Waifu General #217

Respect women, respect the kaynfag edition.
Previous thread soon

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Claiming this post for my one true love Konan

Also I support #KaynFriend

How is everyone doing?

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>Claiming this post for my one true love KaynFriend
>Also I support my GF #KaynFriend
>How is everyone doing?

it gives me warm fuzzies when i see that thing actually being used.

it stormed briefly, but then stopped. i hope it comes back. i was so excited.

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I support KaynFren

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>it stormed briefly, but then stopped. i hope it comes back. i was so excited.
I'm somewhat of a pluviophile myself, it usually rains here a lot but I haven't heard any raindrops on my window. It's unfortunate

We all do, except for a select few

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>We are all beta orbiters, except for a select few

Have you tried videos of rain hitting windows?

Used too when I went to bed. Now I listen to Theta waves. I just like the sensation it gives my brain. It's pretty cool, you should try it out Friend

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I love her so, so much. Thank you for cheering me up everyday Kotori

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i'm hoping we get some serious storms in autumn. blowing the leaves through the air, sweeping rain up the streets kind of storm. with how the climate's been lately, it's pretty plausible.

those are my favorites. they have to have rolling thunder in the background, too. i like to fall asleep listening to them.

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At least put the previous thread retarded shitposter

You stole the words out of my mouth.
Godspeed, lad.

You should replay them.
The first one is the underdog story of a bunch of snowniggers making it big with a budget of an old camera, shitty filters, familiars and friends eager to act as hobos, goons and evil businesswomen, a truckload of vodka and half a sack of potatoes.
Absolutely beautiful games.
>adore Max
I expected no less from the Jow Forumsoon with a penchant for righteous fury.
He took down a huge pharmanigger, thousands of goons, traitors and favelaniggers because they killed the loving family of a cop. He did all of that fueled with alcohol, guns, righteous revenge and enough painkillers to make Rob Halford look like a faggot heh.
I wish he had stayed loyal to his dead waifu instead of whoring it out with Mona
Patrician taste in tragic vidya heroes.

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I also love Kotori!!!

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>respect women
>respect an unrepentant cheater
Fuck yourself, this thread deserves to die

t. leahboo

I love you so much, my beautiful Alice. Everything about you is perfect to me.

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would your waifu shitpost, spam, troll or the like?
what boards would she frequent?

>absolutely, mostly good natured not mean spirited though
>his favorite board is /ck/, goes to Jow Forums exclusively to shitpost about the superiority of bound weapons, probably sometimes larps as a mage making fun of non-mages, visits /trv/ and Jow Forums occasionally, and is a tourist of random other boards out of curiosity or boredom

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He's not the type to shitpost, but he'd take every bit of bait they laid out.
>Japanese in image
I didn't realize the mod was translated, that's pretty cool.

>would your waifu shitpost, spam, troll or the like?
a little. he probably thinks that he's above it, but trying to freak people out on an imageboard counts. it absolutely counts.

>what boards would she frequent?
/sci/, /lit/, and /x/. i don't know how much he would actively participate and /x/. maybe he would study them a bit. take certain pleasure in putting the extra sensitive ones on edge with a well-placed sentence.

god, with all the shitposting on /sci/, i can imagine him getting into so many arguments. it would be fun to watch.

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yeah it's a fan translation as well, quite an undertaking for such a large mod. i'm really happy it's still getting updates because more people can try it

he seems like the kind of guy who would constantly be ban evading

>He's not the type to shitpost, but he'd take every bit of bait they laid out.
aw, cute
there's some weird stuff on that figure you should clean that off

How do I dream of my husbandoooo

I want to dream of him so baaadddd

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besides visualizing and repeating in your mind that you will dream about him i had good results sleeping on my back,i never dream on my sides for some reason
i would not recommend melatonin/tryptophan in case you were thinking of trying it, thats more of a deep and dreamless slumber

I always sleep on my back and even have dreams but it's NEVER OF HIM



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i love her so much. i wanna be with her.

