Greeting neck beards and leg beards

It seems like a bunch of people on here are desperate for love, both anons and femanons.
Why not look for love here? Reply with some information like Height, skin color, age, body type and general area. You can also post a pic of yourself but I don't reccomend it.
Who knows, maybe you can find a cancerous not-so hot single in your area.

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>skin color
>body type
>general area

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>Why not look for love here?
Many people do. It's usually a futile effort due to the massive gender gap.

Please submit discord to my DMs if you are a cute Drow girl. Fembots need not apply.

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i just want something cute im stronger than adn can dom but im 5'8

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Move to asia then
Men are usually around that height there and you'll stand out as an exotic foreigner

>so just a pointy eared, white wig wearing nigger?
You have shit taste in women user

is this thread to find friends also or no?

>makes thread for people looking for love
>asks people to list info about looks
is this what society has done to "love"?

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i just want a skinny girl in the north east to cuddle

>email: [email protected]

Come at me legbeards!

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lol it's actually [email protected]

sorry if I confused any lovely and wonderful femanons that tried to contact me XD

>futile effort due to the massive gender gap.
That's true, it's not that massive though. It might be near 1/20 at worst. The reason problem is if you don't live in any major cities, there may only be near 20 people in total from your area who come here... so at that point the total number of females might actually be zero.

It's fairly easy to meet up with people from larger urban centers though.

isn't there more competition in large urban centers though?

broadshoulders strong and strong legs too
7 inch pee pee
cook good food

This seems like someone larping and trying to make a friend instead of trying to help others

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doesn't mean we can't use this as an oppurtunity to help ourselves!

>one hour later and still no emails or even replies
guess I really should kill myself after all lmao. So much for "height is all that matters" lmao

too tall imo but i am a guy sooo.

>too tall
lol since when was 6'4 too tall, everyone here says that's the perfect height, I'm actually a tall 6'4 that would probably get to 6'5 if I improved my posture. not that anybody cares if 6'4 is too tall anyway lmao

1 woman to 20 men is still pretty massive though.

thanks for the response btw, it means a lot more to me than you might think.

>implying females are here
>implying that there'd be enough to go around
>implying females would bravely meet
>implying lgbt

This thread is fucking stupid delete it.

Youre welcome i suppose i'll wish you luck while im at it

Alright worth a shot

About 5'4
>skin color
>my area
May as well add
Retro games, figures, comics, movies,
I am average weight so I would want a guy that's average weight or fatter than me because I find that cute

I just want a guy near me whose around my height and isnt a mean person. Someone who wants someone to be intimate with. I'm not the best conversationalist so we could just enjoy each other's silence and do cute couple stuff. As for looks I just want someone whose white.

Anywhere near the windy city?

What kind of girl do you want? And do you care if shes not in the uk?
Tell us a little more about yourself

Bbc here in north new jersey

Yep about 30 mins away. But would prefer someone who also lives somewhere in the suburbs.

>Skin Color
>Body Type
Chubby (230lbs)

If you want to add me please reply with your discord :)))

Damn, I'm downtown. Well good luck finding someone close to you anyway.

Ideally I'd like a skinny gf with lots of hair and a natural mustache and a cool attitude that doesn't mind having fun but also doesn't mind being boring or sharing a silence. She has to enjoy cute dates and playing games with me. She also has to want to have children, ideally two daughters and a son.

The problem is I can't visit her to see if she's real or not if she's too far away without huge cost and risk, I'm fine with getting pranked into travelling to the other side of the country, but going abroad is too much imo. What sort of thing about myself am I supposed to say?

give me relationship
Im a dude in virginia I just wanna do stuff with people sometimes. Getting more and more introverted as time passes.
[email protected]

If only you weren't halfway across the country from me...

>skin color
pale white
>body type
chubby but losing weight
>general area

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Might as well go for it

>skin color
>my area
video games (Basically just ow, dota 2, gmod), some anime (don't watch it a lot, don't know why), new interests come and go as well
average, but want to get more fit eventually

I've had people describe me as aloof before

Just looking for someone to be with, sometimes I'm not much of a talker and just prefer to sit in silence with each other