"femcels" and "fembots"

>she posts tfw no bf
>friend meets all her criteria on ideal bf thread
>they meet on discord
>this happens

there is no such thing as a femcel, any woman can get a man and femcels refuse to

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i dont get it

is he too old?

We know dumb ass. Yet you didn't and are retarded so people like you will keep them pretending to be female just for attention online. You cannot get attention online unless female, pretending to be female, or are pissing people off.


Dude you must know tons of those girls you see posting on those thread are literal underage, no wonder why. Just stop going on those threads, take it from experience.

nope he met the age requirements
it wasnt me



my friend doesnt really care im the one that was slightly irked enough to make a thread about it

Let's gues. The beta faggot is:




Any man can get a woman if he sets his standards low enough

>b but i dont want to date a fat chick!!!

Good job retard you're a volcel now.

lol found her!

wew whore as if anyone on r9k is going to whiteknight for you

he doesnt even know this thread is up

>doesnt want to date someone that will make them puke

i guess everyone that doesnt want to fuck dogs is a volcel too

>If you don't mind me asking of course
Lol. Could it be another case of a ghosted omega? We'll never know!

leave and don't come back lole

You retards, One of those users are the guy on OP'S picture. The roastie's discord is on that picture, the BMO whore.

actually my friend dates a lot not really an omega, that would be me OP

By ops standards yeah

>If you don't mind me asking of course
what in the fuck r u doin lad??

idk mate there is a big difference between not wanting to date a morbidly obese human and only wanting to date 9/10 gigachads

also that girl never even saw what my friend looked like

Judging by the way the beta OP's friend types. Im sure the guy is Nothingness#2633

That fucking retarded shitty sentence made absolutely no sense in the context, made him look like the last omega on earth, that's why she ghosted, you autist. Get a fucking clue

why you faggots posting my shit
I don't care about the femcel or this board
Incel niggas be wylin

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his way of speaking has worked with the 5+ other girls hes dated, i dont think that was it

same for any man. You're just picky.

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Pathetic. Also I'm pretty sure I've seen this guy streaming on twitch.

>met on discord
Go outside you fucking loser

BMO, we know it's you shit talking.
You don't have to damage control so much.
just admit you are a retarded whore.

How do you know the girl only wanted to date 9/10 gigachads and didn't ghost your friend for some other stupid reason?

im gonna doubt on that one, ive been hit on by very attractive girls before both whores and non-whores. I just had bad social skills and ive missed my chance because i guess girls arent very interested in me now that im in college

Not even that roastie underage whore. Jow Forums is public retard.

the point is that she ghosted him for some retarded reason lol

lol instulting herself to cover her tracks. nice one.

Because the super ugly, desperate ones aren't going outside dumbass.

Try harder.

all girls on discord are taken or act like OP's post

And you automatically assumed the worst? Why?

Oreganolio comment

um what was the good reason as to why she ghosted him then? where is the other hypothesis?

>all girls

Try harder

Probably she found out about him spamming himself r9k these last days in order to "get a gf". come on. There's a thread up atm where he's being pathetic.


the exception proves the rule and validates it by its rarity and unrealiability

This thread proves women should not be on r9k
take a page from master race 8ch

thats not my friend lol but go ahead and harass that guy

There could be a few reasons that wouldn't mean she was a roastie looking for a '9/10 gigachad'

>she was underage and when she learnt his age didnt want to deal with that dumbass legal shit
>she was older than the dude thought and didn't want to date a younger dude

She ghosted him after learning his age, so assuming she ghosted him for any reason other than something concerning his age is assuming the worst, ie,
>she ghosted him cause standards are too high
Cause. How tf would she know what he even looks like if he never sent her a pic, like op said?

Being polite? Does everyone have to pretend to talk like a nigger so that dumb Americans don't flip their shit?

So is tittywizard88#3460 mad? :^)

>thinking every single fem

go ahead and harass him too, but my friend doesnt care lol i made this thread without his consent to rage about "fembots"

kek sure OP it wasnt you, it was your friend

reread my post
he actually posted in this thread once

a normal reaction for the first theory would be "sorry user you are too old/young for me" instead of insta ghosting just like your typical tinder whore

Sure op sure your "friend" posted on here

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Disgusting foids are the trojan horse that destroys our civilization. At least have a legit reason for rejecting a dude besides something stupid like age, height, or lack of ego.

Oh, nevermind. They want to breed with dudes who are just as messed up as they are anyway

I'll answer for these fags
I couldn't care if you deleted or blocked me.
You're just one girl of billions, I didn't even get to know you, so what value do you have to me?
I laughed at the situation then talked about it to friends because how random it was.
I was told about the thread the other day so I figured "why not". I never browse Jow Forums because I can't relate to any of you incels or femcels.
Niggas be posting E-drama on here, super autistic. There are two autists I know making this thread because they frequent here and are incels. This was turned into ammunition, which I didn't even intend frankly.