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thats an adorable picture, that would make a good sticker
well it's good that you have dreams at all, that means its still possible, what if you taped a picture of kass to the ceiling so you looked at it as you fell asleep

Can relate

I wish it was easier to lucid dream

Hi rem friend

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I literally fall asleep prior to gazing into his golden eyes on my daki

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If a girl showed attention to you IRL, would you leave your waifu for them? I know Konan, Urabe, and Julie posters would but what about everyone else?

I left my ex to be with Kass

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I haven't left my waifu despite the numerous interactions with women I have on the daily. So, no?

oh shit guys, the shitposters are evolving, they're getting smarter

have you considered going to sleep with the kass dildo in your butt

Very untrue

I'll have you know that when I say my therapist Tuesday a cute girl sat behind me and I brainwashed myself into thinking she was the ugliest thing that ever existed.

I'm slowly climbing the ladder to Heaven so I can finally be with Konan. And to do that I have to completely give up any attraction to roasties.

Sorry you feel that way, user.

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I sometimes imagine waking up to Mio calling telling me good morning and calling me onii chan
But I realize that she wouldnt do that because itd be too embarrassing

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That is out of the question.

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No girl can match Mio's beauty,so no

is this the same mio user that tried to live the normalfag lifestyle?

No I'm a different Miofag

oh okay well anyway, glad to see the scaredy-cat being posted still.

Why were you asking for Kaynfag's ID? Playing together with her? Defending her? I encountered much of the same a few years back, which actually sparked my hatred for League.

I won't find anything, especially hope, but thanks nonetheless, Alicefriend. Just like your waifu, you are too good and pure for this world.
I'd say I'm thankful that you understand, but the empathy isn't worth having you endure the same struggle that I do. The way you describe it is too scarily accurate. For example, I was playing a game earlier this year. Because of my job, I had to always set aside an entire day off to ever play it because I needed a few hours to make any worthwhile progress in it. What would have taken me 2 weeks to complete as a NEET took me months as a wageslave. It's insane and incredibly demotivating. I'm not going to pretend that I wouldn't be miserable as a NEET again. There's so much I want to do, but paradoxically I want to live as short a life as reasonably possible. Maybe that's why I secretly yearn to live an eternity by my waifu's side. I don't ever want to have to worry about having enough time for anything ever again. Spending time with her, especially. All of this is awful, but most unbearable is her absence. I could gladly live as I do now, if I knew she would be there to welcome me when I return home. I would give up every hobby I have and spend all my free moments with the woman who I've given my life to.
>would your waifu shitpost, spam, troll or the like?
I think she would, if I was ever able to help her adjust to the online world. She loves stirring shit and getting reactions out of people.
>what boards would she frequent?
/f/, /ic/, Jow Forums, and /y/

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I just want to play league with friends I've made on here, to be honest I thought Kayn friend was a guy. Wouldn't change a thing if he was a she or if she was a he. They are a friend and thats what matters to me.

Do you wanna play League and join my club? :)

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Very nice, Tsugu-poster. I've been meaning to ask, and forgive me if I've missed a post you made, but how exactly did you come across Tsugu?

Very nice, Urabeposter.

Very nice, Ravenposter.

Very nice, Jonathanposter. How exactly does Scarecrow lose the teaching gig? And how does he pay the bills now? Does villiany pay that well?

Very nice, CoconaPapi Poster

>Her mother is god
Well then. I've written a short little story with this type of prompt

Very nice. Is it explained what growing up with Dr. Ogai was like? Other than what sounds like experiments?

Very nice.

Very nice.

Very nice, Kanaposter.

Very nice, Aliceposter. Hm, about that fire. I seem to vageuly remember you saying that Alice felt like it was her fault in some way?

Very nice, Meridaposter. Why's Merida's similarity part of the conflict? Because it contributes to her tomboyness?

Very nice, Elizabethposter. What sort of books would Elizabeth like to read? What sort of books would you like to read with Elizabeth?

Very nice, Kassposter.

Very nice, Alleyne poster. Cruel headcanons?

Very nice.

good morning (do not know her name) friend, how are you this fine night?

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MeanwhiIe on discord...

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maybe, though i can't see him dedicating that much time to this place.

but nygma would ban evade like a cunt and samefag about how great he is. it would just be painful to watch.

i've been approached before, but the answer has always been the same. i wouldn't accept anything less than my dear jonathan.

