Don't feel bad about your tiny penis, just sissify yourself user~~

Don't feel bad about your tiny penis, just sissify yourself user~~

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Go back to /lgbt/, queer.

>tfw no bf to turn into my personal sissy slut

Good girl, stay in chastity!

I am prairie dogging a shit rn, and I'm aware that I have an obnoxious gut on an otherwise slightly muscular physique with fat fucking man tits and giant hairy nipples. My ass is so hairy it's like a jungle. Do you honestly, even if I entertained the thought of being gay, think I could pull off being a sissy? Not only do I have a 4 inch dick, but it's also a fucking cut up hunk of dried shit courtesy of my American Freedom (R). Hair grows up my friggin shaft because of it and it chafes on shit all day, which is fucking annoying.

I need this so badly. ;A; someone please respond

weight loss and epilators (or laser hair removal maybe shaving powder) sound like it'll fix ya for the most part

I know a literal Chad - athlete, head of our college's football club, who actually creates these kinds of threads. I asked him why one day and he laughed and said "bro, more men turning into sissies means less competition for us." We laughed and high-fived.

god i want a boyfriend who will let me lock him in a chastity cage while i tease him relentlessly until he's begging for me to let him cum

I want one too but i dont have the time or place to do it just yet i wanna get a little stronger too

>tfw no big cock robot to frot against my average penis and cal it small

its me user, im the big cock robot who will frot with you

I got my first two abs, but the other four are covered up by a beer gut. Lol. I don't want to waste my potential to have a six pack. If I didn't have to piss with this botched up dick then I'd have hacked it off myself by now. It's fucking ugly and in constant pain and my parents, a crucial necessity, wouldn't help me with a lawsuit years ago when I had one fucking year against the statute of limitations.

How big are you user?
I wish I could find a robot near me to frot with.

Remember your goals anons. Even if you don't want HRT you can still get a killer ass if you do your cardio and squats. Chicks like ass too.

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder user. You probably just need to learn to like anal play. Sorry bout the dick btw, dog bless ameriga

I hope every single one of you trannies die a most painful death the next time California decides to catch on fire.

We're talking about sissies not trannies. Get with the program bro.

>tfw too masculine to be sissy
6'5" and 8" long dick

it hurts. I just want to be dommed/raped/owned by someone(s) that's bigger and stronger. if it werent for futadomme GtS PoV I'd kill myself.

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6'3" 3 incher and bruh it feels so akward. Amazons can still be pretty hot tho. Also

>not wanting to be able to carry your dom

Did you at least fuck after?

Responding to sissy.

What are your goals anons?

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well yeah, when I make threads like these it's so other guys make themselves more feminine, not because I want to do it myself

i go into these threads for the same reason user