Does anyone still unironically believe that it is not all about looks?

Does anyone still unironically believe that it is not all about looks?

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i like extremely shy people who have awkward personalities though.

i would totally date a robot
you guys act like woman are all the same but they arent.

Thankfully the real world doesn't work this way. Women aren't as shallow as men.

the worst is being a 6/10 turbo sperg and ruining every chance when a girl is interested in you or either aggressively going after girls who have zero interest in you but are unable to read the signs to stop

its all about Damon Salvatore

They are picky. Thus shallow. Watch a guy give almost any girl a chance if she makes the first move

Women are actually more shallow than men.

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both could be equally desirable

well post the male version of this then

lets see their standards.

You guys... have a very warped view of reality...

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If you actually went outside you would know that women genuinely do prefer the bottom one. If women only bred with good-looking men, there would be no ugly people.
>y-y-you just don't know how genetics work!
There is absolutely no science whatsoever that indicates that the offspring of an attractive male and ugly female will only yield ugly people. Also, you probably can't even answer me if I ask you how different physical properties in the body arise from different DNA base pair combinations in the first place, and your own perception that you know jack shit about genetics or DNA in the first place is 100% Dunning-Kruger effect.

you haven't even heard of the lek paradox and you're lecturing others on biology/evolutionary mechanisms

this is a bad look mate

You all act like clowns way too hard.

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The lek "paradox" already has multiple explainations, namely the handicap principle. Of course nobody who knows anything would actually think about it. You also still can't provide any scientific study at all that proves what you're saying, and you dodged my other question too.

then why arent you dating a robot? im sure there are dozens of guys who would add you on discord on skype in a heartbeat to chat with you

reality is that girls are really the same since this entire boards existence is proof introverted guys with zero confidence and awkward personalities dont get any gfs ever

not an argument go back to plebbit


Which one has more money?

it literally says they have the same income, plenty of test shave show women prefer looks over both personality and income

i cant speak for women but i know who id prefer

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I love my fellow r9k posters and would never argue with them!

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>Does anyone still unironically believe that it is not all about looks?
Yes. I am called attractive a lot but my autistic personality keeps me from getting a gf.

A total classic

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Damon was extremely awkward and shy

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Obviously looks matter, but a man with a confidant personality will easily beat out a man with a retarded one when they're of a similar attractiveness level.

The hideous man on the bottom would never be more attractive than the model-esque man, but a 6 could beat out an 8 with a strong personality. Especially if the 8 is severely lacking in that area.

I have been rejected by girls because of my personality. I know they at least found me physically attracted because I shagged them

Being a nerd does not mean you have to be overweight and not take care of yourself.

Fucking this. When you are overweight like that it shows that you lack a certain level of self esteem and love for yourself. Take care of yourself and be the shy cute nerdy boy that your significant other wants to spend their whole life with!

Hey baby, if you like piss cauldrons and poop socks hmu
Just hope you're not as hideous as this train wreck

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you have to go back normalfagg

here's your not-fat nerd

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seconding this for purposes of objectivity.

Women would line up to fuck the awkward hot guy then probably dump him after getting sick of his awkward bullshit. He'd never have to fix any of his behavioral or personality problems because he'd be rewarded with sex just based on his appearance and status.

Let's see, picture one:
>god tier looks
>low self esteem
>awkward personality

Pic 2:
>attention seeking personality

There's really no contest since number one has all of the most desirable traits in a man. Pic two is a boring norman.

>"amazing personality"
>assume it's attention seeking because he's ugly

Inferiority complexes aside, why?

All extroverts are obnoxious and I actively avoid them.

because you dont belong here, go back to your happy lala land of fun, sex and relationships

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Guy in pic number one wouldnt look like that if he had all those personality traits, fucking moron. Look at his gaze, does he look like he is extremely shy with no confidence?

Anyway. people who make these threads are just ugly as fuck morons. Yeah you're ugly and so on. Now what? you're going to continuously make stupid threads like these? get a fucing life faggot.

Hi you can date me
Pretty sure theyd both get laid a bunch. The bottom guy looks/sounds like the sleazy guys youd see at casinos plowing the local poor people. Sleazecore is in right now, user.

It's all about standards.
Most people would prefer a partner who is perfect (most attractive, smartest, funniest, etc) but reality destroys this and causes us to settle.
However, bare minimums still exist
One of my ex-friends who is a girl was abandoned by her entire friend group because she stopped showering and brushing her hair

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>If you actually went outside you would know that women genuinely do prefer the bottom one.

Hi nice Trips but u are wrong i am actually Permanently otuside (homeless) posting from a 2010 Samsung netbooks on mcdonalds wifi and you are dead wrong buddy an hour ago i was giving the evil eye to some mixed race indoneisan or philipina or SEA slag ho with some hipster white BF sippin from two straws from the same cup while the bitch was playing bladee from her phone i was gonna upend their mcflurry but Thankfully they left

If you want misery then that's the way to do it!

