Am I the only person who enjoyed the fact that shinji was a broken POS and asuka was a mentally ill nut?

Am I the only person who enjoyed the fact that shinji was a broken POS and asuka was a mentally ill nut?

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Another fellow robot bingewatching evangelion on netflix i see

>Shinji: huuur dduuur im a huge cuck faggot
Top tier character writing.

something to relate to i guess

honestly rei should have been more developed
asuka is a massive fucking cunt i hate her
shinji needed a friend and was entirely justified in acting the way he did

God no I torrented it ages ago, I'd never watch the trash netflix version

>asuka is a massive fucking cunt i hate her
Personally it gave me a raging erection but that's jsut me I suppose

she pissed me off by not being a good friend to shinji even when the world is ending that stupid cunt

I thought that was the whole point of the characters

This is the gentle femdom of anime

Shinji wasn't much better considering he just sat around being a mopey cunt

I've explained it in the past, Ayanami Rei was also mentally ill and behaved in a dissociative, PTSD, psychotic sort of way. She had been both abused and had her memory "transferred" between bodies multiple times. The version you see in the beginning of the story is Rei v2, and the majority is Rei v3... while Rei v1 is arguably not even an original person but a recovered Frankenstein's monster reconstituted soul made from the remnants of another.

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She was a literal soulless clone so her boring personality was just kind of expected.

>honestly rei should have been more developed
She was the most developed character of the lot, and baka Shinji was the least.

I had a friend who was raped/molested and hung himself, he acted 100% like Rei. Creepy ass fake smiles and all.

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You fucking what.

That's actually a very accurate rendition of dissociative PTSD... it's a type of psychosis where the person can't come to terms with what they experienced being real... so they lose touch with reality and can no longer tell what's real or not. They go into catatonic states (silent, zombie like, like a mannequin) and have night terrors where they re-live their traumas, etc.

Why am I seeing lots of Evangelion posting right after I started watching the show. Life is weird

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Eva always gets posted, it's just one of those anime shows that'll be talked about forever

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>Life is weird
Weirder than you know.

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No newfag that's the entire point of the show and why people appreciate it

Literally everyone is fucking terrible to the poor damn kid. Gendo left him, misato sexually assaults him (though arguably a good thing), asuka physically assaults him, Toji whops him in the face when they first meet, and there are like five times where Shinji is congragulated for doing this. I assume its public knowledge he is the Eva pilot, but would it kill the damn japanese gov, fucking hell the EMPEROR to at least give Shinji Gendo's classic "good work" for less then five seconds?

The world doesn't deserve human instrumentality, it deserved to be fucking annihilated if thats how people treat its savior, which ironically and unintentiionally fits the christian aestheic of the show.

I am 100% being serious with you guys, I have frequented this site for over a year and rarely ran into evangelion stuff. I just noticed that when I started watching it they started appearing

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You're missing out on the fact the story was actually a caricature of sorts of people like yourself. You focus on the "weird" behavior of the characters in the show rather than recognizing that YOU are in fact the person who is committing the acts in reality which you project upon fictional characters.

You're implying that I project on the characters and am not literally shinji

That's obviously because it's on netflix now. I never watched it and always thought it was pure shit, and now that I've seen it I know for a fact I never judged it harshly enough. It's not just pure shit, it's refined essence of excrement. It's one of those shows I wish I never watched and had just continued to assume was shit, because it is.

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Only YOU can prevent yourself from full faggotry.

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>I am in fact the person who is commiting the acts in reality
What acts? Last I checked my son was in the other room and I never abandoned him lol

I like my horny monkey melons. She totally looks like a monkey in this drawing already due to the disproportionate ears and face, but the meshwarp just made it perfect.

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Pretty sure Shinji was Annos self insert

idk dude, I am pretty critical of anime myself and rarely enjoy any of them but this one has a lot of charm to it

>a lot of charm to it
You couldn't get any more 14-yo, but people like things they can understand of course.

Next you'll tell me your dad doesn't make you pilot a giant flesh robot

If it was, the guy lead a pretty damn sheltered life.

Well he is japanese

I am not 14 but ok bro, you are just trying to argue for no reason. Its hardly the worst show in the world, which is what you are making it out to be

you sound like a massive pseud

what order should i watch this in again i forgot
just finished the end of evangelion can i get a list pls

i remember you from the last thread you mentioned ur friend last time

>Its hardly the worst show in the world
Well, being better than the worst show in the world ain't exactly a high mark.

