Rejected again for having too many sex partners

>rejected again for having too many sex partners
>perfect bf
>he couldn't take the fact that i had sex with 3 of his friends at the same time

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Dumb slut normie attention-whore

i truly don't understand people who get hung up about this. the idea of actively sharing you isn't my thing, but if it's in the past, i couldn't care less. i'm glad you know more about what you want after the fact rather than daydreaming about what else is out there like what happens with every first relationship.

>falling for this bait and responding seriously

why do you faggots do this to yourself holy fuck this is why youre a fucking virgin

I unironically have this feel. I have had sex with 4 people, but had sexual relations with about 17. I never bring it up to my partners because they might think that is a lot and leave me. I don't lie about the number, just avoid the conversation.

this is not bait. I just lost the perfect bf over this stupid r9k tier outlook on the world trash.

fuck off incel

how can i explain this to him? i was young and stupid and im not involved with those guys anymore

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Im usually not the type of person to be anal about past partners but when it involves friends and you guys did degrading shit like eat each other's shit or got together with other of my friends and got an ocean of cum on your face by them it hust feels nasty. You're going to be around my bros if youre going to be my girlfriend and knowning that they went balls deep once means they can probably go balls deep twice if the constellation are right and shit. He did the right thing in dumping you. Thinking sexual acts mean absolutely nothing is a whores way to cope with life.

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>>rejected again for having too many sex partners

Good. Worthless slut.

Your pussy has a diminishing value: every dick it takes decreases its value by 50%. You best start doing what every woman does: lie about your sexual baggage. Lie like the whore you are.

"user-bf, I've only ever been with 2 steady boyfriends. I'm such a delicate flower, not like other girls at all."

Also, obvious larp, but damn I have to pretend you are actually a whore.

incels, much? there is nothing wrong with having sex, even with multiple partners like OP. it is harmless. OP's bf needs to grow up.

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>its harmless.
Stds and psychological damage says otherwise.

A girl who fucked a friend of you is not the best option, but it still an option.

I used to date a girl, nothing serious, we where friends and after getting heavy drunk started fucking.
One day a friend told me he really liked her, so i told him to go for it.
Now they being together for like 6 years or maybe even more and about to have their first child.
So, you can choose, be worried about who fucked her before or you can enjoy life with someone you love.

ill be your boyfriend bby :))

lmao at your cuck friend. Pathetic.

Yet he sleeps everynight with the one he loves and have a nice family of his own...
tell me, how far your uber alpha life style took you?

Uber alphas take virginities and discards the worthless whore vagina when he is done. Betas on the other hand lap up the diseased second hand vagina and says, thank you massah.

Imagine meeting someone who used to fuck your girl, much less being friends with them.

i dont get whats wrong with this? she's with you now so what does it matter?

Are you certain that an exponential function is the right model for this? I would have thought that 1/(n+1) would be the value function for n sexual partners.

nice bait my dude.

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People don't change user and not having the skills to do something doesn't make them just materialize because you say so. It takes work. A lazy person doesn't just start working.

reminder that anyone at any time has the right to not want to date someone for any reason, and no amount of "logic" is going to change how they instinctively feel.

the fact that everyone has bullshit standards and tastes and quirks and peeves is something you just haven't gotten used to yet, and while he was the perfect bf for you, you were not the perfect gf for him

get the fuck over it

Stupid people are always stupid. Can't change what you are

How can you look your friend in the eye knowing he went balls deep in your girl and probably did a bunch of other degenerate shit? I couldn't.

1. you fucked 3 guys at the same time who he meets every day. do you really believe he won't be put down or reminded of this by them?
2. Just like you can pick who you can date he can also pick who he can date.
3. its his friends who you invited to a Bukkake

This has to be bait, because no one would expect sympathy for this situation.

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I know this is bait but I'm gonna speak my mind on this one, because this is a topic I wanna discuss. Personally, I would not want to date a girl who my friends have fucked. Knowing they dumped their loads on her face and railed her, I just can't get past it. There is nothing wrong with having sex, for both men and women, but personally I rather not have a gf who has slept with all my friends. I honestly wish this wasn't an issue for me, that's why I commented in the first place.

>tfw he left me because he found out I have a loose sphincter from when Tyrone and Orlando DP'd me and can't hold my shit in and have to wear adult diapers

why do people actually respond to shitty bait threads like this

Its funny but please post better bait.

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I'd date a woman with a lot of sex partners. To bad women don't give me the time of day because I'm a fatty.

boredom i hope. its kind of like practice for dealing with retarded normie bullshit irl.

the prime example of women being mentally braindead

>he couldn't take the fact that i had sex with 3 of his friends at the same time
And they DIDN'T invite him? Shitty friends.

nice b8 m8 I r8 8/8 would b8 again

Have fun raising jamal's son cuck