Fuck this board is a retarded clusterfuck of delusional morons with a warped perspective of reality. There is a lot you dumb cunts dont see and you have no clue but still bitch and moan like a bunch of hamplanet sjw tumblrites.

Make A Change, Kill Yourself.

kill myself? i actually plan on doing that this year around october or december

i hope you enjoy the stream user

There's not an army of normalfags angrily posting that women's looks don't matter and that ugly women are just lonely because they're evil pieces of shit

your kind certainty doesn't help the situation, just here to mock and laugh at emotionally vulnerable and lonely people

The weird thing here is you should have settled this as fact around 2011-2013 and moved on

The bottom one, easily.

It might be harder for him to get the initial attention of women, but once he gets to the date stage, he's basically home free. Meanwhile the first guy will never get past the date stage.

>date stage,

do you want to know how i know you dont know shit

There's still hordes of normalfags who are very angry and come here to tell the evil incels that they're just lazy and they're just virgins because their personalities are terrible and because they've never tried

By date stage I mean the getting to know each other stage. Traditionally this happened by going on dates, and in many cases it still does. However it can also just mean the stage of chatting with each other on a dating app, or talking at a party, etc.

I guess there are some that can just convince women to go from matching on Tinder to fucking in less than 5 lines, but that is not the top person in OP's image.

Chicks with dicks don't count, user

Nobody does that except children and the mentally ill
If you've ever been told by someone that they're a normalfag and they just come here to laugh at you they're lying 100%

>I guess there are some that can just convince women to go from matching on Tinder to fucking in less than 5 lines, but that is not the top person in OP's image.

That's where you're wrong bud. t. had a Chad roommate in uni

Yeah but like I said, the top person is not Chad. Someone extremely shy and awkward will not be able to land something like that.

If you're attractive, women land you

i am shallow and i would not fuck you for saying this because you are a moron in addition to being ugly and devoid of positive attributes

Science has actually shown that when parents have children at an older age (men in particular) they are more likely to be ugly.

This. Ive been called a nerd by two girls I went on dates with. They didnt call me a nerd because of my interests. They just made that comment because of the way I look. I think it has to do with my face.

Look man, if you think I'm mocking or laughing at you in any way then you're dead wrong
I was making plans to kill myself around this time last year when I realized that nomal people aren't innately out for blood; they don't assume the worst of people, they assume the best and will actively help you out as long as you're nice to them and prove your good intentions
There's more to what I want to say but I'm not very articulate and I need to go to bed

Is that Neil

How do we get a life? I cannot find a career because of my appearance let alone a gf.

>I cannot find a career because of my appearance
What a load of fucking shit. Get a degree, practice your social skills and get a job. Your looks don't have anything to do with it.

>Get a degree
Already have a degree. I cannot find anything that pays more than $11. I live in the US. And I have worked three or four low paying jobs up until a week ago (I am now a NEET).

you're forgetting that girls would see it like...

>withdrawn and mysterious
>doesn't know how great he is

>fake nice

And you're wrong if you think looks are meaningless when it comes to the work place. Totally wrong.

Its not fair but you got 60 years on this gay earth. Dont spend it worrying about tje wrong thing.

Oh they absolutely are

>I made this meme in mspaint so that makes it fact

Youre just in denial because you have never been in our shoes.

True, I have never been an entitled brainlet manchild NEET.

Being a half-normie, I'd say that they'd have about the same success with women. I've seen quite enough borderline ugly people with chicks not to believe r9k memes.
Though the part about "amazing personality" is vague. There is no amazing personality, there are only personalities more or less compatible/acceptable to the girl in question.

incels are called pieces of shit because of the misogyny, primarily; believe it or not, there were plenty of permavirgins before you, yet they didn't build their identity around that and get so much negative attention by being edgy

You sure sound like one and also you post on manchildren board, i bet you are one of us.

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How can they not be self-aware of this?

>he thinks he is self-aware

6'2 here. Height is the biggest meme around. Unless you are a legit 5'5 manlet, it's not a problem. I can't get a gf for anything. My manlet friends are all married and I see short guys with gf's everywhere.

People need to fully understand looks theory. So many guys are still uneducated and deluded.

I disagree, flaws can be attractive in their own weird way, it's because that's what makes you unique. Not flaws like obesity or stuff, just like a underbite or something. I'd take a average looking girl full of fun over some dumb thot who takes life too seriously.

6ft 1 here too, height really doesn't do nothing if you're personality is dog shit. You need to actually talk to girls guy, don't be an elliot rodger waiting to be apporached by a girl, just do it!

5'4 manlet reporting in
Life is shit down here too

That doesn't exist.

Being a mentalcel is a death sentence.

I'm not here to brag or anything, but I'm just gonna confirm OP's message.

