Last week I talked with a female classmate and I asked her if she has a dog and she said "I have guinea pigs"...

Last week I talked with a female classmate and I asked her if she has a dog and she said "I have guinea pigs". I thougt that these pets are silly and useless and I did not care anymore.

The following week she told me that her guinea pig had had babies and she showed me a video of it. I do not know if it is the existencial crisis it gave me to know that there are beings that live on a jail but remain having babies or the fact I saw that girl having maternal instinct about these creatures but I become more interested in them.

Next day I asked her to show me her guinea pigs and I played with them and listened to their sounds and I really really liked them.

I do not know if it is because they are like teddy bears you can hug or because they are so defenseless or the noises they do but I've become obsessed with them.

I watch guinea pig videos and I read articles about their intelligence (it obssess me the idea that they can or can not feel love towards hmans) all the time and I'm going to buy a couple of them tomorrow.

Is this behavieur normal or have I gone mad?

It's like I want to hug them and make them somehow be my friends. Yes, dogs or cats are better for that but I do want the guinea pig.

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wtf i had no idea guinea pigs were real

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I'm OP

I actually wonder if "normal people" who buy pets have this type of introspective thougts or they just go and buy them

You sound like a cute person I would like to be friend with

wow, thanks! i had never read such thing

Bitch don't even fucking do it. Guinea pigs are the fucking worst. First of all you need at least two of them because they're social creatures, which you said you're doing so fine. They need a HUGE CAGE. I'm talking you need basically a whole room in your house to put them in because they need so much damn space. The biggest problem is that they SHIT 24/7. They're like real pigs but smaller. They're absolutely disgusting. You will need to scoop up putrid shit and piss covered bedding a few times a week or maggots will literally start breeding in it. It will make your whole house smell. They poop so much they end up costing tons of money because they need new bedding constantly. They also eat at the same rate that they poop and will scream at you to feed them constantly. Do not get them. I know they're cute but unless you want to devote your life to them, don't fucking do it.

This is normal for people with souls (not normies)

OP I understand, I have pet rats and love them very much and most normies don't get it. Small animals, especially rodents, have the capacity to be very sweet and friendly and it's very calming to interact with them. This is a father and his two sons.

One thing to be aware of is that small pets tend to have shorter lives than something like a dog, rodents in particular tend to be prone to many illnesses, and it can be difficult to find good veterinary care for them and it's often very expensive. Although small pets are cheap to buy initially, please either assess how capable you are of paying for vet visits or manage your expectations of what their lifespan will be.

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I worked in a pet store for a year, guinea pigs were the best of all the animals (we didn't have cats or dogs). they are friendly and would never bite. those little hamster fuckers would bite all the time. the only thing is you have to clean their cage constantly because the smell is strong. pic is of a "skinny pig" (hairless guinea pig)

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but normies always say it is them who have souls and that i do not

The problem with guinea pigs is that they stink. I mean really, really stink. Doesn't matter what you do, the cage is going to stink up your entire house. Otherwise they're really cute.

fuck your guinea pig gf
>tfw no capybara gf

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Is that your pig? Fellow rodent lover here and the sounds they make amuses me all day. Pic related its my pigs

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Yes, they do, probably less introspective more basic spur-of-the-moment instinct. Beware the phase will wear off after at most a couple months and you will have to care for them for years, be prepared to make that dedication, I did with a rabbit. Also, why not ask your classmate for one of their babies once it's grown a little more?

no, it's from google

Will the little creature somehow love me? Understand I'm another being and I want to hug it because it is my friend?

Or will this be all the time like "STOP STOP LET ME BE AGAIN IN THE FLOOR" "GIVE ME MORE LETTUCE"?

This is so cute. I have three guinea pigs and they are so cuddly. They can be skittish though. I love when they're happy and they jump around.

>tfw left my guniea pigs in a cage outside in one hot june day and forgot about them and went fishing.
Yeah, they died. Dead as a fucking doornail, fried from the inside out.

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I love those videos where they are happy, but it drives me crazy the idea they "do not want to share that happiness with me" the same a dog would indeed do

this thread made me feel bad, i still want to cuddle the guinea pig but i am now aware my house will stink

Guinea pigs are pretty cool op but they are social animals they dont do too well if you have just one. Make sure you take care of the little creatures they can be really fun.

This, especially females. I honestly wonder if it is some bit of maternal instinct that makes them want to buy new pets all the time but I've had to talk my female friend out of buying new pets 4-5 times now in like 6 months.

I was dating a BPD girl who was into guinea pigs. One died and she reacted...poorly.

>This is a father and his two sons.

I dunno, looks like maybe Mrs. Rat had a negro lover.

>Not getting a based domestic rat bro.
>Getting an oversized hamster clone nigger.
Come now, OP. See the light.

she put it in her buthole

The mother looks like the dark-coloured one, they're a cute interracial couple like me and my wife.

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I killed a guinea pig when I was 6
I squeezed it to death

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I own a hamster, I picked them over something like a guinea pig or a rabbit because they are very solitary so I don't get sad over him possibly being lonely, and he's very quiet. Cleaning up his stuff is also very simple, he pees and poops in the same spots and his poop is just little tic tac looking things

My favorite part is how despite him not communicating much at all in verbal, direct ways, you can tell how he's feeling with his facial expressions and such, like it's very obvious when he is tired, feeling angry, curious, etc. His little hands and feet are hilarious, especially when he cleans himself.

Pic is him

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This person pretty much said what I was going to say. S/he knows Guinea Pigs because I'm going through that now with my GF's guinea pigs. They are good creatures if you're fine with everything mentioned.

If you want a guinea pig just know they're not going to be as easy as you think.
They can be pretty messy animals because they'll shit and piss where they like.
They also have to go to a vet that specializes in exotic animals.

You'll have to clean their bedding frequently and make sure you're feeding them veggies along with their pellets and hay or they won't make it long.

They are pretty sweet creatures though. They shouldn't bite. Some like to be held. My girlfriend's do not.

If you really want guinea pigs then go for it, but don't get guinea pigs because you're confusing dick feelings with true animal desire feelings.

I help take care of two guinea pigs and they can have really good lifespans and are nice animals. But, I have to agree Just get a cat or a dog.

good hambster user

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