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ok pepe transparent laugh 1, i wouldnt doubt that you are her

fucking kek

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Because it's a common thing. If you were in our spot, you'd know that


femcels and fembots stay the fuck out of my manchild cave

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its too bad he didnt post this thread so hell never read this post



report this user

not underage, just dont want to date someone older than me

>too old


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so you are 18 or 19 and thats too old? lmfao underage discord whore get out

refer to this reply

>you fucking incel


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not a discord whore, i refuse to date online anyways i just was bored as fuck

literally put on thread "is irl"

>lemme just go to where incels congregate and complain about being lonely and suicidal and attempt to raise some of their hopes only to ghost them immediately afterward

stupid fucking discord whore

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ok but you need to understand you are on a board that is full of young men that are extremely lonely. Doesn't it seem mean spirited to lead them on and reject them like that. Women are just asking to be genocided at this point.

No point on lying honestly. The arguments you're giving are just stupid. Just before this turns into a shitfest, leave this thread. And don't post again on threads like that.

This is completely true. Pic related.

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he lives next to you according to your area description lmao

just admit you wanted to be an asshole and randomly harass incels, luckily my friend isnt an incel

never said i was, op clearly reaching because hes pissed i ghosted him

>Isnt an incel
>Acting all incel in this thread


i said the incels are suicidal you daft cunt

thank god you ghosted my friend you walking time bomb

i dont live in ny, said i was on northeastern coast

thats been me, a professional incel, posting in this thread mlady

>"just leave"
>incels continue to slander me

none of this has been untrue
invest in a dictionary, yeah?

I'm not that user. But you must be a real lose to create some drama over such stupid incident. Grow up immature retard.
You need to be +18 to post on this website. The reasons you've been throwing around such as "I don't want older people to date" are just ape tier. Leave the thread already you huge moron, everyone knows you're at less than 17 years old.

of course we will to reiterate, you came specifically on this board to harass and ghost emotionally weak, depressed and suicidal incels and get their hopes up that maybe some woman will give them a tiny shred of a chance only to immediately ghost them afterward; because you were "bored"

stay the fuck off Jow Forums go back to getting likes from chad on instagram discord whore, people like you are the reason so many incels dehumanize women and/or lose all hope

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God damn this board has really gone down the drain. You all are no better than the people you seem to hate; real shame this is what passes as a thread nowadays. Go back to incels. Co or whatever that faggot reddit site is.

alright op, get over it already. im one girl, and there are millions of me. im sorry i broke your fragile ego because i felt too awkward talking to you and blocked you.

I swear to god ive seen this exact same conversation held on two other threads several days ago. Am I experiencing deja Vu?

Don't lump as all in with the discordfags

this place had incels before we were called incels, we just called all of us robots

>get over it already
>continues to post in this thread

>be me
>femanon in pic related
>incels band together to slander me, make up stuff, sulk about being rejected
>tell me to leave r9k
>still gonna post on r9k

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lol I talked to bmo months ago. She was super autistic and bad at conversations.

what else do you expect from an r9k poster

The ones that identify with the "incel movement" of today were very different from the virgins of yester-r9k. You can be an incel by definition and not be a faggy "incel."

well i hope you get bianca'd

enjoy preying on emotionally vulnerable individuals while you can

hmm yes i will continue to manipulate and anger the community of upset virgins to entertain myself argh argh argh

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its the same people anons, we had women hate thread before this incel shit became popular

legit put that i wanted an irl bf, ny is far from me, didnt want to waste dudes time and felt awkward rejecting so i blocked him

Yes, I remember the one or two women hate threads, I remember the one or two er threads. That was about it, they were regular, sure, but they stuck to themselves. Everything was mostly revolved around "feels." Might have been pathetic to some, but this is way worse. Board evolution is natural, but this is just sad to see.

i really dont think you understand where you are, people here literally live stream suicides over loneliness this isnt a cool place to be and defintely not for bored discord girls to be

who the fuck said discord girls cant feel the same?? everyone who posts/browses here has a shit life user

name a single femanon suicide form r9k

thats right you cant becuase you are all posing as "lonely" for attention points when you can get a bf in an instant, exactly why i made this thread

theres a reason you all constantly hate on virgin men and incels, hope my livestreamed suicide will further keep discord thots out of here

wake up, user.
the modern woman is the embodiment of satanism, and a clear sign of collapse inside western civilization. This female could have had a boyfriend by now if she took others into account rather than herself.

She acts as if we have ego, when in reality she has attempted to try and rationalize us as inferior because we have found out the pattern of this scenario. She has also painted herself as the victim of incel harassment. Women love to do this trick in order to protect themselves from any meaningful criticism.

TL:DR the woman cries out as she strikes