What is your political stance user?

What is your political stance user?

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Ultra right-wing communistic centrism.

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I hate everyone and hope they all burn in hell

>tfw hate capitalism but don't want to be an SJW communist leftycuck
>tfw hate progressivism but don't want to be a brain dead boomer conservacuck
>tfw don't want to be a braindead centrist

what do i policial?

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>hate capitalism
>hate fascism
>hate communism

Socially im definitely left. Politically I have no fucking idea.

Heil Hitler and nuke the world or let some Big Boss dude take over.

I don't even know anymore. I just want to live in a small tribe and we vote as a community.

Conservative centrist

Anything to see russia die

hardcore lefty but I like to meme on Jow Forums because it's all anonymous
no one at the community center knows i like to call lonely virgins "faggots"
feels good man

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OP here. I think anarchism might be your specialty. ;)

>I think anarchism might be your specialty. ;)

But I don't want to be an anarchist

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im gonna go with this one. politics is for simps

Whatever gets me laid

"Don't know, Don't care"

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Full libertarian, only left enough to make sure the fired department doesn't let my house burn down if I don't let them rape my bank account

From sweden and our welfare is fucked and would work alot cheaper if run privatly with some sort of state intervention. Hbu OP?

could i interest you in the apocalyptarian party?
>takes whatever stance will cause the most damage and sow the most discord at any given time
>similar to contrarian but with the ultimate goal being total destruction
>goals: ww3, climate disaster, increase of political tensions, promoting escalations to [redacted]

Full on capitalist, companies should rule over us.

Natbol, my man

History is progressing towards socialism, and we'd get there a lot faster if we removed any restraints from capitalism and let technology and automation usher in the technosocialist utopia.
So basically fuck Bezos but not yet

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I genuinely don't care. As long as I can keep up my current lifestyle I don't have fucks to give about other people and what they're up to.

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I am a classical liberal

OP again, just choose your party based on YOUR political views and try not to believe what other people say is the "correct" party. I can help you out if you want.

I'm not from the us so I vote for anyone that I think can get my shitty country out of its economical crisis

I'm a Democrat but I'm not so far left to admit that Trump has done a few things right.

Moderate or centre left


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I've actually been re-examining my politics lately. Maybe some anons can offer their opinions on this:

The old guard political elite and the old money wealthy are leeches that rig the system to perpetuate a cycle of violence, poverty, and carefully crafted political division.

There are people who have so much money or political clout that they're nigh-unstoppable, and their agendas can be pushed through whatever legislative hurtles or social/cultural blockades they want by just throwing money or political clout at it.

This is ultimately what the left and the right both fear and hate, but won't unify on due to mostly manufactured social issue bullshit: the left blame the rich while the right blame the government, but I blame both. Powerful people cooperate to keep their power. Politicians want to stay in office to keep the money flowing, and the rich bribe politicians to pass laws that keep their coffers full. This cycle all but ensures the rich stay rich, the status quo is maintained, and the proles (us) can't build our own lives, because we're too hard at work maintaining the lives of the rich and powerful.

How do we stop them? We don't; not for a while, at least. As long as they're pushing enough scraps off their table to feed, shelter, and entertain the majority of us, even if we're absolutely miserable, we won't do the work that needs to be done to overthrow them. Things need to get really bad first. But we're slowly getting there. The corporate and government veil hiding evil individuals, modern technology, shell companies and pseudonyms on top fronts on top of cover stories, these things embolden the rich and powerful, and make them think they can hide from the responsibility that their great wealth bestows upon them. And maybe they're right... It's not like anybody knows the names of the major players who are responsible for the 2008 financial crisis, and fuck knows they aren't dead or in prison, like they ought to be.

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based I agree. too many bootlickers on this site honestly

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Radical Ifunnyism

My political stance is undecided. I'll cross the bridge when I get to it.

strasserism, shifting more left or right depending on my mood.


voting is the greatest meme ever told
politics are just another form of sports to occupy the minds of the masses

Third position fascist. Very lefty on economics and anti war, but far right on social and religious issues

I'm a dirty centrist, but a conservative centrist. The only reason I'm a centrist is because I'm so mixed on different issues

Ew, you two party ameritard faggots make me want to kill myself.

NatSoc, but not one of those retard "Gas zey J00Z" ones.

>caring about politics in this day and age
Lmao literally every political shit in every country is just a few using the masses as a tool to further themselves. Even ancom and ancaps have daddies and mommies using them like retards, so on the off chance they ever got off reddit and did something, theyd be in the perfect position to take power
Heres a redpill and a half
The status quo wont change, radicals will screech and blame everyone, moderates will blame the other side, and nothing will change. Any major change will destabilize a country enough for foreign invasion since theyd know within the hour. Its within the best interests of everyone in power that the way things are stays the same. Only minor changes to keep us alive will happen, climate change and pollution will be dealt with, not much else.
Major change can no longer happen, the whole world is so itching for war that if an uprising were to start in any major country, china, isreal, saudi arabia, or russia would invade before the week was over. Change is impossible on large scales. Lefties say the world is getting more socialist but thats because they dont leave their reddit bubbles. Righties say the world is getting more conservative but thats because they dont leave their bubbles. Most people are centrists or moderates, they follow media like sheep, think people on the other side are bad, and screech on social media about how they're being persecuted. This keeps the political atmosphere tense and hateful and allows corrupt politicians to use this to get in office. This system will never change as long as 99% of the population is neurotypical. The only people possible of bringing change are political extremists and extremists from all sides are big fucking losers at this point. Lazy fucks living in major cities bitching about capitalism, inbred hicks with a cleft lip claiming to be the master race, they cant do anything. The statud quo will be maintained, nothing major will happen, politics are for sheep.

