Ciara is engaged

According to yesterday's live stream, she is engaged to the 30 something year old fembot snatcher. Now she lives in a different house.

Life moves fast when you're a whore.

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>30 something year old fembot snatcher.
i think 38yo

good for her
she was fooled by teens

some girls can't into people of their own age, need a literal daddy in their lives

Is Ciara's discord nessa or something?

I've been meaning to get in touch with her.


Stop it. She wasn't even a femanon as she was a tripfaggot here.

Dumb ass double nigger. Delete your thread and change the wording.

the only reason anyone here cares about her is because she is hot. truth is she's a drug addict degenerate pos. if she was average looking literally no one would care.

maybe some stability of marriage is a good thing for her.

>he's almost 40

never mind.

two abortions

not one but two

reminder jay lives with his parents and is broke



das nasty

oregano robato

Do you think he as already violated all of her holes?

3 words:
>daddy fetish

She's in the same house as her old videos. Same cats too. She hasn't moved out kek.

life is so easy if you are a rancid little gash
you are given a house worth hundreds of thousands of dollars because you won the gender coin flip

God dammit ciara. Her hormones are probably kicking up, and she was looking for something real. So this jay human trafficker found her at target and hit her up. She fell for him because she's naive.

Now she's going to get fucked every night and we will never see her again.

What the fuck man.

tell me how to find a daddy fetish teen gf

She is average looking though, hardly hot

>teen qt

Bianca'd when

>She is average looking though, hardly hot

Why does everyone say this? She clearly doesn't look average. She is petite, pale, blue eyes, and dark hair.

She is quite unique.

Why do you care? You realize she doesn't give a shit about you right?

How can I send Ciara money?

>Why does everyone say this? She clearly doesn't look average. She is petite, pale, blue eyes, and dark hair.
you forgot her delicious udders

>How can I send Ciara money

this guy

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Seriously I'm rich a few grand mean nothing to me if they can help her get ouf of this rut.

Her facial features are pretty plain though idk to each their own
She looks like nearly every other white girl
There are far more beautiful femanons

What's with all the hostile and negative comments?

Why can't we appreciate and celebrate one of our own moving forwards in a happy way in life? Most people here and millenials/zoomers in general don't have their shit together

buy a shotgun and blow your head off

Spend time with me, Ciara. You'll see how much life is better with me as your husband.

Did I mention I'm rich?

If you're interested, I can send you a snapshot of my bank accounts.


is it true this girl never showers and never brushes her teeth

damn lookin 10/10 here also 69 6699, nice

this girl is fucking ugly. fuck her
i don't care
i hope she dies in a gutter somewhere and maggots infest her stupid repulsive body

>You will never penetrate ciara's asshole with your dick and plunge it and scrap poop residue off the walls of her colon.

why live

Not enough.

Original comment

Because she's an ugly normie attention whore and absolutely not one of us in any fashion

move on orbiter zoomer
tinder, tantan, dicord

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How do you know he's broke?

probably not at least anymore since all the pictures on her instagram her hair looks either clean or like it's wet
she smiles in her streams and her teeth seem ok
yes i spend time thinking about this

>Seriously I'm rich a few grand mean nothing to me
Donate some cash to me if you're not using it. Oh wait, I don't have a vagina, so it will never happen.

Whats her ig I wanna creep pls

Just because you had my used goods doesn't mean you're "Chad".