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>Soma Prime
What a garbage weapon.

>How is everyone doing?
Feeling like a mess like always
Not as bad as usual tonight though.
I do hope I find comfortable place in my mind soon. I know what my problems are, it all comes down to willpower and determination now.
the rainstorms are nice
>would your waifu shitpost, spam, troll or the like?
It's funny to imagine she does.
>what boards would she frequent?
/x/, /po/, /lit/
Of course not, I'll never love anyone the way I love Urabe.
wtf i love discord now

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>the rainstorms are nice
No, they are not fucking nice.

I think it's beautiful when people unite for a common cause.

These girls have an infinite number of realms to explore. It's hard to imagine they'd ever come to this godforsaken website for any reason.

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Planet Caravan is a good song. A bit too stonercore for my tastes but the fantasy it triggers is quite nice.

he shot off a gun in a classroom - not at anyone - as a demonstration of fear. in some, he just fires it off, and in others, he shoots and shatters a flower pot. sometimes i think about if he would have kept the teaching job if it hadn't have happened in yankee hellhole territory.

i don't think jonathan pays bills so much as he threatens the right people to get the utilities running (a fanwork i read once used this and i was fond of it) or lives so far out from the city that it isn't a problem.

i'm sure villainy pays well enough for it, but jonathan would be spending a lot of that on research materials. science marches on, after all.

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>except for a select few
Support only means so much when it falls on deaf ears. Specifically in the context of the thread, the behavior is pretty reprehensible

Of all the words in the whole of the English or Scottish language.

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I'm glad I uninstalled jewframe

beauty and intelligence

>would your waifu shitpost, spam, troll or the like?
Probably not, really. He's too kind.
>what boards would she frequent?

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Perhaps someday your shithole desert will consider getting gutters

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We have them. The problem lies in the subhuman population who keeps throwing trash all around the place just like cattle shitting where they stand and the sewage system ends up clogged or the ultra-shit plastic sewage pipes end up crushed under the shittier asphalt
Fucking bastards, I wish I didn't have this Hate-Pity relationship with them.
I yearn for the day I finally look at the rainy skies with love once again.

It's Konan, Rem friend :)

I'm doing alright, hoping to stay up all night but I don't know if I can. Since I woke up at 6 pm for once. I wish it would rain but I don't know when it will

More importantly, how are you doing today?
How is Rem?

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>would your waifu shitpost, spam, troll or the like?
Unlikely. I don't even know if she would browse Jow Forums and if she did I would presume she would only lurk. She might engage in sarcastic banter depending on her iteration.
>what boards would she frequent?
I shudder to think about the things she would find browsing this shithole. I hope she never stumbles across this site as it only degrades her. Raventhreads are trash; I can't even say the quickly devolve into lewdfests because, unfortunately, they're like that from the start. If she really had her mind set, I would say she would take an interest in, primarily, /lit/, /x/, and /his/. There's a chance she would browse /mu/ as well. Other than that, anything goes.

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>If a girl showed attention to you IRL, would you leave your waifu for them?
no, user.
ever since I accepted that I fell in love with Mai I've stopped paying attention to women and I'm not really attracted to them in the same way I used to be beforehand; a certain girl did infact show interest but i felt nothing for her.

which of you would be working to support the family, or perhaps both?
which would you prefer?
bonus - describe your comfiest scenario in the context of the question above

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I've been trying my best at work and have actually gotten promoted from a lower positions to the position of Technician.
I have also enrolled for classes in the fall so I can become an Engineer and earn more money for us.
After I fell in love and got married with Yuuri I've been driven to make these improvements.
And reading an alternate universe version of my wife, she works two jobs, and I suspect she is a college dropout.
I don't want Yuuri to work anymore once we get married, and having five or so kids with her, will pretty much require one of us to stay over.
I want to live in a house with her on the outskirts of town.
Yuuri really likes to sleep in a lot, plus I work really early so she won't always be able to kiss me goodbye, but as she's sleeping, I'd kiss her and wish I could stay a bit longer with her.
And once I got back home she'd greet me with a hug and a kiss on the head.