>>oy vey he's falling for it!

Moderate libertarian Monarchist

Hardcore doomer. The world's too big and all the strongest forces are anti-human. We're hurtling into a future where each one of us matters less and less, and the path to averting it grows ever narrower. All the choices that could've been made to stop it needed to be made 80-100 years ago. They weren't the choices we made.

OP here. May I ask why you are NatSoc, I've never had a conversation with one.

god damn and here i was thinking there weren't any sentient beings here, well done.

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I assume your a doomer who isn't even making an effort to fix some of the problems in their country but sitting on our ass and spending unemployment checks on video games and g fuel

I stopped caring about politics over a year ago.
Honestly if I had to say anything, i'm tired with the way things are, I wish for a new and better world than what we currently have. I feel that the only way to achieve this is through globalism but then again I don't like the idea of my freedoms been taken away from me so it's hard to say that I truly support the idea of a globalist society. I always think I was born 1 or 2 centuries too early and a few centuries too late. I feel entirely disconnected with everyone and everything and the only way I achieve peace in my life is through getting drunk.

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Far right without properly understanding it. Drifting towards something less extreme which my mental health is thankful for.

>what is your political stance
Chaotic Neutral.

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Moderate centrist, life's pretty much the same under any political system. So long as you're able to have social interactions with others life is enjoyable. I assume.

Juche/Marxist-Leninist tbqh

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Fairly libertarian, as long as everybody else is fairly similar in their views. That seems not to be the case anymore and speaking softly doesn't really get you anywhere anymore. The world is growing increasingly polarized and extremist in their views. Have grown less libertarian in some sense as I've gotten older, but increasingly so in others. Having worked for the government before, I detest the bureaucracy and would rather see some slashing of the excess stagnation and bloat that perpetuates it. Early 1800s US would probably be my ideal government.

Still believe the government is good for establishing standards and breaking trusts and the like. Power will concentrate in various interests hands, be it government or corporation, and the people will always have to respond accordingly to prevent tyranny of some form.

Your mean accelerationism

So you mean just rich people then? Some of which happen to be in politics?

it's "I don't care unless it directly affects me"

Marxist leninist

I think it's strange how people get so patriotic or polarized by politics. It's all bullshit that doesnt make real change

I'm basically Hitler without the antisemitism. Palestine is not a real country.

Falangist, a la Franco.

Laissez-faire capitalism suck (regulated capitalism is great though)
democracy is the best modern government system

Being anti-war is the same as being anti-cancer. Bold fucking position there, wonder how your brain got so big.
>Laissez-faire capitalism suck (regulated capitalism is great though)
Oy vey
>democracy is the best modern government system
Democracy will fail in this century.

That people should do what they have to to achieve their own goals. Personally, I see industrialism and large scale society as a whole as a mistake that needs to be rectified. Ted Kaczynski was right.

>Being anti-war is the same as being anti-cancer.
there's a lot of people that love the fuck out of war. Are you saying there are groups of people that support cancer? there probably is. There's a group for pretty much everything these days

Can I interest you in National Socialism?

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I'm saying that there's nothing you can do about war just like there's nothing you can do about cancer. War is a logical consequence of human nature just like cancer is a logical consequence of human biology.

pretty sure cancer will be cured way before war ends (war will end by post-scarcity since wars are usually either fought for resources or as a continuation of conflicts fought for resources)

What about the holy war fought by the glorious Israeli army to cleanse the land of the beasts? I cannot understand anti-war people because the most honorable thing a man can do is fight for Israel.

sorry don't believe in conspiracy theories
like I said leftist

What conspiracy theory? A close friend of mine is currently serving. Every night I pray that his bullets make more palestinian orphans. Or better.

Moderate Conservative

or are you talking about the Israeli-Palestine conflict
definitely against that (it parallels what England did to Ireland and what America did to the natives)

>or are you talking about the Israeli-Palestine conflict
I prefer to call it the Israeli fight for liberation. Palestine is not a real country and thus has no reason to be named in any formal way.

>definitely against that
Why? Are you just antisemitic or is there something else?

I just want to live my middle-high class life in a megalopolis Tokyo or HK, probably moving my mind into a humanoid robot or a cloud when close to my 50s, there I can enjoy living in whatever dimension and universe I would like. With the "OFF" button I can access anytime, of course.

what do? Shall I just be a dirty wageslave capitalist? Or is there a more accurate definition for me?

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He's talking about the conspiracy theory that Jews run the entire world

I wouldn't count autistic fantasies as politics.

Yeah well, that's all I care enough for. All those commies fantasizing about a better future with robots on factories n shit, when humanity just does whatever the fuck they want to count as a political wing though. Or am I not getting something obvious everyone itt understands?

Communists are less human and more bullet storage devices so I don't know how much political thought we can claim they have.

Humans are unfit to rule. We should have one or many smart AI rule over us with our only option to veto decisions in some circumstances.

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>tfw some troll hacks into the AI and has it generically engineer everyone into screaming autistic frogs

>center authoritarian
>loves weapons more than real politics
>socially rightwing economically center

same here i guess, my ideas are more close to eco-fascism though desu

> eco-fascism

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You realize that no unaugmented human would be able to hack a smart AI unless he had access to it's hardware right?

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you think the builders of the AI robot or otherwise would believe that, but in the same vein as the people who think their bank accounts won't be hacked.

You don't seem to understand how intelligent a smart AI is and in what timeframes it can act.
Nothing a regular hacker could do would be able to catch it offguard.
The builders of the AI are irrelevant here because they don't have a superhuman intellect.