>be Adam
>miss your shot at spreading the seed of life on Earth
>some roastie from your hometown steals your place
>Fills your pristine planet with emotionally stunted hairless baboons
>do an Hero while lilin steal your pet spear
>try to get dat First Ancestral Race pussy VIA your progeny
>even your children get BTFO'd by a bunch of juvenile emo kids riding in your clones
>fail miserably every time
>your girlfriend chooses hairless apes over your powerful angelic seed
>watch hopelessly as humans become CHAD lifeform

RIP Adam, original beta

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Your post is not only of a cringeworthy character, but in relation to the dichotomy presented in The Matrix, it errs on the side of bluepilled.

Thoughts on the Eva Rbuilds? I like them so far, but I felt dissapointed in 3.33 for some reason.

>i remember you from the last thread you mentioned ur friend last time
Dude also rubbed his shit on me once. He put his hand down his pants, pulled it back out and rubbed his shit on my shirt. Do you think that was some kind of creepy shit play his dad did to him?

Anyway, Rei 100% reminds me of his creepy personality. Most people might not recognize that sort of stuff because they'd never experienced it... they'd just see these types of behaviors as "just weird" or "no personality"... yeah, well, it's actually evidence of some pretty fucked up shit. Once you get to know the signs it shows up often in a lot more people than you'd think. The world is a way more fucked up place than most people know.

damn thats kinda gay
uh any chance you can tell me the order to watch this series?

Mfw all you robots care about is the inconsequential bickering between Emo children

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God fucking damnit what the fuck is going on in these shitty rebuild films

>but in relation to
So you're saying you don't get the fact I'm drawing the parallel between "the government" and the viewer? The viewer's prejudices are exposed, and the sick feeling in the pit of the stomach and anger and despair are projections due to the internal burden of feelings of guilt.

Many works of fiction draw out such biases and projections and often times you can learn more about a reviewer from their review of a work than you can learn about the work itself, due to the thick cloud of bias cast over it by the reviewer.

I like the idea of these kids looking otherwise normal at first glance but their character is really filled with social awkwardness and internal problems, constantly being faced with them. What I don't like is a lot of marketing and whatever else normalizing their character entirely. Ruins any relatability or interest at all for them. Just their whole purpose.

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holy shit the best gt i've ever read in a while

In order? The series, then the end of, then "true death squared"... note that the "end of" and "death" are really just fucking retakes of the same shit... so you'll probably feel like you're watching 90% of the same stuff over again... because you are!

Then watch the later versions in the order they were released. Just check the dates of release, it isn't complicated.

Or alternatively just get stoned and start pressing buttons and watch it in some totally fucking random order...

>What I don't like is a lot of marketing and whatever else normalizing their character entirely.
That's the joke.

Honestly Evangelion is the most shit production I've ever seen... every part of it is so godawful I couldn't believe it. There were short segments here and there that seemed alright, but taken as a whole it was put together in this sort of nasty low quality paper mache manner with ugly looking gaps and just no polish.

That as far as I understand it was due to heaps of problems with the production teams, direction and writing as well as unexpected budget issues and numerous other problems.

Honestly it's just an artifact of the times... most of the various series produced back then (90s) had similar issues or worse. Even looking at it from the most forgiving possible perspective, it just doesn't have much between the lines to make up for its lackluster presentation.

There are so many remakes and different versions of the same shit, it's impossible to actually say what the "right" order to watch anything may be. The best option might be like I said, to try to watch it according to order of release... but I found this unbearably painful to do because you end up re-watching tons of minor variations of the same thing.

Every time they go in and try to "fix it", you just end up with even worse shit. So if you're going to eat a bowl of shit, just get your spoon and start.

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>be Yui Ikari
>daughter of Jewish Cult member (StEELE)
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>you come into contact with your GMO God replica and your soul is eternally trapped within it while your body dissolves into primordial dust
Fast forward 15~ years
>Your own son unknowingly enters you and commits the purest most loving form of Incest
>your shitty Ex. tells him he has to fuck up the Angel or face his trafemarked disapproving glossed-glasses glare
>he's so beta he GetsInTheFuckingRobot.gif
>Your son gets BTFO'd by a pansy ass BirdyBoi
>even while trapped in the body of an angel you're still cleaning up your kid's messes
>go nuclear tiger mom mode
>Everyone give your bitch kid the credit
>the kid can't even get a GF
>be sad knowing your robot son will only ever become the Immortal guardian of humanity's collective spirit and that you'll never have grandchildren

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At least the remakes got the Naruto Run scene down point

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>tfw you failed your Fatherland by not implementing the Final Solution to the Angelic-Question

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>be this thread
>Pic related

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