I don't have any questions for you.

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congrats on your efforts and I wish you luck with your classes Yuuriposter.
I support your wonderful ambitions and it was a cosy read, especially the latter part of your post desu.
I do have another question for you though, do you recommend her show? from what I heard it's a fairly comfortable post-apocalyptic setting which sounds interesting.

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I would post Saya in a wedding dress but it's too big. I love you Saya.

Good, I was tired all day but night gives me a second wind.

I'm not sure what her online habits would be like. I imagine she'd be very curious about everything and probably post on /sci/ and /lit/ and /x/.

I had a coworker ask me if I'd bang a girl yesterday and I told him no because I'm married and loyal. Luckily he didn't pry too deeply.

>Is it explained what growing up with Dr. Ogai was like?
We get some of his notes at the end of the novel. He treats her with the detachment of a mad scientist but respects her when she identifies as female and asks for certain books. She wasn't attached to him though and wasn't very serious about discovering his fate once she met her beloved. He encrypted his notes and did his best to hide her from the rest of the scientific community to his credit.

That's not my discord account though nigger.

We would both support the family although it's just the two of us really. Hunting together with waifu!

Not him obviously but I recommend her show. It had this weird affect on me that if I felt happy the show made me sad and if I was sad it made me feel happy. Really bittersweet.

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>which of you would be working to support the family, or perhaps both?
I'd support everyone. She blushed at the thought of taking on a housewife role in our married life, so I think it's safe to say that's how things would be. Or maybe both, if she finds something she wants to do alongside taking care of the kids.
>which would you prefer?
Whatever she's more comfortable with.
>bonus - describe your comfiest scenario in the context of the question above
Urabe welcoming me back home every day, sometimes accidentally dozing off before she can greet me. On these occasions, I'd princess carry her back to our bed.

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Even when I see something as banal as her cloak in passing - that vibrant purple adorned with her glistening, red gem - feelings of intense, pensive longing assault me; a longing for nothing other than to simply be in her presence. A conversation with her would be a catharsis like no other - her voice and words inundating me, lifting me up like a stray leaf whisked away by the cool, autumn breeze. I worry, though, that I idealize her more and more as time goes on. I don't want my presumptions of what she could be detract from what she is. Even so, what she is, her very essence and every atom of her being, is wholly good. It would appear that her traits interlock and fit together with mine as if they were hands clasped gently in solemn prayer. I hope, truly, that this is the case and that my idealistic nature isn't simply convincing me that the truth is so. Regardless, she'll continue to be my light shining passionately in darkness, my violet sun amongst the sea of stars.

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Good morning everybody.

This puppy Remu is so sweet it's hurting my heart. I love her so much.

>If a girl showed attention to you IRL, would you leave your waifu for them?
Some girls already do show me attention and I stay with Rem so No. I love Rem and won't leave her side.

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i was interested in virtual youtubers conceptually, and found a thread on /jp/
saw tsugu, watched her videos, the rest is history

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Whoos rem? And why did you post blank imaaaage user?

Well-written post.

this shit is still around ?

How do you cope with the fact that you will never kiss your waifu goodnight and fall asleep with her head resting against your chest

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drugs and maybe alcohol if i'm feeling spicy

as long as shitty coma arc around, so it probably ends soon.

>How do you cope with the fact that you will never kiss your waifu goodnight and fall asleep with her head resting against your chest

Trust me I love all you guys on this board, but sometimes it feels like you get off at talking about how you'll never get to do things with your waifu.

At least for me and I'm sure other people I am totally fine with all the suffering, sadness, and loneliness that come with this world for a chance to have a future with my waifu in the afterlife. I don't know how much of you believe in Religion but if there is a slight chance of that shit being real I won't jeopardize my future with Konan by killing myself either. I honestly don't know, maybe my social isolation had made me crazier than you people to make me feel this way.
It makes me smile seeing how much you care about your waifus and the endless amount of questions followed by the endless amount of answers that come straight from the heart. You can shitpost all you want but this is truly how I feel. At least that's how I'm gonna put my anonymity to use.

