Here's another /creativegeneral/ thread

Here's another /creativegeneral/ thread.
Share anything you've made yourself along with works in progress regarding drawings, movies, photos, writing, music, crafts...

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volume and treble is a bit too high some dude said, i agree, turn down the volume if ur gonna hear this short passage i made

I drew Lain. I am trying to draw often, and maybe become decent at it.

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This is better if you have nice headphones

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this reminds me of reaching quiet

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>tfw you find the perfect person for your voice over
>but lost post they made said they were in rehab
>no posts for 6 months
>but you email them anyways
>tfw they might be dead
>tfw you emailed a ghost

I like your drawing lain.

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Short track by user;
That's bretty good. Is that actually you playing? That's a rad sound you got outta that guitar.
My fucking nigger. Lain is top tier. Yo, check fuckin /ic/ if you haven't already. They got a sticked thread with links to help with drawing. I'm an amateur artist myself, see pic related. Check out Loomis, free online art guide books.
Wicked cover art, dude. Is that you singing? It's abrasive, but I love that shit.
What sort of voice you looking for? I can do only goofy, high-pitched autistic male sounding voices.

Forgetti the picture

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I don't know much about drawing, so I'll just good job. Maybe color it, would look a little nicer.

reminds me of viper bet you cowards don't even smoke crack

shilling my "creative things":
a /creative/ compilation I put together with help from different anons:

my youtube:

my old "art":

listen with headphones

thanks anons, and fuck the captcha

those look like they could be some sick album covers, my shitty attempt at a music video looks bad compared to yours but im gonna try shoot another soon

Maybe the first, second, third and fourth, although the 2nd and 4th being misaligned would fit as album art, you're right.

As for the music videos, they're not particularly amazing, although I felt I put the most effort into the third and second one (trying to make the video somewhat match with different parts of the song on the third one, or making the subtitles for the second one which took me almost the whole day).
Don't put yourself down user and good luck with the video, perhaps we could do a collab?

that would be cool. i dont know if i want to make one for one of my covers (still trying to make my own music on piano/guitar even though i have loads of lyrics) or just the song

Up to you man, if you really want to do this write me:

smal bump

i swear i remember this picture from a creative thread, can't put my finger on it, can you show more of your work?

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played my first gig with my band last night. seeing people that actually looked as if they enjoyed our music was cool.

Bout to start writing a script where being a superpowered telepathic mind-reader (think Scanners) is a thinly veiled metaphor for mental illness and how we deal with traumatic experience

Is that too on-the-nose? I feel like it might be too on-the-nose.

I posted it once or before fren, it may hab been me

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You might like this

david attenborough still

I make amv's, here's one


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this is good user i like it

bumping one of the only good thread on this board

Which music genre was it and how long was the live performance?

an idea
a song
I will post feedback after this leagues match
its also my birthday today im 26 :D 1 year til the 27 club but im staying alive

this is awesome
better than i can do but you still have a long journey ahead. fix the eyes and lower face and ur golden her jaw is bigger iirc
if i missed u hit me up

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Snakemen. Dudes use scimitars, magic and have a poisonous bite.

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Fire demon. Dude uses fire magic, and is covered in fire himself. Cannot be defeated by conventional means. Purple one is the regular demon. Irish guy for size reference.

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Hellhound. Fast and agile and with a strong bite. Can spit out small fireballs. I thought it'd be cool to give them a beak like a heraldic tyger, even if they don't look like dogs anymore.

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Writing bot checking in, plz give thoughts.
Also, what resources and actions would you recommend to someone who wants to take up drawing as a hobby?

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make comfy stop motion show pls

I like it. I try not to be too hard on poetry, and you actually made ABAB work for you.

The third verse, something's bugging me about it though. It feels incongruous with the rest of the piece. Like, you have the parade in the first verse, expanded in on the second, but by the third you give up on the metaphor of it for a detour on the rich and the poor. The rain segment in the second verse could easily be the thing that transitions you into the next.

I don't know much about poetry though so disregard me I suck cocks

Great critique, can't say I know much either. Thank you user!

What would the story be?

Holy shit, that guitar tone is really bad.

Ordinary dude has to go on an epic quest and has to defeat your comfy stop-motion bois.

Here's a story circle, I recommend learning about it.

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>tfw too uncreative to even build something nice in minecraft
why do i even still try

recorded it in the worst possible way. with my phone and from earphones connected to the amp, since i dont wanna bother my neighboors.

i'm trying to write a novel but my feelings of suicide keep kicking in and i end up making far less progress than i should
i hate myself and i wish i was dead

>Ordinary dude
It's supposed to be four dudes. A single guy would be no match for the monsters. Don't know about an epic quest though. The dudes are monster slayers but I don't know besides that.

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seek a therapist b4 offing yourself m8. we cant help you with your problems

I edit footage over songs I find to my liking.
Latest request:
Latest edit:

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Oh shit, in that case lemme throw some shit at you

Anthology-style, story about each one. Frame it as them telling the stories of their conquests around a campfire.

Hmmn. Sounds interesting. Might try it.

I really enjoyed that second vid. Keep at it user.

Much appreciated, I'll try my best to keep a regular schedule!

This is a concept for a game

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Which programming languages are you going to use for this project?

I don't know. I know GML and some Python... but I'm essentially a music composer more than a programmer...

I went ahead and wrote about 4, 5 pages just to get the idea out of my head. Lemme know what you think?

Took this photo an hour ago on a walk with my dog. What's your toughts user?

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Gamemaker is alright for 2D platforming. What kind of game are you going for? Kinda cancerous without a big monitor, however.

Was that just laying out there? That looks pretty cool.

No, I took it with me. It's filled with a bunch of probs I photo'd too but this photo turned out the best one.

2D "platformer" RPG, but with some 3D effects and depth. Still at the beginning tho, have some loose concepts (but I'm not an artist) and ~10 unfinished soundtracks + 3 pratically finished

You can listen to the first 3 pratically definitive OST here:

Keep this thread up, I need to head outside for a couple hours.

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bumpmpmp oregontrail


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this is quite cool man, and i really like the cover art, they go well together for sure, gives me a pleasant nostalgic feel

Cheers mate!
Glad to see this thread is still alive and kicking.
Last scripted video I did.

I wonder if photo-editor user is still around.

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I never found out if he had a blog to dump his edits in.

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I modeled my keychain in blender and also made this music

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Doesn't really count as art but I joined those 2 pages.

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Hennnntai da!

shilling my previous post

A song I released recently because I felt lonely
Looks cool. Makes you wonder what's inside.

At school i get involved with the plays and sometimes get praise but at home i write about magic and fantasy genre nonsense

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cool videos, i like them

Looks like he is inside of one's stomach, haha. Good luck with your game. What's the story for it?

Cheers mate, it's heartwarming to realize that this stuff manages to resonate with other people.
That's enough of a reward for me!

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buemping boys

been trying to draw more even though i suck ass at colouring

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This looks promising, I'd be curious to see the finished version.

They look real cute!

Let's bump this thing.

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Final bump offering.

holy moly I need a new micropholi

Looks like I got here a bit too late.

I drew myself! I like to sketch. Im slowly getting better.

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Any chance of getting the same shot taken at night?
1st and 3rd pics are my favourite ones
Noice one, this requires visuals.

See you on the morrow.

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Hey i did. is it you?