I am lanky, inappropriate and socially inept to the point of being mute around strangers, yet I still have a girlfriend. Why? I am 6'6", 150 lbs, have a 7/10 face as people describe me, have blue eyes with thick hair, and have a square skill, and have been mewing since I was 17 (18 now). The point is, I'm objectively better than a lot of people physically, so I have a girlfriend despite being such a shy autistic gimp.

>haha ur girlfriend is fatttt
She's kinda chubby, of course, but she isn't a ham planet. She's a 5/10 autistic "gamer girl" with really nice titties and she actually approached me first. I won't tell you a whole story about my life because I find those people annoying on here, but the majority of normies in this small town I live in do not like me, I might even say they hate me because of my autism and "weirdness". You see, I was not a pretty kid. I had the mouth breather face, the bowl cut, the blue jeans and hoodie every day, the bad hygiene, the autism sneaker shoes, the whole "Autistic Kid" package. After I got kicked out of school for not being a basketball player and also doing something incredibly stupid, everyone ostracized me and my reputation was ruined. HOWEVER, because I'm moderately attractive now, I have a girlfriend without even trying DESPITE my destroyed reputation. I don't have a good personality, I don't have wealth, but I do have looks and that's ALL THAT MATTERS. Only a delusional normal faggot would tell you otherwise.

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Height is necessary, but it is not sufficient. Face is always, always, always the most important factor by far. If you are tall but have a sub-par face, your height is irrelevant. However, the shorter you are, the more good-looking your face needs to be to make up for it, and if you are too short that can be a deal-breaker for many women no matter what other qualities you have.

>My manlet friends are all married and I see short guys with gf's everywhere.

If you look at the graph you would see that while uncommon, it is not a rare or impossible occurrence. However, if you want to have a chance with every kind of woman, you need to be fairly tall.

Shorter men have a smaller dating pool, but it is not completely impossible for them.

For really short men, however, it is completely over.

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>what are exceptions
You are permavirgin height. In case you are not larping, you beat the near impossible odds. A tall guy like you repulses all females except the rare few with a fetish.

Nice pointless anecdote, here's another one: I am also not half-bad looking. 194cm, 82 kg, good enough face to get matches on dating apps, and also relatively rich. Yet I am a kissless virgin at 26 y.o. If looks were the only thing that mattered, that wouldn't be the case.

Women are sheep so if you are a salesman they will believe and buy anything.

I am 6'6", 150 lbs, have a face that usually gets 8/10 but have been called 100/10 by at least four qts, thick hair a lot of people like, my dad is a multimillionaire and I make a good amount myself, am 20, play sports and work out a lot, am called interesting when people get to know me but am such an autistic train wreck that I have never had a real life friend, a gf, kissed a girl, hugged a girl, had sex, or even held the hand of a woman. Quit trying to pretend like you are someone who has a shitty, weird personality. If anything you are a cyborg but seem to be a normalfag who gets whatever they call "shy" from time to time.

I dont why I keep coming to this board since I am not a "robot" anymore.

My gf told me that for her its all about personality. women are not all the same. for some of them looks are really important, but for others not that much.

Classic platitudes.
Never fails
>you guys act like woman are all the same but they aren't
They are, but you wouldnt know anything about that now would you tranny

I can just sense the misogyny of that balding so-called man in OPs pic

your gf is a liar, like most women and you're just another retarded normie so your opinion is worthless anyway.

Women don't like men for their "Personality". The truth is, if you are a man and unfortunate enough to have too many unattractive phenotypes then you aren't going to get laid. Period.

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Dont Blame them balding is disgusting and he looks weak

>metric system

sorry i dont understand non-moon landing

hes so awkward t b h

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>Dude, women only care about personality! Looks don't matter!

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although i would refrain from saying you wont get laid, i think saying will never have a deep meaningful relationship is more accurate because getting laid is way easier in clownworld than dating someone, also remember that most people including myself dont really care about the sex part nearly as much as the relationship part

I may be a "normie", but I am telling you the truth. I used to believe this shit too. Did you actually talk to any girls?

>but i am telling you the truth
No you aren't.
You're just wasting my time respoding trying to save face.
>I used to believe this shit too
I highly doubt that lol.
And what difference does that make?
You allegedly have a girlfriend. That means you never were and never will undestand how men like us feel.
You are a fucking outsider and need to shut the fuck up pretending you know what you're talking about.

Any ugly sob can get laid, true. Hookers exist.
But most men don't care about that part, and they just want to feel like they matter to a female, instead of being treated like a subhuman because they were born ugly or are losing their hair.

Its not all about looks in the same way its not all about ingredients when it comes to food. Personality matters but its not a replacement for looks

if you are too retarded to bake a proper cake even with the best ingredients it will be hard to get someone to try your cake although it will be a lot easier than a poop or mud cake prepared excellently

in other words, unless you are very handsome or somewhat handsome with a 10/10 personality its over

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