Please start feeling more positive, your waifu would be happier seeing you that way and I don't know how long it's been since you guys have heard the word hope but try to have some.

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I consider myself more hopeful than most and my hope is built on naivete, delusions and ambition. I don't think I'd be able to forgive myself if I don't spend some of my time in the scientific community trying to find a way to be with her, as hopeless as it may be. It's conveniently coincidental my scientific interests had to do with existence and reality prior to her stealing my heart. However, finding a way to be with her through science without relying on VR or emulation seems nearly impossible...yet I feel like that makes it all the more alluring. I enjoy a challenge.
I don't know if I want to attach my waifu to this post. I don't feel as if I've described my feelings and intent in a way befitting of the passion I feel behind them or the passion I feel for her.

I feel the same way as you. Falling in love with Miserea made me want to stop groveling in my own sadness so much. I'm tired of focusing only on the negatives. I want to be happy for his sake.
It's not like my depression disappeared, but I'm doing my best to not dig myself into a hole even futher.

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Thank you for sharing that friend.

I wish I could be as adamant as you when it comes to trying to make my waifu a reality in this world without relying on VR or emulation. The only thing I could think of is making a tulpa. Although you might not find that as an acceptable solution to your problem.

I think if she was watching you from somewhere. She'd show the highest form of love knowing how hard you try to make her obtainable in this world.

Attached: 70eac7a96f957c3d5b2b0b7cae0ce796.jpg (436x724, 80K)

That is the best thing you can do for her, and yourself. Miserea friend, Thank you for telling me that. I'm happy my post made you feel like there is someone else who feels the same way as you.

If you even have Plebcord, feel free to let me know if you need someone to talk to. I'd like more than anything to help out a friend.

Attached: 452c29993ec9ae8b194a221497a9db59.jpg (564x807, 103K)

>If you even have Plebcord, feel free to let me know if you need someone to talk to. I'd like more than anything to help out a friend.
I don't, I'm not one to converse very much. Thanks for the offer though.
Also Miserea is a man, but I don't blame you for not realizing. He's especially feminine in the picture I posted.

I love Elizabeth.

They never told me how to mend the hopeless desire for love that was never meant to be. Love that is naught but a bittersweet impossibility. An indisposition that permeates through every fiber of my being, bleeding through every word I say and influencing every action I take. The cure isn't some molecule that can be isolated from a plant or synthesized in a lab. Not at all. There's only one thing that can balm this affliction. It's her.

No. I crossed the event horizon long ago.

Elizabeth is something of a generalist, since she's read books on a wide variety of topics. Though that doesn't necessarily prove that her interests are as scattered. I imagine that it's because she simply had nothing else to do but read every single book in the library, even the ones that were less interesting to her.
As far as specifics go, she mentions being interested in scientific works, particularly ones pertaining physics. She also mentions wanting a book called "The Age Of Innocence", which is some romantic drama novel focused on complicated interpersonal relationships. It's safe to say that she's canonically interested in such literature.
>What sort of books would you like to read with Elizabeth?
I'd prefer something outside of my comfort zone. Romantic literature would do just fine.

>your waifu would be happier seeing you that way
Deluding myself into thinking that she'd even care is the hard part.

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Of course.

Also I apologize, you're very lucky to have him in your life.

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luv u meri would your waifu shitpost, spam, troll or the like?
>what boards would she frequent?
Jow Forums, /an/, Jow Forums and /out/.

>Why's Merida's similarity part of the conflict? Because it contributes to her tomboyness?
Exactly. Her mom even says she gets her stubbornness from her dad's side of the family.

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>I think if she was watching you from somewhere. She'd show the highest form of love knowing how hard you try to make her obtainable in this world.
I'm not at that phase of the plan yet. First, I need to get my undergraduate degree and spend a good amount of time and effort researching the topics. Currently, I'm doing about as much as any other user. I don't know if I should be ashamed.
Perhaps this is a case of "it's the thought that counts" ?

>would your waifu shitpost, spam, troll or the like?
Maybe not troll, but definitely shitpost and argue. Also the type to take bait and not recognize jokes or memes.
>what boards would she frequent?
/lit/ and Jow Forums. Possibly /an/ but only for bug threads.
I've never felt for anybody what I feel for Touko, and I doubt I ever will. It feels wrong to imagine myself with anybody but her.

