Does any rich fags want to hel a friend of mine?

Does any rich fags want to hel a friend of mine?

link below

gofundme com/f/my-friendcoworker-a-mother-of-2-has-been-evicted

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god tier eye color. i hope you meets a nice guy and husband to father her children.

>having friends
fuck off and die normalfag

more of an acquintance hoping to be more if i help her

get the fuck out of here you begging faggot go back to shitbook

i already shared her page on facebook i was thinking if i got her some money she would be grateful to me uwu

maybe the father can take the kids and give them a home. she could get a job.

she has a job as a waitress the father moved to another state if i remember correctly

Is it pedophilia or necrophilia to fuck a dead kid?

i would call it necrophilic-pedophilia

>Helping a single mother thot with thot dog ears
>hello my name is lucille
>giving money to ebegging thot
>We are looking for 200 of food/hygiene
>1,500 goal

it says 200 initially and the rest is for a downpayment for an apartment

Does anyone want to help a foid out

Why pay for a thot who couldn't close her legs?

I hope that if i help her gat some money she will open them legs for me :D

RAD here

I come across these type of girls all the time. Hot as shit, ignore my messages, fuck Chad, become pregnant, Chad leaves, they come begging me for cash. Say no. Hook them up with good job instead. They then become my fuck buddy for life.

I've helped out 6 of these girls so far. All white, colorful eyes, blonde hair with kids.

I seriously can't say no tho these white girls.

I wish i could help her get a better paying job will look out for that great idea dude, yeah im totally smitten by her and want to help her and get some credit for it in some way,

Remember: If you help her out with a good paying job, she owes you pussy for life.


I will thanks dude hope i can find some

Good luck. I hope you both find her something meaningful to do.

how much for the loli?

50 for the boy 100 for the girl 125 for both