Jerked off for 2 hours again

>jerked off for 2 hours again
Why, God, why?

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because you two hours ago cannot see yourself two hours later; or if you can see yourself two hours later, it doesn't matter enough to you two hours ago because he is possessed by a succubus stimulating his groin with pleasurable urges.

Same reason you're here- substitute pleasure. You have needs for intimacy and socializing, but they aren't being met so you seek inferior versions. Porn and social media like Jow Forums are shit, but at least they're something. If you quit, all that will be left is nothing. Then what? You'll truly have to sink or swim, instead of delaying action forever as you (and I) are doing now.

It's because I'm a porn addict that's why.

Better than getting stds from a club slut or an escort. Keep jerking off have no idea how fucked up the world is

so this was a hypothetical why since you have all the answers

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because you're too pussy to jack off for longer
I used to beat it for like, 5 hours before I'd actually bust a nut
I'm probably haflway to prostate cancer because of it, but I swear to god I'd see stars and blow ropes like 2' whenever I came, totally worth

Yeah, it was not literally a question for God, dummy.

I have not been horny all day, I had a few porn windows open this morning but just closed them after some time. I even stopped texting back two girls I have plans with tomorrow and Saturday and have considered cancelling.

I have been intermittent fasting for the last week and water fasted today so maybe it is changing me as a person for the better beyond the exterior changes

>I'm probably haflway to prostate cancer because of it,
What does jerking off has to do with prostate cancer?

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hypothetical was not the word i wanted to use
what word was that
it starts with an 's' i believe

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I have a third testicle because of edging, be careful.
Apparently the base of on of my balls started leaking years ago because of keeping the cum in pressure and made a round soft cele that is full of sperm. I get blue balls and it hurts sometimes.
It's not dangerous at all but seems like a third ball.

2 hours? dude what the fuck were you doing?

>jerked off to a weird video of an older chubby girl and younger guy and shes guiding him through having sex

jerking off at least like 2x a week supposedly lowers your risk for prostate cancer, from what I've read
I think edging is bad in general, but then again I edged for ~6 hours and ended up blowing my load every other day, so iunno where I actually land

>dude what the fuck were you doing?
It was incest audio porn where I imagined the girl being a caring loving mommy. Just take a look at the amount of tabs I keep open.

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>caring loving mommy incest audio porn
s-search tags?

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just look on gonewildaudio lmao. Here:



based vivaldi user

i wanted to get into caring loving mommy but i couldnt stop laughing. ill have to find an authentic sounding one.
did find a nurse cures blue balls and its aces.

>start to fap
>realize not into it
>don't want to get blue balls so can't stop
>have mediocre 20 minute fap with a half chub
>cum a few drops
Name a more disappointing activity