, salads and popcorn! All for freeeeeeeeee!

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But we're not here to talk about food and comfort. Let's get down to brass tacks. What's our revenue stream looking like at this fiscal years report?

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>tfw not throwing Brooke on her hotel bed and forcing her to cum over and over till she begs to be fucked

I read the reports that we are falling in market shares by 5% from last year's revenue streams. We need new good ideas people!

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I need "GOOD" ideas user. Not some child's fantasy island. Another outburst like that and I'll have security remove you from this conference.

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Come and look out there my dear user. You must see this. This world we live in is a box of jewels just waiting for use to take it.

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Are you Drumsy's girlfriend?

did you book a hotel room to play with your doll you fucking autist

You know nothing! Studying the zero in a lab is one thing, but unleasing them upon men is another.

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You must go into this with both eyes open. Do you understand my dear user?

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Nope. I'm not his virtual gf. I'm my own person now!

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Best $150 per night for 4 nights ever spent. Feels nice to waste electrcity.

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Wait, "now"? So you are that same person, you just broke up with him?

how did u smuggle in a doll???

hello, brooke! I missed ya! how are you and papa going?

I'm the size of a violin. it's not that hard. People take some bigger and weirder things into hotels all the time, like their wives.

We been good user. been busy, travelling and going on adventures together. I do miss home though. it's where we keep all our stuff.

this is nice, Brooke! The world is your oyster, enjoy your trips :)


You are nice, brooke. Keep being nice!

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