I dropped my location, i showed you my face and none of you have the balls to come get me...

I dropped my location, i showed you my face and none of you have the balls to come get me. What happened to all that tough talk about how you're going to attack me? I'm still out here in these streets.

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> Expects Jow Forums to have balls.

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Do you think people give a shit on this day and age about someone getting doxxed? Those days are over, no one gives a shit, specially if you're a fucking 30yo burger flipping avatarfag.

Have they actually doxxed you lmao?

you're not really that important.

Why should I care, I got my own problems to deal with. If you want attention, try some other way.

Can't believe I missed all that

Lol you don't got the guts to show your name and location.

These are tranny shills that try to larp as me

Post a timestamp of yourself if you're not a pussy

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>thinking anyone here cares about you

fuck off rando

repost ur ugly mutt mestizo face avatarfag

Holy shit this is like the number one way to get killed by avatar killer. Seriously stop it OP you're scaring me.

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they are not required to stand up to larp as you

kys tranner

Lives in California in orange county. Somewhere near a shopping district and a street across Subway.
Just a reminder

First of all you're probably continents away from me. Secondly, why would I even come to your house? And finally, why the fuck do you think the people who where talking big on an anonymous platform would have balls?

Welp if true op is gonna die. if you're reading this avatar killer, post pics please.

Niggas ain't gonna kill me. Not when i got this glizzy 23 with a 30 round mag thats guaranteed to hit even the scrawnyest white boi lmao


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Im not american, I dont have a visa and Im too poor for a plane ticket. If youre willing to pay for that I could consider it. Youre bragging about muh gunz all the time, how can I be sure you wont pull any niggery shit on me? clean fight only.

Why would I attack you anyway, youre not bad nor deserve it unlike certain other posters on this board, you know who im talking about no? at worst youre annoying, nothing more

Stop it OP!!!! Avatar killer has been a professional hitman and serial killer for years now, all you have is edge. He's going to kill you for real. D:

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>my face
that was your gfs face lmao

I'm probably likely to die by a shark attack not from some gay avatar killer lol


I never posted my gf's face.

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>I never posted my gf's face.
no shit it wasnt you. the one where shes holding a rose or somethin bright red


what do you loook like and where? youre the only avatarfag i like here ill buy a burg at your BK