It is game over if you are born in a small town...

It is game over if you are born in a small town. If you are born In la life is automatically better and the only way to live life and you have the chance to be a movie star and go to giant high schools full of rich people sluts and drugs and fun

I fucking hate god

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What do you like to do during the day to pass the time? Are you good at drawing?

>giant high schools full of rich people sluts and drugs and fun
There's nothing fun about being surrounded by self absorbed, vapid, degenerate freaks every single day of you life, I loath every memory I have of school, from first grade to Uni. And those opportunities only arise if you're charismatic and attractive.

But I am normal I lost out on everything being in a small town and god traps me here

it's over for smalltowncels
it's over for probationcels

Do you post this same shit all the time because you are mentally handicapped as well as living in small town? I wonder...

Normal isn't enough, you better be a chad or you're just an orbiter to the popular kids. It's like being a background character in your own life.

>live in town of 20k
>has everything I need/want

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OP grow out of ur angsty teen years faster, I recommend getting a job

It still would of been better than this shit. I would rather be a background guy in la then alone and cold in the middle of the poverty woods

>born in Tokyo
>move to "city" thats population is 400
Totally worth it.
Cool thing is that they arrested 30% of my town for trafficking drugs in the 90s. Fun shit.
Living in a city aint gonna fix your bullshit.

Some people like living in the city more retard. It doesnt matter when god strikes you down tho

Nah those people dont live.
Imagine not commuting to work via airboat.

Nigger scammer on probation with a drug addiction. I hope they lock your ass up in jail.

I would rather fuck sluts in la and get high then work stop lyin

At least Im not an autistic virgin. No matter what god does to strike me down Ill always be better than you

it all has nothing to do with god you retard lol

You're just autistic then

Nah that shit gets boring not to mention i fucked up my dopamine receptors doing that dumb shit.
You wouldnt know since your not smart enough to do this shit without getting caught.

Ho ho easy there redditor

Yea Im sure you had parties and tons of friends and ended up here retard fuck off

Parties yeah but friends nope. It was basic shallow I know this person who can hook me up with this person. You know social networking. Never meant that I wasnt a high functioning autist.

>Wanting to be some uppity SoCal fag
Come on man, at least when you grow up in a shit place you become based