How much of a muffin top do you have femanon? they can be cute btw, this one is cute

how much of a muffin top do you have femanon? they can be cute btw, this one is cute

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I want a gf with no muffin top so I can feed her junk food until she splits all the seams on her clothes and her muffin top is overflowing

I used to have a small one but recently lost about 20ish pounds putting me at 145 lbs, it depends on the jeans but now I rarely have one

Is it? It looks kind of off putting. Like her butt is actually a pancake, but achieved a nice shape in the picture because half of her gut got hog tied beneath the waistline.

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doesn't look off putting to me, just some meat to grab on to

how dare you get rid of a small cute muffin top

this but unironically and totally not because I have a mild fat fetish

I dont have a muffin top, but my thighs do get a big muffin top when I wear thigh highs.

please stop. pp can only get so hard. PLS stop

take a look at this post, anons. this is what patrician taste looks like.

Well it was due to medical issues and all, could barely keep things down for the past 4 months now ;p

So your comment is I don't have a muffin top but I have this thing that isn't a muffin top that I will call a muffin top.

Really muffin tops that.

What is it called then? I really want to know lol

its called "something to rub peepee on"

It's called having fat fucking thighs in pants that are too tight.

Will you rub your pp on it?

i am putting a stop to this right now, you will not insult her thick thighs

pffft im not a manwhore

I try to wear clothes that fit me or are even a bit too big for me, so none. I might get a little with my underwear, though, but my pants/skirts hide it.

Yeah I get it. I also love the stretch marks from being overweight and when it's hot out so a girl abrades her inner thighs against each other because she wont wear pants

>tfw no skinny gf with a bit of a pot bell and muffin top that hangs over when she wears skinny jeans

let me fondle your chubby sides femboat

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thats pretty much what i want. its kind of unsightly but it makes me want to grab a hold of it

but tbqhwyf I would probably encourage her to put on more weight

>theres a girl with a muffin top lurking this thread right now

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Congrats user!! Youre right!!

skin indentation

can i fondle your belly aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh

My stomach is pudged out, but really nothing else. Working on losing weight.

Only if you ask nicely user ;v

can i rub lotion on your belly? i promise im not buffalo bill

What are you doing to work on it? I've recently cut snacking and started trying to eat more fruit in conjunction with light exercises from YouTube. Wondering if you have any ideas or suggestions.

i have a small one depending on how my weight fluctuates and how tight the jeans i'm wearing are... that sounds very obvious now that i type it out.
i just have a terrible fashion sense and have been wearing super skinny jeans since i was a middle schooler!

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Plz be in burgerland

That sounds perfect and very cute.

i have one and i hate it it makes me want to die
but i like when boys are kind of chubby
but i want to be skeleton mode

you aren't allowed to die. ill grab on to your muffin top and man handle you until you love me
please love me

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Yes, I hate it and exclusively wear high waisted jeans

Haha its your lucky day, I am in the us

if you were my gf id force you to wear skinny jeans around the house

High waisted skinny jeans are a thing

well they arent going to be a thing when i take a fucking scissor to them

Alright time to let me fondle those thighs user. add me on discord wiregel#3229

>Haha its your lucky day, I am in the us
What state? I never get that lucky

What a crime. Skinny jeans and muffin tops are too cute.

silly boys stop hitting on me or ill eat you uwu

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youre one horny fucker, 6 inch dick huh?

Huge muffin top and gut. btw i'm a male.

>they can be cute btw

You tubby femanons need to have a time stamp on tum or you are a filipino man larping. Or a faggot. Or both.

Patrician taste, just like The Architect.

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They way he holds her, you just know he loves it's

I had one in middle school but I got really tall out of nowhere in high school and haven't had one since.

So fat femanons, just get taller

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be my tall gf and put on high heels and kick me in the balls while calling me a stupid little boy??

I'm 32, user. I don't think I'll be getting any taller.

You aren't trying hard enough fatass.

How can I try to get taller, user?

>Thinking I'd have a problem with that

femanons please sit on my face