Message girl

>Message girl
>Great conversation
>Quick responses nearly every minute
>She suggests we move to text and hangout at some point
>Get her number
>She responded to a single text and then ghosts

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just move the fuck on

All women are whores.

My boy you just got put on the backburner as the just in case number. Better just leave while you have your dignity.

You got through stage 1 but they went for another candidate. If any more positions open they may let you know.

Women spin roulette wheels in their head before every decision. There's a reason it's called getting lucky.

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serious question, has tinder ever really worked for any of you?
I'd like to try it but I think I hate stacys too much

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No it just makes you more depressed when you realize how ugly and undesirable you are. The best way is to just get rich and fuck 10s all the time like Leo.

Only met one girl in person. We dated for three months, I deployed to the desert (military) and she fucked another guy within a month of me being gone.
She was attractive but I couldn't stay with her after that. A slut won't get my money.

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No girls I want to meetup with flake out or ghost
The ones I do end up meeting up with turn out to be weirdos

worked for me in college but after we fucked the chick wouldn't stop talking about all the drugs shes done and how much she wants to drop acid again.

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i talk to girl, she can randomly stop conversation in the middle and ignore me for 3-7 days and then come back and continue talking like nothing happened. i cannot understand this behavior. some people have low iq

What happened was that someone more attractive than you started doing what you were doing, except better because he was more attractive.

I mean you have her number

I get a couple of matches but I'm a failed normie with decent looks and 0 social skills, so I either never initiate the conversation or sperg out on the rare occasion that we actually meet. It's even worse when you consider that this was while I was dorming at college.

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This. Based. Spbp

>haha you forgot to respond to my text

kind of
ive fucked a handful of girls off of tinder and usually theyre kinda weird or ugly
good friends with two of them that fuck me reguarly

You are not alone fellow user, I met a qt on tinder we clicked instantly, talked for hours, laughed, exchanged numbers, recommended music and series to each other, talked for days, agreed on a date ... Then one day I say hi, and I'm blocked, never talked to her again.

Fuck that shit, never again.

Dont. You'll never be the guy they want. And if you do fuck. They just move on. There is no room for compassion. The time it takes to fuck is not worth it.

I met the girl of my dreams, but I sperged out and ruined it by being a nervous autistic fuck on the first date. It's been 2 years and I haven't felt a connection like that since, nor have I since met a girl who'd routinely message me first.

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