Dad: " So user, how's that job search going?"

>Dad: " So user, how's that job search going?"

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>"Just fine dad, I've applied to like 10 places already"
>only one application sent, not even with a resume

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tfw just signed my offer letter for my cushy job with full benefits today. i currently make 26 an hour but im a contractor and now im gonna get paid time off and benefits wooooo. FUCK you frog

Its okay, user. Why don't you come live with me? I won't ever ask something that brash of you, and you can even bring your computer! I really want to take care of you, user, if you're good I'll let you have some special touch time with mommy. All I'll ask of you in return is to be my good lil boy, user. You don't wanna make momma sad do you? Let me tuck you in all tight, and you can rest your head against my lap when we watch your favorite cartoon together; Wouldn't you like that, user?

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>Psychopathic normie faggot detected

who would unironically want this? as a man you're supposed to take control of your life and leave behind letting other people take care of you. go forward in your lives, anons. dont let yourselves be buried in unhealthy fantasies

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I so desperately want something like that. I want what ciara has but gender and role reversed, I want to be taken care of by a much older mommy. You can skip the yadda yadda about how I'm a low status beta male, I already know all that.

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Don't listen to other mean boys like that;You're my sweet, little boy, user! I wouldn't want you to grow tough and unkind, you can stay here with Momma for as long as you like. I started some hot water for your nightly bath, why don't you go get cleaned up for momma and ill make you some of your favorite cookies. I'll even let you lick the spoon, naughty boy!

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this fantasy will break you. what you cannot and should not have will drive you insane. turn away from this self destructive behavior and build yourself into the man you were born to be.

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t-thanks dad

There's nothing about me to break. I'm never nor did I ever want to be some super macho dude. I want to be a sensitive sub to a loving mommy

please do more mommy erp please

imagine letting people tell you what to do

I don't understand, honey? What is erping? That must be another one of your silly, little computer terms; How about you come take a break and help mama with some of these dishes, huh? You don't have to if you want but good boys get to help momma get clean in the tub. I thought of you at the store and got some bubblebath for us to try! Wouldn't you like that, user? I have to wash my special boy's hair, can't have him stinking like a pirate, can I?

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My mum's the one who forces me to put it a dozen applications a day.

Toughen up tranny.

>tfw about to have job soon at a place I like
>family still nagging me about job searching
>they want me to get a job for the weekends too
>don't want me to move out because there's so many chores to do that wouldn't get done as soon if I left
I might as well become a hikki and get money from the government just like the rest of them, but I want to be alone in my own comfy home.

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>literally have interviews for jobs that all are 150k starting at least
>still very likely that i drop out of college and neet
life was fucking handed to me and i can't even do it

Oh how I wish I had a mommy to bathe with and read books together and cook and watch movies. I want lay my head on her bosom while she scratches my head lightly then rubs my back.

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>living in daddy's house beyond 16

Definitively pathetic.

But you do, silly! Your mommy is right here! Now why don't you come here and lay on momma's lap while she gives you those back scritches you've been hankering for? I really care about you, user, no matter what anyone else says. As long as I have you to take care of, I feel like I can do anything! Don't you feel the same, honey? Don't you want momma to rub your back and tell you how much you mean to her before she kisses you goodnight?

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Yes mommy, I love you and I want you to hold me.

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Thats a very good boy, now how about you go run along into bed and momma will be there in a second to read you your favirote bedtime story? How does Princess and the Frog sound for tonight, dear?

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It's time to get a jerbbbbbbb


>Dad, I there's a trade I can learn. It'd be like 6 months of schooling, but it pays good at there's a huge demand for it. I gotta do something, nobody is ever going to hire a guy in his late 20s who been unemployed for years.
>Are you sure? What about going back to community college instead? You're really smart, you can do better

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>having a mother who loves and accepts you unconditionally

sign me the fuck up, I want a part of this

>>Dad, I there's a trade I can learn

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>so user how's your study going
I haven't studied for 2 months now

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