Do Indian men have it harder, with respect to dating?

Do Indian men have it harder, with respect to dating?

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That must be a troll post in the pic. No one can be that much of a narcissistic and self-absorbed cunt.

Yes, as they should. Indians are the scum of humanity.

I live in maine a rich family came to the taco bell kfc in a lemo bus and they literally shit in the trashcan and urinal

i second this
has to be bait

They couldn't find Maine's designated shitting street. The possibility might be real almost makes me feel bad for making this joke. Almost

Hypothetically, would australian aborigines or the mbuti pygmies of the congolese rainforest have it harder with respect to dating or studying nuclear physics?

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Pygmies because they're uber manlets. Abbos can ogremaxx.

how do i ogremaxx

>makes it tradition that dowry goes to the male's family
>families decide to not have females
>males outnumber females greatly
>this happens

i've heard somewhere that in parts of india, men outnumber women by something in the ball park of 180-200 to 1, can you fucking imagine? curry niggers are truly beyond autistic

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grow out your hair and wear punk clothes. basically, acquire a look that exudes attitude and badassery

i feel sort of bad for indians, desu

never listen to the guy in this pic. Get a daughter and raise her, otherwise what's happening in India could happen to your country

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Even more degenerate than polygamy.

it's the final form of cuckoldry

Male Asians are the least desirable demographic.

It's a real thread

gomments are typical reddit cringe but at least they didnt take her side

>Do Indian men have it harder, with respect to dating?
Only white women, then they go on r/justbewhite and bitch about women preferring to date within their own race

Robots are the most narcissistic self absorbed people around

>No one can be that much of a narcissistic and self-absorbed cunt.
>this has to be bait
I'll take what are women for 500 Alex, I knew robots were shut ins but damn, have you literally never talked to a woman in really life 99% of them are narcissistic and solipsistic to a fucking T

For whom? Western stacies? Who gives a fuck

their fucking weird, ugly and lack social grace, so objectively yes and they have nothing to blame but themselves for two thirds of their problem. also, they smell like shit. stop eating rancid spices you literal monkey. subscribe to pewdiepie.

On one side there's an old banged up roastie whining about no men

On another there's a flock of sjw leftist hypocrite shits that just got a free pass to shit on her with no repeecussions

I'm leaning to support the roastie in this situation

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I would date an Indian, heck I've even been on a date with one before. The only reason I rejected him was because I took his first kiss and then he was convinced I was the love of his life after the first date. Was creepy

I just made a reddit to write her support but i don't know how to use the site, did she close her pms?

I'm taking this to pol maybe they will spread some love

Sure old roasties are dumb but the fucking leftist sjw scum needs to be fucking killed

I am a whiteoid living in Asia.

Whenever my GF asks single Chinese girls "what kind of boyfriend do you want" they never answer "rich" or "tall" or "funny", they always answer "not Chinese".

At first it was funny, but after 3 years I just feel sad for them. Chinese guys are even lower on the pecking order than Indians. Fucking INDIANS

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What if I'm the feather kind of Indian, not dot? I'm unironically almost a quarter Indian, but feather and bow Indian, not dot and tech support Slumdog widow-burning caste-system-having bobs vagene diarrhea paneer 7-11 clerk Indian.

I see people like that on this board every day, figures it would be the same on the other side of the fence.

What China has in common with India is a massive gender imbalance. The single birth mandate resulted in selective abortions so families could guarantee a son. Traditionally, in China, sons would be obligated to take in their parents and provide for them when they got older, whereas a daughter would join her husband's household and would help him support his family.

It seems that when there's a major gender imbalance, women in those societies become inundated with desperately horny men of their own race and start to see them as repulsive in general. It's also why chinese and indian men are so ravenously thirsty toward white chicks.

Asian males will never be sexy again without masculine Asian representation in media. With Bruce Lee gone, there hasn't been much to fill the gap of shirtless Oriental men in movies.

>China has a problem with too many males
>India has a problem with too many males
>China and India have territorial disputes

A war would literally benefit both sides. Even losing side would gain something

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You know What? I shouldn't shit on Asian guys. I grew up in my city's Chinatown and you guys are honestly all right. Never been shown anything except decency and courtesy.

It's not like the opposite problem works out any better. Right now in America we have a shortage of professional, college-graduate males. Women graduates outnumber men by a hilarious margin, and because Americans rarely date or marry outside their social status, that means there are tons of lonely educated professional women right now. Women in college find it hard to find college men. As a result, educated men have become indolent and are refusing to commit. They have no reason to settle down, they can continue to play the field well into their middle years and not lose their sexual market value even with women half their age.

The result of that is low birth rates and increasingly unstable family units.

You are autistic.
They're saying that in your presence because they want to manipulate YOU, gwailo, into thinking you have a chance so you spend money on them.

An educated man also knows better than to date and marry a college slut willing to settle down.

>tfw half Indian and half white.
>Lived in the west my entire life.
>Dispise Indian culture.
Will it make it friends?

*Will I.