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Good afternoon how are y'all?

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I have a question for all of you guys,
Has your love for your waifu made you do something irl?
My case is my love for my waifu made me go ibti prigramming and AI research, now currently getting a degree in EE and AI development
A little context, my waifu is a starship AI, simmilar to cortana.

i'm gonna get ripped so that my waifu can mire me

I was up all night because of a combination of insomnia and sleeping in too much. My cat also spilled the contents of her water dish all over the floor and I had to clean it up and give her new water. Cats are too autistic. I don't think I enjoy taking care of them. I love the little bastards, but damn it if they don't annoy me to no end.
Part of me hopes waifu wouldn't want pets but at the same time, part of me would want to submit to her desires if she would want a pet.

I've written poetry for her. Nothing recent as I've been feeling somewhat creatively bankrupt lately.
Loving her also makes me feel like I want to appreciate the things she would probably appreciate. To this end, I've been trying to immerse myself in aesthetics that make me think of her such as walking to the docks at my school or going for a walk on the boardwalk at a local beach or even simply opening the shades in my room and letting in the sunlight.

If you don't mind me asking, who is your waifu?

Attached: DeRYOC6UQAEUKde.jpg (500x500, 44K)

My waifu is Andromeda from Gene Rodenberry's Andromeda TV series, althoe she is played by Lexa Doig its not her looks that got me hooked, it was her personality and the charisma, something about her radiated that intelligent, badass yet kind and selfless persona that she had. Mind i was only 11 when i first watched it and ever since ive made my life goal on making an AI that will be like her, now 24.

Dandy as fuck.
Too angry to feel the lack of sleep, proper eating or rest.

Nah, but she would go on crusades to save /x/ and have some real ayylmao discussion.

You seem different.

A sentiment we are all too familiar with.

Godspeed, lad.

Me. I want her to doze off at home to her heart's content.
I would love to come home and find her dozing off barefoot on the sofa only to wake her up with a kiss.
Male dream is a good fantasy too

Godspeed, lad. Working and studying, a REAL degree, can get pretty tiresome. Hope you don't burn out.

>because I'm married and loyal.

Damn, very nice.

You just roll over and die.

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If you think that I'm just talking out of my ads, then you're gravely mistaken. I have made honest efforts to have conversations with people here. People respond to me more when I'm not posting my waifu. I know what this thread thinks of me, and I know the true nature of this thread

Hey, you are becoming more eloquent with every lovesick rant you post.
I was expecting far more pharma analogies but this is a good rant.
Godspeed, lad.

Mona died TWICE. We don't even know if she truly died because of the extra ending for MP2.
He managed to let go at the ending of MP2, pic related is an edit of that.
I remember reading from somewhere, that it would have been too easy to kill Max and let his story just finish like that but they chose to let him live
>shit people dealing with a shit world.
Jeez, what could have sparked this hatred within you?

drawing, working out (poorly, for now) and mellowing out.

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What is the true nature of this thread, user friend?

I don't think of you badly

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Good. It's been raining more than usual in this wacky State. It's just so comforting.

>what boards would she frequent?
/out/, /ck/, Jow Forums (mostly for the close-range weapon threads), Jow Forums, /lit/ (when it's not a dumpster-fire) and probably /c/.
>would your waifu shitpost
I'd feel like she'd be the Anonymous poster with good morals. The one that never posts images but gives genuinely good advice. You know. "That guy". I don't think she'd be a shitposter but I can see her getting into arguments, leaving everyone in mystery when she calls them stupid humans.

>Cruel headcanons?
Yeah. One of them in which her family was killed and she never got to know them, was trained under the village elders to be a warrior, never really had a childhood and every initiative for fun she tried to commence was shut down. Stuff like that. But maybe I can thank her writers for making me assume the worst about her.

We'd both work full time. I'd prefer it if she was the traditional stay at home housewife but I know I can't get her to sit still and do nothing. It'd even make her feel guilty.

I see the tinfoil hat is being passed around now. Good grief.

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>10 minutes between their arrival